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Chapter Eight

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WOW TWO CHAPTERS IN ONE NIGHT AGAIN!! i"m jsut on top of this fanfic thing. pirates? what?

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Chapter 8

"Why is all the rum gone?"

"Ryan, why is Jack Sparrow in your kitchen?"


"Ryan. Jack Sparrow is standing in your kitchen asking you where all the rum went." I said groggily as I turned around so that I was face to face with him.

His eyes were still closed and he looked to still be mostly sleeping. I brushed my nose against his and leaned my forehead on his.

I heard the crunch of an apple and then

"Its so good to be alive again."

"Ryan, Captain Barbossa is standing in the kitchen next to Captain Sparrow..."

"Brendon, Jon, go to bed. Jon, theres no more beer because you drank it all last night. Now sleep." He said without once opening his eyes

"Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirates life for me!" They sang as they moved back towards the bunks in full pirate costumes.

Slowly Ryan opened his eyes and a smile crept across his beautiful baby face "Hey gorgeous. Guess we fell asleep."

"Yeah, guess so." I said kissing his nose "What time is it?" I asked as I rolled off the couch looking around.

I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered. I had had Ryan's body close to mine for most of the time we had been together that night and now with the lack of a second body heat, I was freezing.

As if he read my mind, I felt thin, but strong arms wrap around my torso.

"Relax, its only 10:30."

"Ok" I said as I exhaled.

He kissed my shoulder and I turned around so I was facing him. I pulled him closer into a hug and rested my head on his chest. I heard his heart beat, slow and steady.

"I have to go."

"Don't go." He mumbled into my hair.

"I don't want to."

"Then, don't" He tightened his grip.

"I have to."


I smiled. "I want to see you again. And to let that happen, I can't get grounded. So please? For me?"

He sighed. I heard his breath go in and out his chest. "Ok, but I'm going to walk you home."

I nodded and smiled.

We walked out the bus. He grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers. We passed Spencer.

"They left me at the theater." Ryan and I laughed.

We walked in silence most of the way, just occasionally commenting on the night and enjoying the company.

We finally reached my house.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" I inquired trying to hide the hopefulness in my voice.

"Um" He put his finger to his lips while he thought. "We have a show, but maybe before hand?"

"I'd like that."

We stood looking at each other for a minute. Then, he started to lean in. This was it. Yes. Or no. I began to lean in too. Then I closed my eyes and seconds later, his lips brushed mine as if asking if it was ok. I leaned forward, pressing my lips more to his and wrapper my arms around his neck. It was just an innocent kiss, nothing more. After a minute we pulled away with a series of smaller kisses, little pecks and both smiled.

"Look, I just thought of something."

"Yeah?" I said looking into those beautiful eyes.

"Why don't you spend the whole afternoon with us tomorrow."

"But you just said you had a show." I was confused

"Well, you can come to the show."

"EEEKK! Are you serious!! YAY!" I said jumping up and down then kissing him again.

"And I'll even throw in some back stage passes." He said smirking.

I grinned. "God, your amazing. Wait do you have enough tickets for some friends?"

"Yeah, sure how many?"

"Just two more, Lane and Emily."

"What about Meg?"

"She hates your music."

"Oh." He said laughing "There will always be someone."

"Ok so it's a plan then."

"Yeah, I'll just pick you up from school tomorrow and bring you here so you can get changed or whatever you want to do then we'll head to the bus and hang out for a while and then go to the show."

"Yay! You're amazing, perfect." I said kissing him one last time then running up the steps. "Night!"

Anyone catch the Gilmore girls dialogue? Jess and Rory?? Yess? Yes? No? You suck. Ok anyway. Review my loves, they're much appreciated.
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