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Becoming one and healing

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Kenshin leaves with Hiko for a few days and doesn't tell anyone what he is going to do. When the two finally return they can tell Kenshin is different but they can't point out how. Aoshi is the onl...

Category: Rurouni Kenshin - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Aoshi, Hiko, Kaoru, Katsu, Kenshin, Megumi, Misao, Saitou, Sanosuke, Yahiko - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-27 - Updated: 2007-05-27 - 1442 words

Kenshin looked up that morning and watched as Megumi fed Kaoru liquid foods and Megumi finally stated," I'll be staying for a few weeks and watch over Kaoru personally." Kenshin relaxed as Sano said," I'll be staying to protect Little Missy even though Kenshin here is enough." "Me and Misao will also be staying if you all don't mind." Aoshi stated formally though Misao's eyes brightened and Kaoru said smiling," We don't mind, no not at all. In fact the more the merrier." Kenshin closed his eyes and Hiko asked him softly," When are you going to tell them?"

"Soon, master." Kenshin answered as his hand clentched his sakabato. "Very soon." He whispered but the thing was he didn't know when to tell them, when the right time was. His eyes were wavering as he watched Kaoru hold her side gingerly though she was laughing and telling Yahiko his exercise for the day. Kenshin stood up and said," I'll go get more tofu since we are running low, that we are." Kaoru looked over at him and smiled as she nodded but he missed her concerned look as he left.

"Kenshin..." Kaoru muttered before wincing and Megumi said," It's time we changed the bandages, Kaoru." Kaoru nodded and was helped up by Sanosuke and the two walked away. "I'm worried about Kenshin but more importantly Kaoru. Ever since the night she found out she can't teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu she has seemed strangely depressed. Even when she was smiling, it isn't like her." Sanosuke suddenly pointed out out of no where. Hiko took a gulp of sake and stated," No need to worry about my idiot apprentice. He's just concerned about, Kaoru. Kaoru on the other hand.. I can understand why she's depressed though she's trying to fake that she's alright."

"Explain." Sanosuke demanded ignoring the fact that this was Kenshin's master, he was the one who taught Kenshin everything he knew. Hiko just glanced at him before he asked," Can you really expect her to act all depressed in front of those she cares most about? She doesn't want to worry any of you. It surprises me, that all of you can see her emotion and it seems easily. She can hide her emotion pretty good but it's nothing for me and Kenshin to see. That's why Kenshin's worried. It's about her act and how she makes it seem like nothings wrong."

"I wish there was something we can do for the Little Missy." Sanosuke said leaning back and sighed. Hiko watched them before shaking his head and said," All you can do for her is be there for her when the times get rough. She may change and she may act different but it's because she is suffering on the inside. Don't be surprised if she acts different." Everything fell silent at that until Kaoru walked in and Sanosuke jumped up to help her sit down which she let him do quietly. Kenshin finally returned and put the tofu up before sitting between Kaoru and Hiko.

"This one has something important to tell all of you, that he does." Kenshin murmured and they turned to him with questioning eyes. "What is it, Kenshin?" Kaoru asked and Kenshin's lips threatened to twitch upwards. Even though she was injured and most likely not able to teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu style she was still brave. He looked down his bangs covering his eyes as he answered," This one will be leaving for a few days but this one will return. This one is going with this one's master for a few... days of training." Kaoru surprisingly took this well as she said," You have your reasons Kenshin, we won't stop you."

Kenshin looked up and smiled as he said," This one promises you, Kaoru-dono, that this one will come home to you." Kaoru smiled at him and Hiko stood up as he said," Well let's go, you idiot apprentice of mine. I'll return him alive, but he may not be in a good condition." Kenshin stood up and followed Hiko without looking back at them once. "Kenshin..." Kaoru muttered and it went silent after that.

"Are you sure about this, Rurouni? Once you do this we can't go back." Battousai stated. "To protect Kaoru-dono, this one is willing to do anything. Even become one with you." Kenshin answered and soon his eyes widened and he felt something breaking inside of him before he started screaming.

Four days had passed and Kaoru was still waiting for Kenshin and Hiko to return. Worry seemed to be Kaoru's only companion those last four days. The door suddenly opened and Hiko walked in half carrying Kenshin and half dragging him. "Don't worry. He's just been through a rough time." Hiko stated before anyone could ask him any questions. Kenshin looked up and said," I'm home.. Kaoru." Kaoru stared at him in shock before smiling and she said," Welcome home, Kenshin." "We are one.. now and forever." The Battousai whispered.

"There you got the hang of it." Megumi said and watched Kaoru with a careful eye and smiled when Kaoru turned to her smiling at her gratefully. Kenshin watched with a careful look and a gentle smile. The smile disappeared when he suddenly said," I should tell you the truth on why I left with, master." Kaoru and the others looked at him confused except Aoshi who looked like he already knew. "What is it, Kenshin?" Sanosuke asked and Hiko leaned back watching the scene unfold strangely serious. He knew that Kenshin was about to tell them what he did and he knew there could be consequences.

For intstance they could grow afraid of him and not want to do anything with him. That was a risk Kenshin had been willing to take and he knew if they didn't accept him it would hurt Kenshin more than anything else. "The reason why I left for four days and Hiko came with me and not me going with him was that I had decided to become one with my other side. With Hitokiri Battousai." Everyone but Aoshi and Hiko's eyes widened in shock as Yahiko asked," But.. wasn't that dangerous of you, Kenshin?" Kenshin smiled slightly as he answered," It was dangerous, very dangerous. But I did it because I had to, I needed to, not because I wanted to."

"But... why?" Sanosuke asked as everyone looked at Kenshin strangely serious. Kenshin looked at them before looking over at Kaoru and meeting her gaze and he locked their gazes together. Kaoru started breathing faster as Kenshin smiled a little and answered," In order to protect those important to me I am willing to do anything to gain the strength to protect them. Battousai... wanted to protect one person, that one person is the most important person to both of us. He was uncaring to everyone else, only for that one person did he want us to become one. I was willing to do it for that one person."

"Who is that person?" Megumi asked calmly and Kenshin still kept his gaze on Kaoru even as she started blushing and Kenshin's eyes turned golden amber surprising everyone. Battousai turned to her and answered bluntly," Kaoru. She is the only one worth risking my life for. Tomoe didn't even catch my attention this way. Even though she was important to us both, Kaoru has gone beyond what Tomoe did for us." "Idiot apprentice no matter what you do to yourself.. you'll still be my idiot apprentice." Hiko said out of no where and Battousai's eyes went back to violet as he glared at Hiko.

"Will you stop saying that, master?!" Kenshin asked angrily while snapping his head towards Hiko who started chuckling. "Ahh yes you are definitely my idiot apprentice. You idiot." Hiko said chuckling and when Kenshin looked back towards the others he wasn't surprised when he saw Kaoru leaning in front of him. She was smiling at him gently her eyes swimming with tears and she said," You are the most important person to me as well Kenshin and Battousai. To me you two are the same, you always have been. You haven't changed at all, Kenshin, you finally accepted all of you. Just like I did when I first met you and got to know you."

Kenshin stared at her before pulling to his chest gently and bearing his head into her shoulder as he said," Kaoru.. thank you so much. Thank you for everything, for everything you have done for me." Kaoru smiled as tears fell down her cheeks and she returned his embrace with her own.
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