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Chapter Two

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Krillin gets a surprise...

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Chapter two

'Sleeping...She's sleeping...She's not...She's sleeping...'Even as the words fill my mind, I know in my heart their not true, though I cling to them as if they were, dreading when I have to dismiss them and accept the truth.

I shiver in the cold room, goose-bumps forming on my bare arms.

'She must be cold...I told her to wear warmer clothes...' I pull the sheet up around her chin and tuck her in...for the last time. My lips tremble and my hands shake as my eyes take in her too pale face. I reach up and stroke her pale, cold cheek. I pull back and chuckle as I look down at my hand, its covered in a red powder. I look back down at her and smile ruefully.

" getting into your mother's makeup? 'tsk!' Marron, you know your gonna' get it when you come ...home..." I bite my lip as the tears come.

'my little girl...won' coming...home... ' I sniff loudly and swallow hard. I'm startled when I feel a hand on my shoulder, and hear someone calling my name. I turn slowly to face the man behind me.He is wearing a white lab coat and he smiles sadly as I look up at him.

"Yes?" I managed somehow to croak out a reply to the man, I turn as a woman behind him comes forward and leads me over to another table. I balked slightly but continue to follow her over to a table where a woman lies , her whole body covered by a large sheet. I feel a sense of dread as I walk closer. The woman, a doctor I realize, walks over andremoves the sheet from the woman's face, revealing an attractive blond and I feel a sense of foreboding as I continue to look on her face, uncomprehending I frown as I continue to stare at her face.

I hear someone scream, it takes me a minute until comprehension dawns on me. I was shocked watching this man react to the woman's face. Icontinue to look at her face. She was blond, pretty...familiar...pain filtered though as recognition dawned.



Krillan seemed to fall apart when he saw his wife on the table. The doctors tried to drag him away, everyone in the room was shocked at his strength. That shock held them back as the man broke free and grabbed a scalpel that was lying on the examination table next to his wife's body.No one saw it coming.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

When the phone rang, a feeling of dread filled me, 'no news is good news' would probably sum up the way I view my life in general. It's not the way i was taught when I was first after Goku-chan, but as we started our married life I realized that I would have to change or go mad. After the arrival of the Saiya-jins, damn them, I would rarely see a day when my Goku-chan would not be called off to fight for the safety of chikeu-sei. This at first scared than angered me,but I soon began to relax into the stay at home role I played, never seeing my husband except on the odd day that he was either hungry or we had to go to find the dragon balls and he came home to tell me he would be gone again...'sigh' well enough of that, the phone was ringing and I dreaded having to answer it. I usually got phone calls when something bad happened, I would have to call to get news of a wedding or something, I mean I had to wait two years to find out Bulma had a baby, with that monster of all people, I didn't even get a chance to...'sigh' there I go again, lets get back to whats happening. The phone was ringing, i dreaded answering it many scenarios going through my mind. Nothing that was going through my mind could have prepared me for the man on the other line told me. The phone dropped from my numb fingers and I started screaming for my husband, tears streaming down my face.


---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------

His mind seemed to be encased in a thick fog, the words of comfort from his friends seemed far away. Two of his oldest friends were dead, and when he thought of how they had died a chill went through his being. He sighed and sat back down in one of the chairs in the hospital waiting room.

'Yamcha...why?' He thought miserably, as the voices around him became clearer, the fog finally lifting.



He looked down at his trembling hands and clenched them, the trembling only spreading and becoming worse. The clamor of voices around him became too much and he covered his ears, his whole body shaking in its chair as he clenched his eyes shut.

'why? Why did you do it?' he mentally sobbed as he lowered his face into his hands, letting his tears flow, his shoulders shaking brokenly.

It took him a minute to collect himself and recognize a hand was on his shoulder. When he did, he looked up into the eyes of his wife, swimming with unshed tears, and held her as she sobbed, the questions still burning in his mind.

As she cried herself to sleep in his arms and her sobbing ceased he looked back up to see the officer that had delivered the grave news. Picking Chi Chi up he stood and walked over to the couch beside his chair. Putting her down Goku turned to address the officer in a strained tone.

"Are you sure? There's no've made. a mistake?" he asked her, a glimmer of hope in his voice. The female officer smiled sadly back at him, her blue eyes looking at him with sympathy. She shook her head slowly, choosing her words carefully. She pushed her dark hair out of her eyes, as if stalling for time.

