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Relationships and Kenshin/Battousai's will to protect Part 2

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Kenshin and the Battousai are melding, sometimes they see just Battousai and sometimes they are mixed. Relationships are blooming between a few in the group. Kenshin/Battousai show their will to pr...

Category: Rurouni Kenshin - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Aoshi, Hiko, Kaoru, Katsu, Kenshin, Megumi, Misao, Saitou, Sanosuke, Yahiko - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-30 - Updated: 2007-05-30 - 1114 words

Kaoru watched Kenshin do the laundry and she idly played with her obi while watching him. She could see the muscles working and she shivered as thoughts entered her head. She jumped startled when Kenshin asked suddenly in front of her worried," Kaoru are you getting a cold? Are you cold?" Kaoru shook her head and sent him a smile as she answered," I'm fine Kenshin, don't worry. I was just.. distracted for a few moments there."

Kenshin's eyes seemed to flash with approval as if knowing what she was thinking before he gave his famous rurouni smile and said," I see, this one understands, yes he does." He went back to doing the laundry and Kaoru watched him with a smile on her face. Sanosuke yawned as he said," Man... i'm so bored. Hey Kenshin how about a rematch?" Kenshin looked up and over at him smiling gently yet his violet eyes were troubles as he answered," This one doesn't wish to fight or have a rematch with you, that he doesn't."

Sanosuke sighed but nodded his head and Megumi said chuckling," Poor Sano let down once more. It's just your luck, eh Sano?" "Shut it, Fox. You are just a spoil sport because Kenshin chose Kaoru over you." Sanosuke replied and received a bump on the head as Kaoru blushed furiously and Kenshin gave out a confused," Oro?" "Shut it, Sanosuke or I will give you a reason to be seeing me in the hospital!" Megumi hissed angrily but there was a light blush on her cheeks.

"Is Megumi jealous of Kaoru because of Kenshin?" Tsubame asked Yahiko softly and Yahiko shrugged as he answered," It seems that way, Tsubame-chan. But I think she likes Sanosuke and is only flirting with Kenshin to make Kaoru jealous. Though it is obviously not working since Kaoru is unaffected." Tsubame smiled and nodded her head as she said," That's true, Yahiko-kun. You are so smart and brave." Yahiko blushed at that and scratched the back of his neck.

Kenshin looked up and met Hiko's eyes before going back to doing laundry. Hiko was suddenly behind him and sitting with his back facing Kenshin's. Kenshin looked up his eyes narrowed as Hiko said seriously," You know you are about to have some... unimportant guests coming soon. What are you going to do, Kenshin?" Kenshin closed his eyes before opening them and he answered softly," I'll defeat them to save those important to me, master."

Hiko smirked and chuckled as he said," You have grown, Kenshin, i'm glad. You aren't such a idiot anymore." Kenshin spun around and Hiko was gone and over by Kaoru drinking sake. Kenshin sighed before smiling lightly and went back to washing the laundry. Aoshi just sat there and listened to Misao talk to him non stop with a amused look in his eyes.

Kenshin watched with a soft and gentle look in his eyes as Aoshi escorted Misao to her room and then murmured a goodnight to her before he went to his own room. Sanosuke reluctantly escorted Megumi to his room and Yahiko had already left with Tsubame, walking her back home. Kenshin turned to Kaoru and Hiko before bowing slightly before Hiko and he said," Goodnight master, Kaoru. Would you like me to escort you to your room, Kaoru?"

Kaoru blushed and she nodded her head and answered," Of course, Kenshin." Kenshin held out a hand for her which she took and he picked her up gently before walking her to her room. They stopped before Kaoru's room and Kenshin was about to say something when Kaoru kissed his cheek softly causing him to gape and go silent as she whispered," Thank you for everything, Kenshin, especially with what has happened. Goodnight Kenshin."

Before she could walk into her room Kenshin grabbed her wrist and she spun around her heart beating even faster as kenshin bent forward and whispered into her ear," No thank you for accepting me, all of me, Kaoru." He then lifted her head gently and pressed his lips to hers gently. Kaoru's eyes widened before she sighed and leaned into him. Kenshin backed up smiling and he said," Goodnight, Kaoru. Have a good night's rest."

He then turned around and started walking back to Hiko not noticing Sanosuke, Megumi, Yahiko and Tsubame watching the scene. "So this is why you two didn't leave yet." Sanosuke whispered and Yahiko nodded his head pleased at what had happened. Yahiko offered Tsubame his hand and the two then left with Yahiko's ears turning red at the tips and Tsubame blushing. Sanosuke chuckled before waving to Megumi and saying," Night, Fox." "Night Roosterhead." Megumi replied and the two went back to their rooms.


Kaoru got up and slowly changed before going to the kitchen to see Kenshin cooking breakfast already. Kaoru smiled and said," Thank you Kenshin. So what are we having this morning?" Kenshin turned to look at her and smiled as he answered," Something simple for right now. Soup, and rice. I'll be cooking something better for lunch." Kaoru nodded her head and sat down slowly as everyone started walking in and soon Hiko walked in.

"Sorry i'm late but I had some... business to take care of before I could come." Hiko stated and Kenshin tensed at that before spinning around to face him and he asked softly," Any problems, master?" "No, Kenshin. You can relax." Hiko answered looking at him amused and Kenshin relaxed. He then went back to cooking as he listened to his friends talking and Misao trying to get Aoshi to actually talk more than one or two syllable words.

Kenshin's eyes snapped open when he heard Kaoru's screams. His eyes went to pure golden amber as he grabbed his sakabato and ran down the hall. He slammed the door open and pulled out his sakabato. He eyed all the men in the room before smirking and he said," This will be easy." They turned to him and started chuckling as they pulled out their weapons. He bent his knees slightly as he put his hand over his blade. He then ran at them and drawing his sword, flipping it and when Hiko enterred the room followed by Sanosuke, Katsu, Yahiko, Aoshi, and Misao Kenshin was standing still.

The men then fell down dead and Kaoru's eyes were wavering as she ran over to him and asked," Were you hurt, Kenshin?" His eyes returned to violet as he answered smiling a little," I'm fine, Kaoru. I am willing to do anything to protect you." Kaoru gasped before smiling and she said," Kenshin... don't worry. You'll never fail in protecting me."
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