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ok since you people like my IM chats so much i decided to make an entire story like that.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-30 - Updated: 2007-08-12 - 536 words

13Unlucky13: hey gee.
Vampireslayer: hey. I am so bored.
13Unlucky13: I have an idea
Vampireslayer: wat
13Unlucky13: guess.
Vampireslayer: frank.
13Unlucky13: guess or I wont tell you
Vampireslayer: fine. I guess that you want to blow up wall*mart
13Unlucky13: no... .but that sounds like a better idea than wat I had!!
Vampireslayer: OMFG NO WE ARE NOT BLOWING UP WALL*MART!!!!!!!!!!!!
13Unlucky13: fine. Ill go blow up wall*mart with mikey. hes more fun than you anyway.
Vampireslayer: ok fine. I guessed, now wat is it that you wanted to do

Caustix has entered the chat

Vampireslayer: hey tara!
Caustix: hey. wats going on?
13Unlucky13: oh forget it. Tara, what do you want to do?
Caustix: hey lets set Wall*Mart on fire!!
Vampireslayer: god what is up with you people and killing wall mart?
Caustix: idk... its fun!
13Unlucky13: finally someone who agrees.
13Unlucky13: haha Gerard, today Mikey asked me, 'what do we do in math' so I said, 'your mom'
13Unlucky13: hahahaha that made him shut up!
Vampireslayer: nice.
Caustix: omg you guys.
13Unlucky13: what? It ws funny!
Caustix: sure.
13Unlucky13: well, it was.
Caustix: who wants to play truth, dare, double dare or repeat?
Vampireslayer: wat the fuck? What happened to just plane truth or dare?
13Unlucky13: yea I know. Whats up with this double dare or repeat crap?
Caustix: ok. Gerard goes first.
Vampireslayer: wait wtf? I never said I wanted to go first!!
Caustix: hehe too bad you are first!
13Unlucky13: DON'T DO IT!!!
Vampireslayer: stfu frank.
Vampireslayer: uhhh... dare?
Caustix: ok. Hold on
Caustix: ok you have to ask Emily out.
Vampireslayer: huh?
Caustix: you know my friend, Emily. she is over my house right now. Hehe
Vampireslayer: oh god damnit!
13Unlucky13: owned!
Caustix: I wouldn't be talking, frank. youre next!
13Unlucky13: gr8..
Caustix: ok truth, dare, double dare or repeat?
13Unlucky13: ok I am getting sick of that stupid double dare or repeat bullshit. But I pick truth.
Caustix: ok.
Caustix: who was your first kiss with? And don't lie because I know who it was with!!!
13Unlucky13: if you know, then why are you asking???
Caustix: so the rest of the world can know!
13Unlucky13: world? What the fuck are you guys doing? video taping this and putting it on youtube??
Vampireslayer: how can you put an IM chat on youtube?
13Unlucky13: shut up Gerard.
Caustix: god answer the question!!
13Unlucky13: .....bob.
Caustix: sure.
Vampireslayer: no comment.
13Unlucky13: god you are mean I am leaving.

13Unlucky13 has left room

Vampireslayer: wow. You got rid of him.
Caustix: hehe. Ok. Did you ask her out?
Vampireslayer: alright fine. I will.
Vampireslayer: Emily will you go out with me?
Caustix: hi this is Emily and sure Gerard!!
Caustix: Tara again. And see, that wasn't hard.
Vampireslayer: god I hate you.
Caustix: but I love you
Vampireslayer: huh
Caustix: oh that was Emily.
Vampireslayer: oh ok...
Caustix: well I got to go its dinner time.
Vampireslayer: ok me too. Bye

well this is the first chapter i will try and come up with more ideas for it.
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