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Chapter Three

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Tv reporters are informative...

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Chapter Three

She punched the numbers again and tossed her blue hair back as she waited for an answer. The part buzzed around her, oblivious to its hostess†quickly disintegrating temper. Fingering a loose bit of her hair she sighed as she lamented briefly on deciding to cut it this short, she had only ever cut it this length when she had that ridiculous per 10 yrs ago. She shuddered at the image of her with that bush on her head, and like then this haircut had been a spur of the moment decision and like the other she had regretted it almost immediately.

The short bob she had now just reminded her how old she was and being president of a large company she had plenty of reminders. Though, being married to an ageless alien didn†t help either.

Thinking of ageless aliens, she rolled her eyes, irritated, and slammed down the phone. She had been trying to call the other â€~alien†in her life for over an hour and behind her anger she was beginning to get a little worried.

Goku, or Kakorrot as Vegeta called him, was one of Bulma†s oldest friends whom she had met when she was a teenager. Her hair had been long then too, though it had darkened from the light violet to a rich blue since then. It had been about thirty years since then, she frowned, and how the time had passed she didn†t know. Goku had been a little wild boy then, she smiled as she reminisced, and the wild haired little boy had thought her car was a monster trying to eat him.

She sighed, so much had happened since then, Bulma leaned back against the counter and crossed her arms crossed her chest as she watched the people dance in the other room and thought of when she had last spoken to Goku. It had been just after Krillin†s funeral and he had seemed a little distant and his usual smile had been a little forced, very different form the carefree broad grin he had worn since she had first known him. Krillin†s death had hit them all hard; the group of them had been almost a family since they had first gone in search of the Dragonballs so many years ago. Bulma smiled as she remembered the first wish they had made when they had collected all seven orbs and summoned the dragon for the first time. Oolong, the pig pervert, had wished for a pair of the most comfortable pair of underwear of all things! She had been so mad when her wish for a perfect boyfriend had been used for a pair of girls†underwear, until she had looked over and seen Yamcha, the desert bandit, and fallen in love.

She smiled sadly and sniffled; Yamcha had been her first real boyfriend and would always have a special place in her heart. They had met on the search for the Dragonballs when he had been a desert bandit looking for something to steal. They had enjoyed a loving relationship until he had been killed by an invading â€~Saiya-jin†who had claimed to be Goku†s brother Raditz. Goku had defeated him but a year later two more Saiya-jins came, Prince Vegeta and Nappa. In the end Goku had one with the help of the others but at a heavy price.

She had gone to Namek, a distant planet where the Dragonballs had originated, in order to revive everyone that had been killed by the Saiya-jins. The Nameks had been a kind race but they were not the only ones who knew of the Dragonballs. On Namek she met the evil warlord Frieza, and she had met one of the Saiya-jins who had brought her to this planet in the first place, Prince Vegeta. He had terrified her back then and Bulma chuckled of the irony of it all, she had nearly died to bring Yamcha back from the dead. She had done all that for him and ironically enough they broke up with each other not soon after.

After Goku†s fight with Frieza had destroyed their planet the Nameks came to live with her family on earth along with Vegeta. The Nameks had stayed for a year while they searched for another planet to call home and learned to love the game of golf of all games. She still had to laugh at the image of little green men running around on the grass looking for a little white ball.

Her other guest had been a completely different story, Vegeta had moved in with her family after being brought to life the same time as the Nameks. That first year had been hard for him, she thought and frowned, so many awful things had happened to him while he had been a slave to Frieza. He had been so angry that Goku had been the one to kill his tormentor that he had been completely impossible those first months. Though after the Nameks had left he had stayed mostly in his room and would only come out for meals.

During the next three years they had grown close, in their own way, and that was what drove Yamcha away in the end. He couldn†t understand her family†s acceptance of Vegeta, and she couldn†t explain it to him and they had broken up after a huge fight centering on her faithfulness to him, she had suspected he was cheating on her but had no proof.

Her relationship with Vegeta, once it actually had become one, was a rocky one at best, but in the end she wouldn†t have traded it for anything. She looked down at the wedding ring on her right hand and decided that it had been for the best she had broken it off with Yamcha so long ago.

