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Epilogue-end of part one

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Little green men...

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Horror - Characters: Piccolo, Other - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-31 - Updated: 2007-05-31 - 346 words

The Sirens had faded and they were alone again. The bodies, if that is what the pieces of flesh that had littered the floor had been, were taken by the coroner hours ago. He looked around the kitchen once more, taking it all in before Piccolo turned and left. Tien followed him with Chou-Tzu not too far behind. Tien nearly ran into him when the tall Namek†s back stopped suddenly in the doorway, green eyes glaring and sharp fangs bared.

‽Piccolo? What†s wrong?” Tien called from behind him as Piccolo crouched down into a fighting stance, preparing to fight the one who had murdered his friend.

She smiled, or leered at him with blooded canines and spread out her arms in a welcoming gesture. Her arrogance was palatable and more sinister than Vegeta†s when he had first come to this planet.

Piccolo snarled and launched himself at his opponent, leaving Tien behind to gape as he was struck down with blinding speed. Tien had only time to blink his third eye as the woman severed his head from his body, and all he knew was darkness.

She threw her ruined clothes into the trash bin and walked across the empty house and up the stars, naked. As she walked upstairs she undid her hair from its ponytail and let its blond tendrils cascade down her back and threw her hair tie to the floor. Red splotches covered her body and fresh green blood dripped from her hands onto the carpet as she walked down the hall and into the master bedroom. Going into the bathroom she stepped into the shower and turned the taps on as high as they would go. She stood under the spray with her eyes closed, reminiscing over her revenge . Uddenly she opened her eys and wondered if she was finished after all. She turned to the small window and grinned as a tower on te horizon caught her eye. The blood swirled in the drain as one name was said, that spelled doom for the human race.

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