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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Javert waited nervously at Mme. Duvalier's door. He hoped he'd gone about this the right way. He
supposed he could have sent a message to let her know he was coming. Surely, showing up
unannounced in a social capacity was highly irregular, not like official business, which sometimes
called for the element of surprise. Javert couldn't had been so long, and his thoughts
had been so muddled as of late. So, never. He had never pursued a woman romantically.
He'd had neither the time, nor the inclination. All this was so new... Romance? was too soon.
Hadn't she told him she was a recent widow? But in spite of all the uncertainty, Javert longed to see
her. It couldn't be proper, but propriety be damned, he was at her door, and he would see her...if only
to allow her to dismiss him.

"Hello!" Victoria smiled broadly as she, not the maid, opened the door. "Good afternoon, Madame."
Javert replied, as he awkwardly attempted to return the smile. The man's obvious discomfort only
caused Victoria to giggle uncontrollably. She was indeed pleased to see him, but also quite surprised.
Realizing that he might find her laughter offensive, she blushed slightly as she said, "Do come in,
Monsieur. I was just thinking about you!"

Taken aback by the lady's enthusiasm, Javert mumbled, "Merci", and followed her inside. She led
him to the parlor where they sat down. The maid had already set out tea for Victoria and her guest,
just as though he'd been expected. Victoria marveled at that fact, and said to the maid, "Merci,
Manon." Manon bowed slightly and retreated silently. It was then that Victoria noticed her guest
staring at her. "Oh! My hat!" She laughed out loud, realizing it was still on her head. "I must be a
sight, Monsieur!" Javert replied, "Not at's just that, well, your hat looks...quite familiar."
Sudden realization. Of course, he was the one who'd left it on the bridge before... "Oh, Monsieur, do
forgive me! If I'd known..." Javert interrupted. "Quite all right, Madame. I'd discarded it, it's
yours." Victoria started to protest, but she saw the expression on Javert's face and thought better of
it. He looked so vulnerable. It must be terribly difficult for him. "So Monsieur, " Victoria said, by
way of changing the subject. "What brings you here today? Surely you haven't just come to see
me...although I'd be very pleased if you had!" She smiled more sweetly than ever. Javert paled. He
actually felt quite lightheaded. "Damn!" He thought to himself. Never had he been rendered so
speechless. Not since he first decided to set Jean Valjean free...

"Are you all right Monsieur?" Victoria spoke again. Javert opened his mouth to speak, but no words
came out. Instead, he nearly doubled over in a fit of coughing that rivaled the spasms of his near
drowning. Victoria gave him her handkerchief and touched his cheek. "My word, you're burning hot!
Manon! Send for the doctor!" Javert protested feebly as the maid sprang into action, leaving the
house as quickly as possible. "Dear God, man, why did you come all this way, as ill as you are?"
Victoria fussed, as she led him into the guestroom, where she insisted that he lie down immediately.
She placed a cold cloth on his forehead, as he managed to say, "I...just... had to see you again...."
before the room faded completely to black.
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