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Introduction: The First

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He was their savior. Those he let into his walls, loved him with all their hearts. What happens when this prodigy, this innocent boy meets a broken boy with a grudge against life? Will this angel s...

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Disclaimer- I don't own anything recognizable, but everything else I do; this never happened.

A/N- Well, I've taken it upon myself to create a new medical disorder! Yay! Well, the point of what I just said is that I am NOT a doctor, obviously, and I'm making up EVERY SINGLE THING in this. Not. Kidding. Nothing in this based on fact. So, yeah. No matter how good I get at making fantasy look like fact to the point you can't tell the difference, none of this true. I know NOTHING about brains and stuff. grins Obviously.

IMPORTANT- I am in no way making fun of people with mental disabilities. Actually...I'm not sure if this disease even exists. I'm pretty sure I made it up. grins That's why it's called FICTION!!!! Also, this will have OCs, characters I made up. ...I hate them with a passion, but I need them. (I'll try not to make them into Mary-Sues, though.) This will be a cross-over with My Chemical Romance, but this is still way AU. There will probably be a lot of cameos from celebrities who won't be celebrities in this. (Did that make sense? thoughtful look)

Warnings- Language (the f-word is my friend), violence, maybe sexual scenes (probably not), slash (yes, that's right. Guy-guy relationship), my own characters (yes, that is a warning), and perhaps death

And, yeah. This is a series. (What's wrong with me? Why do I start so many stories? facedesk)

From the very start, they knew that something was wrong. The doctors all gathered around the newborn, eyes wide as they stared at the screaming child, tiny fists stretched outwards and tiny legs kicking.

"There's a problem," they informed the weary mother, black hair mussed and emerald eyes red and puffy. She'd been crying. She knew there was a problem, she just didn't know what.

"I know," she murmured. "Is my baby going to die?"

"We don't know," the white-coats informed her. "It seems...that there's a problem with his brain. It looks to be too large. But, we won't know the implications until the boy grows, or if he even will live to see tomorrow."

She lowered her head, her eyes dry.

"My boy will live," she said firmly, raising her eyes. "I know he will. Let me see him now, please."

They stared at her, about to protest, they wanted to study the boy. But her green eyes, now sharpened with determination, stared back defiantly.

"Bring. Me. My. Son," she said slowly, burning a hole into the men's foreheads with those angry emerald orbs. They nodded, stuttering orders in fear of this mother's wrath. And the boy was brought to her, his angry sobs wrenching from his new throat.

"Leave me," she ordered as the boy was laid into her arms. Protests died on their lips as they scurried from the room, running into each other and scattering through-out the hospital.

Making sure that they were all gone, she finally lowered her head to face her now squealing son. A slight smile grew on her lips as she watched him wriggle and squeak, giggling.

"You look perfectly normal," she cooed. "You'll live long and you'll have a wife and children and you'll never once have to think you're different."

The boy with a pile of thick brown hair on his head and huge chocolate eyes giggled in response.

She smiled back and whispered, "I'll love you forever and always...Brendon."

He squealed, wriggling more.

"Do you like that name? Hmm, darling? Do you like your name, Brendon?" she cooed, grinning down at her perfect boy.

He smiled widely, still wriggling.

"Where do you get your good looks, baby? You look nothing like me, angel. Nor your-," she wrinkled her nose, "-/father/."

The boy didn't have a response, besides his now customary wide ear-to-ear smile, giggle, and squirming.

She tucked a lock of black hair behind her ear, and continued, "Your /eyes/, baby. Your /eyes/. They're like dark chocolate. Deep pools of melted chocolate. Velvety. I can see myself in them. And, my goodness! Your dark and brown and thick and pretty."

She paused, relishing her long-awaited son and enjoying his presence. She smiled, running her lean fingers through his hair. She'd never get tired of him. And she'd never stop loving him, she promised herself. Never. She'd care and love him despite any problems he might have.

"You're perfect, Brendon. Absolutely gorgeous. I love you."

He giggled.

A/N- Oooh, you just KNOW that this isn't going to end well...or, maybe not. I'm not telling. grins That was the end of the introduction! Read and review!
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