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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Several months passed, and the Pontmercys were saddened by the death of Cosette's father. Days
after, Victoria and Javert paid their respects at the cemetery. Javert regretted that he'd never
sought the former convict out---not to bring him to justice--No...justice had long since been
served---but Javert might have voiced his gratitude for the gift of redemption Valjean had offered

Victoria hung back for a moment before approaching the humble gravesite. "Would you prefer to go
alone?" She asked earnestly. "I would certainly understand." Javert paused, studying her face.
"She IS an angel." He determined, and said, "No, I'd rather prefer you were with me."

They stood quietly by the grave for several minutes. Victoria knew that Javert's thoughts and
feelings at the moment were his own, and she would never interfere.

"So many regrets." Javert whispered, mostly to himself. Victoria simply clasped his hand, and they
left without another word.

As they left the cemetery, Javert vowed to himself that there would be no more such regrets. His life
had irrevocably changed, and the change was, Javert was sure, for the better. He had never
experienced such lightness of spirit. More than anything else, Victoria was responsible for that. Her
youth and hopefulness, in spite of her own heartbreak, had an amazing, uplifting effect. It was beyond
reason that she should choose to remain in his company. Javert hoped that would never change.
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