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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Victoria and Javert saw each other regularly from then on. Javert returned to his flat and to his post,
although his new-found sense of mercy and compassion made some aspects of his duty harder to
take. His discipline, however, remained largely intact, and he was thus able to maintain his
exemplary record. If ever he was tempted to return to his old, inflexible ways, a visit with Victoria
always returned his resolve to start anew.

Javert still only rarely indulged himself with a pinch of snuff. That had formerly been his only
pleasure, when he was particularly pleased with himself, but it was now all but forgotten in favor of
new pleasures. He was now spending most of his off-duty hours in Victoria's company. Their
conversations, once awkward, now flowed much more easily. Although they came from vastly
different backgrounds, each was able to at least attempt to understand, and more importantly, accept
and appreciate the differences. For Javert in particular, this was yet another miracle. One who had
never believed such radical change possible, had undergone a transformation. He finally knew. And if
the Lord could absolve the prisoner, 24601---Jean Valjean, so completely, how much more could be
accomplished in such a man as Javert? So much more had been necessary. He was aware of that as

"What's wrong, my darling?" Victoria broke into Javert's reverie, noting his unusually pensive

"Nothing at all." He replied sincerely. Victoria smiled. It seemed like a good time to bring it up.

"Javert?" Victoria knew his given name, René, which he had told her months ago, sometime during
his first visit, after he'd returned home, but she respected his preference, and never used it. "Do you
remember, I told you about my husband's distant cousin? The one who almost died at the barricade?"

"Marius Pontmercy. I would have thought him dead. I remember."

"Yes, but you were the one who brought him home." Victoria said, recalling Javert's rather sketchy
retelling of the story. " We are all very grateful for that."

"I did nothing." Javert said, almost bitterly. "It was all Jean Valjean's doing. He was the one who
took Marius away from the barricade. I was was my duty...."

"I'm sorry." Victoria said. "There is no need to explain. It is not my concern...I'm just glad you're
here with me now."

"I will tell you, Victoria."

"As you wish, Javert, but please allow me to finish what I was about to say!"

Javert nodded to her, grateful not to have to relive that night just yet.

Victoria continued. "I received an invitation to a wedding. Would you do me the honor of
accompanying me? Marius is marrying Mlle. Fauchelevent. She is a very sweet, lovely girl. I met her
once at Mlle. Gillenormand's house. It should be a lovely affair!"

Javert paled. He now wished he'd told Victoria more than he had. Still, he wanted to please her. "I'll
accompany you, Victoria, on one condition."

Victoria looked surprised. "And what might that be?"

Javert replied. "No one must know who I am."

"I don't understand." She said, puzzled.

"Do you know who this Mlle. Fauchelevent is, Victoria?"

"She's a sweet, lovely girl...and her father, M. Fauchelevent is a good man..."

"Her father is Jean Valjean."

Victoria's eyes were wide. She hadn't realized, hadn't connected a thing. Of course, he'd only told her
bits and pieces of the whole matter of the convict who had altered Javert's...and now Victoria'
forever. Victoria felt she had the right to know.

"Javert, I think it may be a good idea for you to tell me everything now. Please?"

And so, Javert began telling Victoria all about 24601...
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