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Injuries and Medical Attention

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Megumi looks over Kaoru, Tsubame and Misao. Though Misao is drugged and in a worse state, Kaoru has a life threatening wound. When Kenshin sees this it doesn't settle to well with him. Megumi tells...

Category: Rurouni Kenshin - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Aoshi, Hiko, Kaoru, Katsu, Kenshin, Megumi, Misao, Saitou, Sanosuke, Yahiko - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-27 - Updated: 2007-05-27 - 1257 words

Saitou watched as Megumi went around the place ordering for plants and such things. Why he stayed he didn't know but he watched with blank cold eyes. Megumi was at Misao's side and said," Lift her head up, Aoshi, she needs to drink this. This will fight the drugs that are coursing threw her body right now." Aoshi nodded his head and gently picked Misao's head up as she groaned and her eyes opened but they were dull and glassy. Megumi held the cup up to her lips and ordered," Drink this it will help you."

Misao made a face or tried to but slowly drank it before sighing and leaning on Aoshi tired. Kenshin watched with gentle eyes before snapping his attention to Kaoru when a pained groan escaped her lips. "Kaoru-dono what's wrong?" Kenshin asked frowning lightly in concern as everyone stared at Kaoru who was holding her side. Everyone's eyes widened as her kimono soon became soaked with blood and soon a puddle was forming around her. Megumi was automatically at her side and pulling at her kimono to come off.

Once the kimono was off she stared at the horrible wound on her side and paled drastically. "This isn't good..." Megumi muttered before setting down to work and she snapped," Kenshin run to my office and get my bag that has all my supplies in it. Break into the office if you have to, I don't care." Kenshin nodded his head before disappearing from sight and Hiko stated," I'm saying that she got that wound because she had tried fighting back and it wasn't agitated until lately. Strong girl she is." Kaoru groaned and muttered softly," Ken...shin."

Kenshin appeared next to Megumi and handed her the bag. Megumi opened the bag and took out her tools as she set to working on Kaoru.

Hours later Megumi finished and wrapped up Kaoru's side. She stood up and motioned everyone to follow her. Misao clutched Aoshi's shirt she had woken up to see Megumi working on Kaoru. Aoshi carried her out of the room and they all followed Kenshin to the kitchen and he set out to make tea. He set a bottle of sake before Hiko and then set out cups of tea for everyone else. He then turned to Megumi and asked," What is the news?" Megumi took a sip before placing her cup down before her and looked down her eyes full of sadness.

"I'm afraid, it isn't good news, in fact it's very bad. Shocking, it shocks me still if I let myself think about it." Megumi answered partly and Kenshin gulped inwardly as he said," I would like to know, that I would. I'm sure everyone does, that they do." Megumi sighed deeply counted to ten silently before explaining calmly," Kaoru will no longer most likely to teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu style anymore. Her wound cut her muscles and tendons around her arm. She will be even lucky to use that arm for any amount of work."

Everyone's eyes widened, Sanosuke and Yahiko's the most. "What are you saying, Megumi-dono?" Kenshin asked his head bent forward and his bangs covering his eyes. Megumi didn't look up as she answered," I spoke the truth. She will not be able to teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu style without a medical. I admit i'm probably the best doctor you'll ever see and not even I can fix this. I am so sorry that I had to tell you this but think of what she's going to do when I have to tell her that to her face." "I will do it." Kenshin said softly and they turned to look at him as Megumi asked," Are you sure, Ken-san?"

"I'm positive." Kenshi answered and Hiko stated," It maybe best for Kenshin to tell her, her fate. She trusts Kenshin more than anyone else and he can heal those wounds. She is closest to him, it'd would only be right for Kenshin to tell Kaoru her awful fate." "But.. but who will teach the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu other than Kaoru? I don't see anyone other than Kaoru as my sensei! No one has such a strong, kind, courageous heart as Kaoru does! No one will ever replace her in teaching the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu!" Yahiko exclaimed and gasped shocked when Tsubame wiped away the tears falling down his cheeks.

"Yahiko-kun have faith in Kaoru-san. If anyone can heal from such a bad wound and keep on going with daily life it's Kaoru-san. You just need to have faith in her no matter how small the chance is, I believe she will heal just fine." Tsubame said softly and smiled down at Yahiko as he stared up at her with tears streaming down his cheeks. He squinted his eyes before pulling Tsubame to him and burying his head into her neck and despite her blushing she smiled and rubbed Yahiko's back as she watched his shoulders start shaking.

"I agree with Yahiko though. If she can't be the one who teaches the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu then no one should. No one has the strength or the spirit to do what she's been doing all this time. She's done so much for all of us, she's saved us in so many ways. She's so strong and yet here you are trying to say she can't be the teacher of Yahiko and teach him the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu." Sanosuke said his eyes flashing and they were trouble as Megumi finally looked up and said," I can not say how sorry I am for having to tell you all this. It's going to be much harder on Kaoru."

"No it isn't." Kaoru said from behind them and they turned around surprised and even though her eyes were so full of sadness and pain she seemed to accept what Megumi said. "If this is what Megumi says and I can't do then I accept it. Even if I can't teach my father's style, you can Yahiko. I've taught you well enough that you could take over and I can still tell you the positions. Think of it this way, I can learn how to cook even better and help Kenshin with the chores." Kaoru said as she grimaced at the lace of pain and Kenshin stood up facing her.

"Kaoru-dono... you don't have to act strong in front of us, that you don't. If you are sad and are in pain than cry, that you should." Kenshin said and Kaoru looked at him her eyes widening before tears filled her eyes and she ran into Kenshin's arms. Kenshin blinked surprised before falling to his knees and hugging Kaoru to his chest. He felt her tears soaking into his gi and he closed his eyes. "Kaoru-dono... forgive me. I couldn't protect you like I promised I would always do." Kenshin whispered into her ear.

"It wasn't... your fault Kenshin. Don't blame yourself, I shouldn't have fought back. I put my life, Misao's life, Megumi's life and Tsubame's life in danger when they warned me that if I fought back they would kill us all. I didn't want to be anyone's burden so I tried so hard.. so hard and I failed." Kaoru stated as she looked up and Kenshin pulled back to look at her face and watched as the crystalized tears fell down her cheeks. "I love her.. let us become one and protect Kaoru forever, Rurouni." Battousai said inside of Kenshin's head.

Kenshin looked forwards his bangs covering his eyes as he pondered.
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