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i like writng this

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Vampireslayer: omg frank Emily was all over me today
13Unlucky13: wow. She really is obsessed
Vampireslayer: yeha I know. Tell her to leave me alone!!
13Unlucky13: I wish I could but...
Vampireslayer: wait. Ray has conncetions to her. Maybe I can get him to tell her friends to tell Emily to leave me alone
13Unlucky13: ok! Let me get him.
Vampireslayer: no wait -
13Unlucky13: ok

Torobush has entered chat

Torobush: frank make this fast. What do you want?
Vampireslayer: ray, you know Christina's best friend emiy?
Torobush: no, Gerard, but ive only been going out with Christine for OVER TEN MONTHS
Vampireslayer: ok. I guess thas a yes
13Unlucky13: even I know that
Vampireslayer: go fuck your mom frank.
13Unlucky13: no, you already fucked her. If I did my mom would be a whore.
Torobush: pwned!
Vampireslayer: ray I would tell you to stfu but I need a favor.
Vampireslayer: Emily wont leave me alone.
Vampireslayer: I want you to tell Christina to tell Emily to stop obsessing
Torobush: hmmm... iff I feel like it
13Unlucky13: ray if you don't me and Gerard will come to your house when your sleeping and shave off your hair!!
Torobush: do you even know where I live?
13Unlucky13: no, but MapQuest knows.
Vampireslayer: yeah. MapQuest PWNES
Torobush: alright whatever I will tell her.
Torobush: but how bad is she obsessing?
Vampireslayer: want to see her new profile?

eMoXAnGeLx0x0: omg I love you Gerard!! btw, people, he asked me out yesterday bc he loves me and you know he does.
u are so sweet gee.
See you today
And the next day
And every single day of our lives
Omg I love you

I wrote a poem!!

Gerard, Gerard. how I love you.
Hopefully you won't cheat on me like that lying piece of crap boyfriend I had before WHO WAS A FREAKIN BASTERD!!!!!!!!!

I love your burning hazel eyes. Everytime I look at them I melt.
I want to have pictures of us on my wall
And ym computer
And omg we HAVE to go to the prom together
There is one two months from now!!
how do you think about a pink tie?
Bc I want a pink dress


Torobush: holy fuckin crap.
Vampireslayer: yeah I know.
Torobush: she wants you to wear a pink tie?
13Unlucky13: fuck I woulnt even wear a pink tie
Vampireslayer: yes you would frank
Torobush: yeah I can SO see frank in a pink tie
13Unlucky13: wtf now you are imagining imagies of me in your heads?
Vampireslayer: - no comment -
13Unlucky13: I didn't know you liked me THAT much.
Torobush: god frank just shut up.
Vampireslayer: yeah I know.
13Unlucky13: well then, I guess I will leave.
Torobush: ok whatever.
Vampireslayer: frank?
Torobush: do you really think hes gone
Vampireslayer: no.. the thing didn't say he left.
Torobush: wow he thinks we are stupid
Vampireslayer: yup.
Vampireslayer: but will you really ask her for me??
Torobush: eh.. sure.
Torobush: but shoulnt you ask her ur self?
Vampireslayer: I don't want to
Torobush: ok whatever.
Torobush: frank we know ur still there
Vampireslayer: yeah, we are not the kind of dumbasses u think we r
13Unlucky13: DAMNIT!!!!!!!
Vampireslayer: haha
Torobush: ok is that all u ppl needed me for?
Vampireslayer: pretty much.
Torobush: ok im gonna look up stuff on urban dictionary
Vampireslayer: haaha I love doing that
13Unlucky13: im gonna go talk with bob. U guys suck.

Torobush has left room
13Unlucky13 has left room
Vampireslayer has left room

keep in mind i did NOT forget about The Way Curse. and i am still working on Everything Happens For A Reason.
but i wont be able to update tommorow since i will be on a school feild trip till 7 at night.
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