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yay writing this is fun this is a long one

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-06-02 - Updated: 2007-06-02 - 709 words

Vampireslayer: frank have you heard from ray at all?
13Unlucky13: no
13Unlucky13: but omg I loked in my wallet and realized I am filthy fuckin rich!!
Vampireslayer: but did you hear from ray??/
13Unlucky13: no!! why don't you go bring him in this chat room then??
Vampireslayer: hes not on
13Unlucky13: hah ur screwed
Vampireslayer: fuck u
13Unlucky13: did she leave you alone today?
Vampireslayer: I don't know she was absent
13Unlucky13: she was probably crying bc u broke up wit her
Vampireslayer: ....i didn't break up with her
Vampireslayer: I don't know if ray told Christina
13Unlucky13: well one way for sure to find out
Vampireslayer: ?????
13Unlucky13: ASK BOB!!

Blueyedrummer has entered chat

Blueyedrummer: what do you want frank?
13Unlucky13: do you know how to get a hold of ray?
Vampireslayer: yea we kinda need to know something
Blueyedrummer: um okay.. hes not on but the only thing I can do is call
13Unlucky13: ok
13Unlucky13: im good with that
Vampireslayer: yeah just any way possible to get ahold of him
Blueyedrummer: ok he says what
Blueyedrummer: harsh
Blueyedrummer: ok he said he is going on

Torobush has entered room

Torobush: omg WHAT do you want??
Vampireslayer: did you tell christen??
Torobush: about what
13Unlucky13: stop being a dumbass you know what
Blueyedrummer: can someone please tell me wat u are talking about?
Torobush: yeah tell me too while your at it
Vampireslayer: about Emily
Vampireslayer: and how I don't want to date her anymore
Blueyedrummer: dude, did you even TRY??
13Unlucky13: do you know how OBSESSED she is??
Blueyedrummer: no
Torobush: look at her profile
Blueyedrummer: ok
Vampireslayer: ray you DO know what im talking about!!!
Torobush: ...
13Unlucky13: pwned
Torobush: oh shut up frank
13Unlucky13: oh the n00b doenst like to get pwned?
Vampireslayer: haha n00b
13Unlucky13: ray is a n00b
Torobush: you know I wont tell Christine if you keep doing that
Vampireslayer: TOLD YOU!!
13Unlucky13: yea I know she has even more than before
Vampireslayer: ugh I don't even want to know

Caustix has entered room

Caustix: hey guys!!
13Unlucky13: well someone is extra cheery today.
Vampireslayer: you.
Caustix: ?
Vampireslayer: you started this
Caustix: oh you mean Emily?
Caustix: haha I know
13Unlucky13: did you plan this entire damn thing or something??
Blueyedrummer: yeah like holy crap she has a problem
Torobush: yeah she really does.
Caustix: wow you guys all talk on im?
13Unlucky13: hell yeah.
Torobush: stop changing the subject!
Vampireslayer: god tara what is wrong with you.
13Unlucky13: yeah I know. Why do you like to change subjects?
Vampireslayer: no not that!!
Blueyedrummer: yeah frank even I know that hes not talking about that
13Unlucky13: you just called urself a dumbass.
Torobush: pwned
Caustix: ok if u ppl don't say anything usefull I am leaving
Vampireslayer: wait!!
Caustix: what?
Vampireslayer: can you tell Emily that...
Caustix: that what?
13Unlucky13: don't do it Gerard!!
Vampireslayer: stfu ray.
Vampireslayer: nothing tara never mind
Caustix: u know I WILL find out about what you were going to say.
Caustix: I always do.

Caustix has left room

13Unlucky13: holy shit she is scary
Torobush: omg why didn't you tell her to tell Emily to leave you alone???
Vampireslayer: because I didn't want to...
Vampireslayer: and frank said not to..
Blueyedrummer: youre gonna listen to FRANK??
13Unlucky13: hey!
Torobush: actually...
Torobush: I think frank might be right for once.
Vampireslayer: yeah
Blueyedrummer: how?
13Unlucky13: how
Vampireslayer: tara can do very evil things
Torobush: yeah remember when she actually CUT off a piece of my hair?
Blueyedrummer: ok that was funny
13Unlucky13: haha yeah ray your face was priceless
Vampireslayer: ok getting off subject.
Vampireslayer: but she can, so id rather Christina tell Emily
Torobush: well if you told her then I wouldn't have to be in this whole mess
Vampireslayer: well you're the only person that I can ask right now bc u have connections to Emily
Torobush: omg why me
13Unlucky13: haha I was right!!
Blueyedrummer: for once
13Unlucky13: oh, shut up bob

i bet i didnt spell that right..
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