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Chapter Five - Best Friends, Ex-Friends Till the End, Better Off As Lovers, and Not the Other Way Around

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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The morning after, Ele woke up at around 11, and as she was preparing her own breakfast, she heard the apartment door open. Sarena walked in with the biggest smile.
"Hey, you're awake! Guess what? I have the rest of the week off!"
"Awesome... are you going to see Ryan then?"
"Maybe... I'll call him and see what he's up to..." Sar took her sidekick out of her purse and dialled Ryan's number as she went into her room.
"Hey baby..." he answered on the other line.
"Guess what? I'm off till Monday!"
"Awesome sweetie... you should come with us, we're going to the beach... I'm still up for a little swimming in the ocean..." he laughed.
"Who's coming?"
"Me and the guys..."
Sar heard someone in the background scream something, then Ryan yell a "Alright, just chill!" in return.
"Brendon said to bring Ele..."
Sar laughed. "I will..."
"We'll come pick you up in an hour, is that ok?"
"Sure, see you later then..."
"Ok, later sweetie..."
Sar walked back in the kitchen just as Ele finished eating her bowl of cereal.
"Alright, it's all set, we're all going to the beach today... they'll pick us up in an hour..."
"Who's going where?" Ele asked a little confused.
"Alright, you and I are going to the beach with the guys... let's go get ready..."

Ele sighed as she looked around: Sar and Ryan were cuddling and making out, and so were Jon and Cassie, Spencer and Hailey were somewhere getting sodas, while Brendon was listening to his iPod, eyes closed and tapping his fingers to the beat. She grabbed one of his headphones ignoring his protest. "I'm bored!" she announced.
"Well I was having a good time listening to some music, until someone decide to ruin it!" he told her turning his iPod off and putting it back into his bag.
She stared at him for a couple of second with her mouth open, a little taken back from what he had just said. So she decided to just grab her own iPod and give him a taste of his own medicine.
"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked as she browsed through her music collection.
"I am trying to ignore you..." she said then Brendon could hear some random hip hop beat.
"And why is that?"
"Because you're mean! Now if you don't mind I want to listen to some music!" she stuck her tongue out at him and pretended to be mad, but he just took one of her headphones and listened to music with her.
"Are you really mad at me?" he asked softly a couple of minutes later, since she had kept quiet.
Ele turned around and smiled softly. "Gosh, no... I was just... kind of disappointed in what you said earlier, and I hate just sitting around doing nothing!" she answered truthfully, setting her pink iPod aside.
They were interrupted by Spencer, though.
"Hey guys, you don't mind if we go with our girlfriends, right? We'll meet here again at 4 pm..."
"No it's fine... have fun..." Brendon said, then Spencer and everyone else gathered their stuff and left, but went on separate ways.
"So... wanna have lunch?" he asked once it was just the two of them.
"Actually I think I'll go swimming..." she said smirking and standing up.
Without thinking twice, Brendon soon followed her, racing her to the water.
They stayed in the water a lot, just splashing each other and laughing.
"Alright, I am starving, let's go eat..." Ele said taking his hand to lead him out of the water. But he grabbed her arm with his free hand and forced her to turn around. "Wait..."
He leaned in, holding her close to his body, finally kissing her. He just had to do it, he couldn't resist her any longer. She threw her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Both their smiles were evident in the kiss. It was just perfect.
She was so happy he finally had made the move. When they parted, she had the biggest smile ever.
"You know this was amazing... but I'm still starving!" Ele said and Brendon couldn't help but laugh.
"Alright, I get it... let's go then!"
He grabbed her hand as they made their way back to the beach. They grabbed their stuff and went off to find somewhere they could go eat.

They spent almost two hours just sitting at one of the table outside Pizza Hut, just talking, laughing and kissing.
"We still have two hours before we meet the other... what do you wanna do?" Brendon asked as they cleaned their trays.
"I don't know... there's nothing much to do here, really..."
Brendon looked around spotting the roller coaster on the pier.
"Roller coaster!" he shouted throwing his fist in the air.
"Are you crazy?" Ele laughed. "We just ate!"
"Alright," he hugged her from behind as they were walking towards the pier. "What about the Ferris Wheel? Or are you scared of that too?"
She gently pushed him as he laughed. "I hate you..."
"Oh c'mon, I was just joking!" he reached for her again, and smiled when she didn't push him away. "Now be a good girlfriend and come on the Ferris Wheel with your oh-so-good-looking boyfriend!"
Ele stopped just as she heard him say those words. Boyfriend and girlfriend?
"Do you mean that?"
Brendon faced her and smiled softly. "Yeah... every word I said... I've been meaning to you ask you but going like 'will you be my girlfriend' sounded so childish... so since we kiss a lot and I really really like you... unless if you don't want to, then I totally understand and..." he started rambling, but Ele interrupted him by placing her hand over his mouth.
"Brendon, you talk too much!" she grinned right before kissing him.
Boyfriend and girlfriend!
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