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11:58 pm

Frank and i stood in the hall upstairs of the party house. it was alot quieter upstairs than it was downstairs. we lost Gerard, Ray and Bob somewhere in the crowd but most likely they were near a beer keg or something. Mikey was at home...trying to get Fuck Tart to like him...or at least thats what he said when he called us an hour after he left the party. who knows what he really was doing.

just then a guys with a really tight hollister shirt came up to me.

"so whos your new year's kiss?!?" he asked. he was drunk from what i could tell...stinky breathe and holding himself against the wall. i looked at my watch. 11:59...

"not you, thats for sure" i said. i looked at Frank for a little help but he seemed to be ignoring me.

"10!..." we heard from downstairs as they began the count down to the new year.

"what?!?" this guy yelled. then i noticed Frank look at him.


"uhh, yeah you heard. now get out of my face!" i told him. he looked at Frank.


"dont tell me he's your kiss?!?" he asked and pointed at Frank.

"im not to sure either" i mumbled as i took a step closer to Frank, so that i wouldnt be so near to mr. drunk hollister guy.

"PUNK!" the hollister guy yelled.

"2...........1!" mr. hollister grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him then i felt Frank's hand on my other wrist. Frank pulled me out of mr. drunk's grasp. he threw me against the wall, placed his body on mine and pressed his lips on mine.

"mother fucker!" the drunk guy yelled and left. i thanked God for not letting him do anything damaging to Frank. even though the guy left, Frank and i stayed attached. Frank licked my bottom lick, asking for permission to let him proceed. and you know what?!? i did...
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