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Relationships and Kenshin/Battousai's will to protect

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Kenshin and the Battousai are melding, sometimes they see just Battousai and sometimes they are mixed. Relationships are blooming between a few in the group. Kenshin/Battousai show their will to pr...

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Kenshin sat at the deck and watched as Kaoru watched Yahiko practice with sad eyes. He closed his eyes and sighed wishing there was something he could do for her. Megumi also seemed to think the same thing as she said softly," Kaoru don't. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to help you." "Shut up. I don't want to hear it, Megumi." Kaoru said curtly as she stood up ackwardly and Kenshin started standing up but Kaoru waved him away and said," I don't need to be coddled! I may never practice or teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu but I can still do things on my own! I'm not weak!"

Kaoru spun around and ran hobbled away from the Kamiya dojo and everyone but Aoshi and Hiko stared shocked. Saitou had already left saying that there wasn't anything else he could do to help. Hiko sighed as he said," Don't be shocked it affects her more than it does any of you. I'll go talk to her, wait here Kenshin, i'll send a signal when it's alright for you to come." Kenshin nodded his head and watched his sensei stand up only to watch him disappear. "I knew it would affect her the most." Megumi said sighing and Sanosuke said," We shouldn't worry Hiko did warn us after all."


Kenshin stood up and said," I'll go get more tofu since we are running low, that we are." Kaoru looked over at him and smiled as she nodded but he missed her concerned look as he left.

"Kenshin..." Kaoru muttered before wincing and Megumi said," It's time we changed the bandages, Kaoru." Kaoru nodded and was helped up by Sanosuke and the two walked away. "I'm worried about Kenshin but more importantly Kaoru. Ever since the night she found out she can't teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu she has seemed strangely depressed. Even when she was smiling, it isn't like her." Sanosuke suddenly pointed out out of no where. Hiko took a gulp of sake and stated," No need to worry about my idiot apprentice. He's just concerned about, Kaoru. Kaoru on the other hand.. I can understand why she's depressed though she's trying to fake that she's alright."

"Explain." Sanosuke demanded ignoring the fact that this was Kenshin's master, he was the one who taught Kenshin everything he knew. Hiko just glanced at him before he asked," Can you really expect her to act all depressed in front of those she cares most about? She doesn't want to worry any of you. It surprises me, that all of you can see her emotion and it seems easily. She can hide her emotion pretty good but it's nothing for me and Kenshin to see. That's why Kenshin's worried. It's about her act and how she makes it seem like nothings wrong."

"I wish there was something we can do for the Little Missy." Sanosuke said leaning back and sighed. Hiko watched them before shaking his head and said," All you can do for her is be there for her when the times get rough. She may change and she may act different but it's because she is suffering on the inside. Don't be surprised if she acts different."

End of Flashback

"He was right... about Kaoru." Yahiko stated and the others nodded even as Kenshin asked confused and startled," Oro?" They laughed at him and he whispered to himself," Master take care of her... she's fragile right now."

Hiko watched as Kaoru broke down by a sakura tree with the cherry blossoms falling around her. He hid behind a tree listening to her sobs before stepping out from behind the tree and over to the girl. "Crying isn't a sin, you know." Hiko said calmly and Kaoru looked up shocked and Hiko sat beside her. "Why.. why did you come after me?" Kaoru asked softly and Hiko chuckled as he answered," You are important to my apprentice even if he is a idiot. You are also important to the others as well and they are worried about you. They understand that you are going through pain, just give them a chance to help you."

"Thank you.. for coming. It lets me know that I am truly not alone." Kaoru whispered and Hiko looked at her before asking," Do you think that they are all going to leave you for good?" "That is my fear... i'm afraid they'll all leave me and forget about me. I know.. I have come to depend on all of them too much." Kaoru answered and Hiko glanced at her before looking up at the sky and said," It is good that you can depend on them for anything. You can never depend or rely on a friend too much, Kaoru. They aren't going to leave you ever, you are too deeply engraved in their minds and heart. Especially Kenshin's."

Kaoru looked at him shocked and they met each others gazes and Kaoru asked," How can I ever thank you, Hiko-san? You are doing so much for me, for Kenshin, for all of us." "Someone has to look after you all. Don't worry I don't see it as a duty or as a chore. I owe it to Kenshin." Hiko answered calmly and Kaoru laughed a little as she said," You show that you care and love Kenshin as a son in such a wierd way, Hiko-san. But I can tell the two of you are close." "If you can see that than you can see that everyone is worried about you and are waiting for your return." Hiko stated ever so calmly.

Kaoru looked up at him and was trying to stand up when she looked up to see Hiko offering his hand. "When did you..? Nevr mind and thank you once more for everything, Hiko-san." Kaoru said smiling as she took his offered hand and he helped her up. Suddenly a cut down tree fell causing Kaoru's eyes to widen and Hiko explained before she could ask," Don't worry, it was only a signal to Kenshin, nothing more." "A... signal?" Kaoru asked confused but it went quiet.

Kenshin's head shot up and everyone watched the tree falling down and Sanosuke finally asked," What the hell was that?!" "That is a signal to me. I'll be going." Kenshin answered calmly as he stood up and walked out into the forest.
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