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writing this is fun!!

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13Unlucky13: hey Mikey?
Quietgenius: huh?
13Unlucky13: where is Gerard???
Quietgenius: playing on his psp. Y?
13Unlucky13: GET HIM ON!!!
Quietgenius: ok god.

Vampireslayer has entered room

Quietgenius has left room

Vampireslayer: frank Mikey said you wanted me?
13Unlucky13: yea. check emilys profile RIGHT NOW
Vampireslayer: ok...

eMoXAnGeLx0x0: omg I love you Gerard!! btw, people, he asked me out yesterday bc he loves me and you know he does.
u are so sweet gee.
See you today
And the next day
And every single day of our lives
Omg I love you
I wrote a poem!!

Gerard, Gerard. how I love you.
Hopefully you won't cheat on me like that lying piece of crap boyfriend I had before WHO WAS A FREAKIN BASTERD!!!!!!!!!

Vampireslayer: oh my god.
13Unlucky13: talk about obsessed??
13Unlucky13: and that poem doesn't even RYME!! God, Gerard. shes so obsessed with you
Vampireslayer: as if the whole WORLD cant tell that??
13Unlucky13: yea
Vampireslayer: did you look at tara's profile?
13Unlucky13: no but I doubt it will say anything
Vampireslayer: hmm t doesn't say anything. She didn't even do anything with it.
13Unlucky13: shes not on a lot.
Vampireslayer: ok. I want to go play now. Talk to Mikey.
Vampireslayer: hi frank.
13Unlucky13: hi. Did you see emily's profile?
Vampireslayer: no.
13Unlucky13: heh. Oh, yea, your not in our grade.
Vampireslayer: yeah, dumbass.
13Unlucky13: hey, Emily came on. I have an idea.
13Unlucky13: you can pretend to be Gerard, and then break up with her.
Vampireslayer: no, im not doing that.
13Unlucky13: little Mikey scared?
Vampireslayer: no, I just don't want to ruin my brother's relationship or anything.
Vampireslayer: or hurt anyone's feelings.
13Unlucky13: dude Gerard would have done it
Vampireslayer: no he wouldn't..
13Unlucky13: that's what you think.
Vampireslayer: god shut up frank.
13Unlucky13: you suck.
13Unlucky13: what is Gerard doing right now?
Vampireslayer: your mom.
13Unlucky13: fuck u
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