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Meet Ashay...

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A cold wind blew across the field, stirring the ashes and embers and the only sound was the crashing of the sea below. The remains of a family home lay charred and black amongst ashes from flames that had swallowed it only minutes before. In the sky the clouds were an ominous black and rain began to pour on the remains of the house, the embers that were still burning hissed as they were put out. The rain poured down and turned the ashes to sludge and the roof, the only part of the house left standing after the fire, collapsed. The roof fell with a wet "sloop" as thunder crashed in the background and the sky darkened. As the last remnants of the house fell the the valley was suddenly lit up by a flash of lightning and in its eerie glow a skeletal hand was illuminated . Another flash and an arm came free from the slop and pulled the rest of the corpse out of its watery grave. It was covered in burnt and peeling skin, that hung from its bones. The skeleton stood shakily, and slowly turned towards the eastern shore. Once turned fully, the horrible creature slowly limped towards the lake, pieces of its charred flesh fell to the ground, more of the skeletal remains revealed as it walked. Having reached the shore, the skull tilted and faced upwards into the blackened sky and the rain suddenly stopped and the clouds cleared to reveal a blood red moon.
The glow of the moon flowed over the skeleton and intensified as the clouds covered the moon again.
When the glow subsided, an ethereal beauty stood on the edge of the lake, and a black cloak covered her body. Blood red lips contrasted with the alabaster skin of her face.
A pale hand came from of the left sleeve of her cloak and pushed back the hood of her cloak, revealing her pale face and closed eyes. She smiled. Her eyes opened revealing sparkling emeralds. She looked up at the now pale moon. The eyes closed again reopened a moment later, and slowly draining the world of all its warmth. An icy wind passed, and sends a chill into all creatures. She looked down and bent to move aside some of the rubble. She sneered at no one in particular as she worked, before she spoke.

"Disgusting creatures, humans. Hypocritical, in denial of their …faults …to the end." She said, her voice cold enough to send chills down the spine. She grunted as she removed a large piece of foundation and she stood, holding something in her arms. She held up the body of a young child, whose eyes shone with fear and confusion.Its body was covered in abrasions and burns. She cradled the child in her arms and held the child†s head to her chest, stroked its brow and stared down at it with her cold eyes. The child looked up at her in fear and gasped as the woman suddenly snarled and crushed the small, childlike skull between her hands, and smiled at the satisfying crack of breaking bone. Dropping the still twitching corpse to the ground, she stared at it for moment, before she rose to her feet and turned towards the edge of the cliff and stared out into the sea. Her black robe whipped around her blooded ankles and feet and golden hair was blown across her pale face as the wind blew around her. She frowned and cocked her head to the side still looking at the sea, a mad gleam reaching her eyes.
"What shall we do about them? They die so quickly and yet..." she looked down at the girl with a small thoughtfull frown and stroked her broken skull affectionately, smearing blood on the girls skin and her own pale hands.
"They still continue to populate this world like vermin. Never dying, but never living either." She held up her hands, dripping with still-warm blood. She looked back to the sky, and licked her hands clean. She closed her eyes and purred contently at the taste of the innocent blood, freshly spilled. She lifted her blood covered face to the sky as she turned and walked away from the cliff†s edge, speaking in a low conspiratorial tone.
"What shall we do with them, what shall we do?" she whispered to herself and her beautiful eyes sparkled in the dark.

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