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Vacation sensation!

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Grim gets lost in the Author's weirdo mind,and meets the girl of his dreams."It's about time!" you say.Well maybe that's just her name--Itsaboutime!

Category: Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Parody - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-05-02 - Updated: 2007-08-21 - 381 words

Scene 1:Grim

"A vacation!That's what I need after all the slavin' those brats gave me!"

Oh,no you don't!You've gotta be in the story,and you're not geting out until the last chapter!!

"I tink I saw some italics over there."

That was me,stupid!I'm supposed to guide you through the story.

"And watcha gonna do?Make a piano fall on me head?!"

At that point,a concert piano,with Beethoven still on it,fell on Grim.

"Oh,mein gotten!Mein piano!It's ruined!Jagshesmash!" the poor guy sobbed.

"Hey,wait a minute!" Grim got out from under the piano.
"Beethoven is Austrian,not German!And he doesn't say Ali G/Borat/Bruno catchphrases!Wait kinda Author are you?!"

A type of KING AUTHOR!!!(drum sound in the background)

"Dear God,you're worse than Jamie Kennedy!"

Hey,I can do jokes!¨How many babies does it take to cover a roof?One,if you peel lightly!

"Now that's just-"

When does a black woman take her trash out?After 9 months!

"Gross.Now you're being-"

Whyt is a black man staring at a blank piece of paper?He's reading his rights!

"Racistic.Are you-"

What's orange and lying on a bottom of a pool?A baby!

"Stop interruptin' me with yer fancy italics!If you're gonna do a story,then at least make a good plot!"

Oooooh,oh no you di-didn't!Now,you're dead!Beethoven,battle stations!

"Prepare to die,mein Reaper!"

Beethoven clubbers grim with a steel plate,and dumps him on the road.

Gasp!Oh,no!I've made my main character unconscious!I'd better put Mozart in here before the reader gets bored!

Too late for that

Mozart,Beethoven,start dancing the tango!

"Hey,how come whenever a main character gets clubbered,another character starts dancing?!" Mozart,the primadona,pouts.
"I'm going to!They have Handel&Bach!"

Oh,no you don't!

An anvil falls on Mozart.


"Er,why don't I just tell mein favourite joke!Ja!Okay,what's a pregnat woman for a pedophile?A Christmas present!"

Good!See you in the next chapter,dear reader!

What?That's it?That's barely 400 words!F*k this s*t,I'm going to listen to Mozart and go to!

Screw you..!

I read that!
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