Thoughts of Yamcha†s wrong doings brought a frown to her face as she uncrossed her arms and turned towards the counter to lean on her hands. Goku had been hit hard by his death, and so had she but in a different way. He had seemed a little distant but that didn†t excuse him form the party, he had said that he would come!

Bulma was startled from her brooding when a pair of arms surrounded her waist and pulled her against his chest. She sighed in relief as she leaned back against her husbands broad chest, and closing her eyes she let Vegeta hold her a moment in silence before she spoke quietly.

‽I†m worried.” Was all she said aloud, but she knew he could sense where her worry lay when he nodded into her hair and silently kissed the back of her neck. She sighed, sliding form his arms, and turned to face Vegeta and opened her eyes. She put her arms around hem and hugged him back then pulled away and looked down at her feet before she continued in a quiet voice.

‽I just don†t…”Suddenly, a loud announcers voice broke in from the other room and Bulma broke off and ran to watch the announcer shuffle his papers. Vegeta came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind and held her.

‽Interrupting this program with an update on the tree victims of the MT. Pezu fire: The three bodies have been identified as being the remains of the Son family. Son-Chichi and her son Son-Gohan were found in their beds this morning and Son-Goku was found sometime later in the woods nearby. ‽A picture of a man with spiky hair wearing an orange gi next to a woman holding a young boy showed on the screen.

Bulma lost feeling in her legs and was caught by Vegeta as she fell into his arms and began to sob into his shoulder as he picked her up and carried her upstairs.

The guests had gone home hours ago, but she still couldn†t believe it. She sat on the bed she and Vegeta shared brushing her short hair in a daze. The door creaked open and Vegeta walked into the room, she had asked him to tuck in the children, Bulla and Trunks, and she heard the bed creak as he sat down next to her. He slowly looked over at her and put his hand on her shoulder and squeezing it gently. Bulma stopped brushing her hair and became very still before dropping the brush to the floor with a clatter and beginning to sob into Vegeta†s chest.

Vegeta slowly wrapped his arms tightly around her and held her as she broke down again. He knew that now was not the time for snide comments, if he wanted to avoid sleeping on the couch for the next month, but he couldn†t help thinking how mundane a death by forest fire was for a man who had saved the world at least three times.

He rolled his eyes and shivered with disgust at what he felt coming out of the woman†s nose and mouth onto his chest and patted her awkwardly on the head but Bulma only clung tighter to him and continued to sob. She soon began to calm down and Bulma pulled away and wiped her eyes and nose with the back of her hand.

‽Sorry” she croaked, and bent down to pick up the brush. He watched as she stood and went to the bathroom and closed the door. He heard water run and Bulma blew her nose before the door opened again and she stepped out. She walked to the opposite side of the bed and lay down. Vegeta lay down beside her and pulled the blankets over the two of them and pulled her close. They lay there in silence before Bulma turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around him.

‽Hold me.” She mumbled into his chest, and he held her close until they both fell asleep.

If someone is looking at our back, you feel a creeping chill up your spine, but that same chill could be from the fact that your bedmate has decided to leave you without any blankets in the middle of a cold winter night.

Vegeta opened his eyes warily and growled when he found only a sheet covering his ass. He closed his eyes and reached over to where Bulma lay to take back his share of the blankets and found only empty space. Startled, Vegeta opened his eyes again and saw that Bulma and the blankets were gone. Glaring at the empty space he grumbled under his breath and threw off the sheet and shivering slightly he began to dress to go in search of his wife. He smirked as he found and pulled on his jean, thinking of how he would â€~punish†her for making off with the blankets and leaving him with only a sheet. He finished pulling on a sweatshirt and opened the door to the hall and stepped out. He walked down the hall to the stairs, noticing that both his brats were not in their rooms. Vegeta quickly sensed for their ki†s and was relieved to sense bulla with her mother in the kitchen. He released a breath he hadn†t known he†d been holding and chuckled as he walked down the stairs to see what they were up too this late at night.

She smiled as Bulma†s heart stopped and her chi faded and let go of her neck. Bulma†s head dropped to the floor with a crack against the linoleum floor. She was crouched on the floor next to the body and was covered in blood. As she crouched on the floor she began to hum quietly and rock on the balls of her feet, licking her hands clean of the blood. She smiled as she sensed Vegeta coming down the stairs and her smile widened into a grin and stood up to wait for him to open the door.
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