"No, Mr. Son. I'm afraid there is no chance of a mistake, it is a clear cut case." she pulled a file from her bag and opening it she handed Goku a slip of paper. Goku took the slip and looked down at it and grimaced: This was Yamcha's note. He shook his head giving the paper back to the officer, who put it back in the file, and sat down. Putting the file away she sat down next to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"So...your saying...that he...raped..." he stopped, biting his lip, struggling with the words. The officer smiled reassuringly and squeezed his shoulder before she finished his sentence.

"Yes, the evidence suggests that Mr. Bandito did in fact rape and murder both Mrs. Chestnut and her 16 year old daughter, Marron, and then committed suicide by drowning. Mr. Son, there can be no doubt that Mr. Bandito was the culprit." Goku sighed as she spoke, losing the glimmer of hope that remained.

"I just..." he looked back up at the officer," I just...don't understand, I thought I knew Yamcha..." he looked at the floor," And then when Krillan...when he found out...Oh Kami!" He cried out suddenly, looking towards heaven, his eyes widening in sudden revelation.

'Why! When we could have brought them back! But now...What would be the point?' He thrust his face into his hands, sobbing in despair.

'RAPE AND MURDER OF 2 BY BASEBALL HAS-BEEN' read the headline on the newspaper that lay forgotten on the kitchen table.

"Mama?" rang through the silent kitchen, as a small girl tugged on her mothers sleeve. The small girls eyes narrowed in imitation of her father's well-known scowl. she tugged mor insistently at the sleeve when her mother did nothing but stare at the headline. The girl harrumphed indignantly at her mother, bulla let go of her mother's sleeve and deepened her scowl, crossing her arms across her small chest and tapping her foot impatiently. Her mother looked up and saw her daughter as if for the first time. Bulla rolled her eyes, as if saying 'finally!'.

"Mama? Can you take me to the pawk? Twunks is wif Papa twaining?" She said, cocking her head on the side and smiling sweetly, like she did with 'papa' when she wanted to get her way. Bulma looked at her, not speaking for a moment, responding in a slightly higher pitch.

"your father...can't take you?" she said, raising an eyebrow when bulla shuffled her feet and looked away sheepishly.

"well...I didn't ask him..." Bulma sighed, and placed her hands on the table in front of her to push her chair back and stand up. Still leaning slightly on the table she spoke to bulla in a stern voice the brooked no argument.

" Go and ask your brother than, and tell your father I want to talk to him, okay sweety?" Bulla looked at her for a moment then jumped down from her chair and ran to the back door, snickering quietly. Bulma chuckled slightly, and turned to pour a cup of coffee while she waited for her husband.

She winced as she heard the door slam, and put the coffee pot back on the counter, and picking up the cup she turned to face her scowling 'mate'. she sipped her coffee, and pointed towards the newspaper on the table.

" read it" she said as he pulled up a chair and straddled the back. He raised his eyebrow at her but picked up the newspaper all the same. Bulma's hands were shaking as she drank her coffee, waiting for Vegeta to finish reading.

He leaned forward and set the paper down as he finished reading and stared at his trembling mate. He didn't know what to say, he'd never liked 'the worm', Yamcha, but even he was surprised by what he had read.

'Rape and murder...and not just one...two..." He thought to himself, suddenly a loud crash shook him from his musing and he looked up. His mate had dropped her cup and it had shattered on the tile floor. He stood up and walked over to her as she bent to pick the glass up as if she was in a daze. H grabbed her hands and guided her towards a chair, where she collapsed, sobbing uncontrollably, her face pillowed on her arms lying on the table.

Vegeta awkwardly stood there rubbing her back waiting for her wailing to cease. Slowly she calmed down, sniffling slightly and he pulled back his hand and stepped back to look at her. She turned to face him, her eyes red and swollen, and suddenly her eyes widened.

"Goku!We need to go to his house, he'll be devastated!"She wiped the last of her tears away and pushed her chair back as she stood up quickly. She walked quickly over to the wall and punched in a few numbers on the keypad and a small robot glided in and started to clean up the mess of coffee. She then turned back to a bemused Vegeta.

"I need you to take me over! Flying is much quicker!" she said at him as she ran out the front door, leaving and incredulous Vegeta in her wake. He turned to follow grumbling to himself.

"What does that woman think I am? A fucking taxi service?" He mumbles as he walked after her, going out to remind his mate just who 'wore the pants' in this relationship.
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