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Introduction: The Second

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A/N- laughs manically This is the first story to every have TWO introductions. laughs more...coughs...frowns and shakes head...I'm so disappointed in myself. See First chapter for important notes and stuff.

They were right. All those years ago, in that hospital, they predicted something was wrong. They were right, and yet, oh so wrong.

Brendon was an angel. An absolute angel. With bright eyes and messy hair, and a huge smile, he behaved perfectly and showed intelligence akin to no other.

He could quite easily be described as a child prodigy.

The boy was filled with curiosity from the start, and as soon as he was able to lift one, he was reading every book he could lay his hands on. His mother, his sweet, sweet, mother, encouraged him greatly. She taught him to read as best as she could, but mostly, it was Brendon learning on his own.

Brendon was reading at the age of four. He spoke fluent English by then, and was able to hold full conversations in his babyish voice. He seemed to not recognize his genius, and was the most modest boy anyone would ever meet.

His mind could only be described as photographic. It picked up everything it could, and remembered it. He could recite the lyrics to a song he'd only heard once, years ago. He could write the words to a book he'd read a few days ago, and be able to get every word correct. He remembered pictures and faces, and picked up everything around him.

Not only did he excel at the academic level of things at a young age, he excelled at the fine arts. He taught himself to play the piano and the guitar, and the violin. He loved music. It always seemed to calm him when he got frightened or had a panic attack.

Brendon had a singing voice that could only be described as angelic.

The boy loved to sing. He enchanted his mother with silly little songs he composed on his own, making nonsense songs but with a complex melody and harmony to go along on the instruments. He had the music but never had the words.

He was an absolute genius.

As soon as he was old enough, his well-meaning mother sent him to school. That day, he was sent to the emergency room as a severe panic attack caused him to hyperventilate and lapse into unconsciousness.

The downsides of his genius were severe, almost painfully severe.

He was essentially afraid of people, besides his mother. He loved her. His young mind was unable to trust, and he feared other people's touch. He hated to even be around people, in fact. The doctors diagnosed him with autism.

All his life, whenever he was around too many people, he'd have severe panic attacks and hyperventilate. He'd get nervous, and be unable to breathe. He had asthma, and also suffered from border-line obsessive-compulsive disorder.

He also suffered from something the doctors had never seen before.

His emotions, or really, his reactions to what happened around him had been increased ten-fold.

When told a small joke, he laughed for days. When a mean little comment was made about his hair, he'd cry for days. But he never understood why people hurt each other. He'd seen it happen, he'd seen it happen to himself, even, but never understood.

His innocent confusion, his naivety, was what made Brendon /Brendon//, /and what made his mother love him so.

He was so young, so perfect, so philosophical...

He never went back to school, and his mother home-schooled him and worked two part-time jobs to support him. And she loved him.

Just like she promised.

A/N- End Intro Number Two! I think that's all for the introducing. The next chapter will be the set-up for the actual plot. (I actually have one this time, guys!)
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