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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Victoria was quite upset. So, he'd wanted to see her again. Why hadn't he just said so days ago? Now
he may never get the chance. Victoria was worried and angry all at once. "Pneumonia", the doctor
had said.
Most likely caused by the water that had invaded his lungs the week before. Sometimes it takes that
long to develop. A robust man of general good health like Javert would be more likely to fight it off
than most, but because he'd unknowingly allowed his resistance to weaken, the pneumonia had
manifested itself with a vengeance. "The next few days will be critical." The doctor said. "There's
nothing more to be done. Send for me if there's a change for the better, send for the undertaker if
not..." Victoria vowed never to send for him again in any case, as she began her vigil.

Javert's fever continued to rise. His breathing was laboured, and he thrashed about uncomfortably,
babbling and muttering, mostly incoherently. He moaned weakly when Victoria gently dabbed his
face with a cold, damp towel. She gently lifted his head and tried to get him to drink some water.
Javert opened his eyes, staring wildly as he cried out. Then, he fell back, unconscious again. Tears
came to Victoria's eyes. "Whatever must have happened in his past still haunts him." He moaned
again, and Victoria squeezed his hand. "You WILL recover...and I'll do all I can to put things right, I
swear it!"
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