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Chapter One

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Yamcha gets some...

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Authors note: Hey! Long time no see? Thank you so much for your reviews!I really do appreciate them! Shout-out to BballAnimeLover89 and j-girl ! Thank you so much for your reviews! Anyway, this might seem a little different in tone to the first chapter, this is me writing it this time and not my former partner so their be a little less humor this time around, I'll still try to put some in but it will be only to lighten the mood when it gets to heavy for me to write!So here it is ! Chapter One!


Chapter One

The flame of a match illuminated a pair of eyes in a dark room. The light flickered, the eyes reflecting the light eerily.The strong looking hands that were holding the match lowered it to below the man's chin. the flame continued to burn till the hand holding it shook it and the light went out. A strike of a match and the flame returned.Footsteps could be heard and the eyes moved across the room. The man walked to the farside of the room slowly, as if dreading what he would find. The ring of light from the match fell on a hand, pale in the light of the match. The light grew brighter as he knelt down beside the woman lying on the floor, her eyes wide and lifelessly staring at the ceiling. The man's hand reached out and he leaned over and touched the woman's cold face. The light went out and the scratch of the match was heard three times when suddenly light flooded the room. The man stood up and looked about the room as if for the first time.

He gasped as the 'woman' was now revealed to be young girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. Standing up shakily the man reached into his pocket and pulled his cell phone out.Still staring fixedly at the girl, He dialed 911 and held the phone up to his ear. He backed out of the room, still staring at the girl unable to look away from her mangled body. As he reached the door her reached behind him and exited the building, his gaze never wavering.

"Hello? This is Yamcha Bandito," a scream of excitment was heard from the other end" look,could you listen to me for a second? I've just found a body, over at turtle island . Yes, I..I... know who it is...Marron Chestnut...yes, I know the father, no...I think I should be the one to tell him... you'll send an ambulance?Alright." Yamcha flipped the phone closed and and powered up, his ki surrounding him. He stood there for a moment before blasting off the ground heading east towards his best friends home. He was stopped mid flight by a hand on his shoulder. Turning around slowly he looked into a pair of green eyes. His eyes widened as the woman leered at him and her other hand gripped his throat and began to squeeze. The eyes glinted as the the woman's face contorted into an insane smile. His hands groping for his throat Yamcha struggled to speak.

"!" his voice was cut off as the hands around his throat tightened, he clawed desperately at the hands holding him and convulsed slightly, his eyes dilating, as he struggled for breath. The womans smile only widened further and she began to cackle maniacily as her viselike grip tightened further around his throat.

"Me? " she asked, leaning close to Yamcha's ear, close enough that he could feel her rank breath on the back of his neck.

"I'm just an old friend paying a visit...a visit...a long time name is ...death..."She whispered to him, as a resonding crack sounded and Yamcha cunvulsed a final time before his frantic struggling stoppedand he hung limp in her hands. She frowned down at him, pouting as if a new toy had just broke, Cocking her head she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"Oh, did that hurt?." she smiled diabolically at him,still at his ear, her eyes glistening, " Well, this surly will" She let go of his neck, dropping him to the beach, fifty feet below. Yamcha landed with a sickening thud, and unable to move helpless watched with wide eyesas the woman landed softly behind him, smiled broadening as she walked slowly toward him. Stopping just shy of stepping on his outstretched hand she knelt down in thesandand picked him up by the neck again. Yamcha yelped as he was thrown down again, his head face down in the water. His mind a whirl of confusioin he barley felt a hand on his neck, holding him down as he struggled to breathe. His vision blurred and his lungs burned as he struggled to drawbreath through the water surrounding him. As blackness overcame him one word permeated his thoughts: Why?

As his breathing ceased, the woman removed her hands from around the back of Yamaha's neck carressing him as you would a favorite pet as she sat back on her heels to admire her work smiling broadly. Sirens sounded in the background and the woman stood up, her long black tresses blowing in the wind and backed slowlyinto the shadow of a nearby tree and vanished.

Author's note: short yes, but more will be coming soon! I just got the inspiration to write a murder so here it is!R+R please!
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