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Freezing Over

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Julius and Delilah in class.

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Song:You're Beautiful
Artist:James Blunt

Julius POV

I watched the clouds gently rolling across the sky and the sunlight dancing through the holes in the huge white blanket that the wind so generously created. It was beautiful out. The perfect day for a bike ride or a walk.. or just for laying around. Thoughts of what I could be doing chased each other through my head. Practicing my yoga moves, going for a swim, looking for than new bike trail Nosey keeps telling me about. I stifled a sigh. The most perfect day in weeks and I am stuck inside all day in lessons.

*My life is brilliant,
*My love is pure.

My gaze slowly turned to my left, to another even more beautiful sight. Delilah Devonshire. A smile played across my lips as I watched her read from her textbook. She was so lovely, even when she did the simplest of things it was enchanting. Her brunette hair fell around her face and she was biting her bottom lip in concentration. All the irritation of being cooped up inside all day slipped away as he watched her eyes move from line to line.

*I saw an angel,
*Of that I'm sure.

She glances up at me and raises a brow when she finds me staring. Trying not to blush I smile at her and look back at my work. My eyes are greeted by a blank page. Humph. I was sure I had done more than that! Maybe I was remembering from yesterday.. On the blackboard is written "Read pages 198 - 213, questions 1 - 24". Okay that's only 15 pages and 24 questions. I can do this. Just... read. Moments pass and my eyes glaze over. Oh God, why does it have to be so bloody boring!?

*She smiled at me on the subway,
*She was with another man.

The stark white page is staring up at me. It's frighteningly blank. If I don't put something down Al will have a fit - he had just given us a twenty minute lecture on using class time wisely. Ugh, I wish it had lasted longer - then I could say that I was re-reading the text and not have to feel too guilty about doing nothing. Oh well. Slumping down in my chair I flip to the page with the questions and read them all over, becoming more confused with every one. There's nothing for it, I grab a piece of spare paper and begin to write.

*But I won't lose no sleep on that,
*'Cause I've got a plan.

Delilah - what's the answer to question one??? J.

*You're beautiful, you're beautiful.
*You're beautiful, it's true.

Delilah looks surprised then rolls her eyes when I toss the note at her but cant help but smile when she reads it. She looks to Al, still asleep at the front of the room, and begins to scribble a response. I know right away that she hasn't given me the answer because of the short response but I still beam at her when she tosses it back to me. We haven't passed notes like this for years and I am beginning to wonder why not. Its fun, and a waste of time, and this way I will be able to blame her for me not doing any work. Not that I would...

*I saw your face in a crowded place,
*And I don't know what to do,

Julius - READ THE BOOK!!! D.

*'Cause I'll never be with you.


Ok, this is my first ever story and it's just starting out, so please review but please don't be too harsh! Constructive criticism!
Thanks guys, love,
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