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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Victoria and Javert did attend the wedding after all. As a member of the extended family, Victoria
felt she should be there, but now that she had a full understanding of what being there might cost
Javert, her enthusiasm was somewhat lessened. Nevertheless, they witnessed the ceremony
together, and while Javert exited, purposefully unnoticed, Victoria paid her respects to the couple.

After personally extending all her best wishes to the couple, Victoria was absently watching Marius
and Cosette greeting some of the other guests. They were absolutely and deliriously in love. Victoria
enjoyed watching them. She was in love like that once, and now...perhaps again...

"They're very, very happy, aren't they my dear?" Mlle. Gillenormand said pleasantly.

"Oh my, yes!" Victoria replied. "Thank you so much for inviting me, by the way. It's nice to be

"Your Aunt Elisabeth has always thought very highly of you. Have you been writing to her much?"

"Well, I have when I can..." Victoria looked down. Actually, she had been putting it off. She was
certain that Elisabeth would not approve of the company Victoria was keeping.

"She is very concerned for you, dear, as I am. She so wanted you to come home with her."

"I know." Victoria replied. "But my life is here, and now..."

Mlle. Gillenormand's face lit up. "You're in love, then? I could tell by the way you were looking at the way you were looking at each other. Don't think I haven't seen it before!" She smiled,
glancing again at Marius and Cosette.

Victoria smiled sweetly. "Is it that obvious?" She admitted.

"Abundantly so, dear." Mlle. Gillenormand said. "But where is your escort? I didn't see him leave."

"He was not feeling well, but he insisted that I stay at least long enough to pay my respects, and to
apologize on his behalf." Victoria hoped she wouldn't be asked to elaborate. She was a bad enough
liar as it was. It was far better for her to remain silent.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I was hoping to meet him. Under more pleasant circumstances this time!"
Mlle. Gillenormand looked at Victoria knowingly. Victoria immediately understood. Of course she
would recognize him! She only hoped the woman could be trusted.

"You won't say anything?" Victoria pleaded.

"I wouldn't think of it, dear. No one will know until you tell them. Believe it or not, I was young

"Thank you so much!" Victoria was relieved. "I must go now, you understand!"

"Don't forget to write your Aunt Elisabeth. I will ask her about you the next time I write!"
Mlle Gillenormand called as Victoria headed out the door.

"I'll write to her this very night!" Victoria said, meaning it this time, as she left.

As soon as Victoria had walked far enough away from the house to escape possible notice, she saw
that Javert had fallen into step beside her, seemingly from out of nowhere. She gasped. "How did you
do that? I didn't even see you!"

"You forget I am still Inspector First Class. And still quite proficient at it, I daresay."

Victoria laughed aloud, and surprisingly, at least to himself, Javert laughed as well.
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