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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Javert's recovery was slow, but steady. His illness had weakened him considerably, and it was
several weeks before he was strong enough to resume his normal activity. Victoria remained by his
side throughout, steadfastly nursing him through this frustrating ordeal. How Javert hated to be such
a burden on this angel. He had no other words to describe her. What other being would willingly
attend to the needs of one so unworthy. Had he even ventured to thank her? "Perhaps if you're
feeling strong enough, we can sit in the garden for a time!" Victoria said, when he awoke one
morning, his color having finally returned somewhat. "Yes. I'd like that." He told her. He was indeed
feeling stronger, and could finally breathe without pain.

The day was beautiful, sunny without being too hot. They sat together, silently for a time, each deep
in thought...wondering... Finally, they spoke at once. Victoria giggled. "Forgive me, Monsieur,
please continue. I've forgotten what I was saying at any rate!"

Javert blushed a little, although he never would have admitted it... He continued. "Victoria, it seems
you've saved my life yet again, and here I've done nothing to repay you. It's not right, I..."

"But it IS! It's perfectly right!" Victoria interrupted. "The fact is, that it was meant to be. I've only
acted as the Lord's instrument here on Earth!"

"My angel." He said, matter-of-factly. He truly believed that.

"Well, " Victoria blushed. "I wouldn't go as far as that..."

They fell silent again, distractedly admiring the lovely scenery Victoria's garden provided. Inner
turmoil was somehow intensified by the utter serenity, and Javert began again.

"I shall be going home soon, Victoria, but I want to tell ASK you, what I'd intended to before
I fell ill."

Javert paused, in obvious distress, fully expecting to be rejected. After all, what kindness had he
ever anybody? Only blind respect for authority and the fulfillment of his duties...there
had been nothing else in life, and so he had missed all opportunities for friendship and love that may
have been offered...if indeed they had been offered. He wouldn't have recognized them even if they

He shuddered visibly. "Please go on, Javert." Victoria gently prodded. "I'm listening, and I really
want to know." Victoria impulsively took his hands. They were cold, so she held them even tighter.
Javert tentatively returned the clasp, and continued. "So much has changed in my life. I hardly to go on. I believe that is why I chose not to. I am not the man I was, nor shall I be
again...but I just don't know..." A single tear started down his cheek. He ignored it, but it caused
Victoria to tremble. He spoke again.

"I would not dare to presume...I should like to call on you, Victoria, if I may...that is, if you'll have

Victoria burst into tears. It was exactly what she was hoping for. "If I'll have you?! How absurd of
you to imagine that I would not!"

"May I, then?" He asked, still unsure of her reaction.

"I shall look forward to it!" She exclaimed, as she sweetly and firmly planted a kiss on his cheek.

Overcome with emotion, Javert pulled Victoria close and returned the kiss full on her lips. "Well!"
Victoria breathed. "I see I shall have much to look forward to!"
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