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The Truth Comes Out -- END!

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After all this time, the story comes to an end as Atlanta returns to normal and remembers everything that has happened while she was under the spell. Meanwhile, Archie does the unexpected -- and qu...

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A/N: Sorry about that, I had this updated on and meant to update it on ficwad, never did because typing up HTML codes is annoying, but then I finally got around to it today. This is the LAST CHAPTER, expect a sequel in the very near future. Thanks for being patient, I am so so so terribly sorry for taking as long as I did, I promise I will try to do better. Keep your eye open for my other CotT story being updated, a lot of you read that one as well. If I haven't updated here in awhile, take a peek at under the same penname, sometimes I'm too lazy to type up the HTML coding and take awhile. Again, I'm very sorry, thank you so much for everyone who has reviewed, and here's the last chapter until the sequel is out.
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Arrows Of Love
Chapter Seven: The Truth Comes Out

Archie sat up in his room that night, unable to sleep. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get the next day out of his head. He kept imagining what might happen when Atlanta finally returned to normal. Sometimes, he imagined she'd still care for him, and things would work out just fine. Others he imagined...

He didn't want to think about it. Bad enough it would soon be happening, but did he have to spend now thinking about it as well? What's the use... all I'll succeed in is driving myself completely mad thinking about it when it's easier to just wait and see what happens. Archie threw the covers off of himself and walked over to the window in his room. The night sky was perfectly clear, no clouds or fog or smoke covering up the beautiful stars. It was a perfect night to be anything but depressed. Why couldn't it be pouring rain, with thunder and lightning? At least then the weather would match how Archie felt inside. Since when has it ever listened to me anyways? Archie thought bitterly. He opened his window, and closed his eyes, letting the fresh air blow on his face. He thought he heard voices, and when he strained his ears, sure enough, he heard Jay and Theresa on the roof. Great... Archie thought, just what I wanted, to tune in to their mushy conversations. No thank-you, I feel lousy enough as it is. Why is it things between those two don't seem complicated? They don't tell anyone they like each other, but both of them seem to know it. God knows we all know it...

"You were right, Jay," Archie heard Theresa reply softly, "The sky really is beautiful here at night. I wish I would have spent more of my childhood looking at the stars..." Archie slammed the window shut before he could hear anything else. He didn't need to be tuning into anything the two of them had to say to each other. One, it was likely to make him feel worse about Atlanta not really caring for him the way he cared for her. And two? He still wasn't sure if he was angry at Jay still or not. Jay had in a way been right, but Archie didn't want to admit that. "Why is it so hard for guys to admit they might have been wrong?"/Atlanta had once said to him. At the time, Archie had just smiled. "Maybe because they never are," he had told her. Of course, it annoyed her to no end, and she had ignored him- for awhile. Not very long. She never could stay away for him very long. Did that mean anything? /Probably not. Archie thought. Everything I thought about her seems to have been wrong, at least when it's involving me.

Archie walked over to his desk and sat down, a blank pad of paper in front of him. He grabbed a pen and put the end of it in his mouth, the same way he always did when he was deep in thought trying to write something. Although he didn't like to talk about it with the other descendants, he was quite the poet- at least, that's what he had always been told by the few he had allowed to see his poems. His English teacher at his old school, his dad once when he had found it lying around- Archie had been extremely embarrassed to have to explain that one, but it worked out in the end. Then, the only other person Archie had ever let read his poems, other than people online that never met him and never would, wasn't Atlanta, and it certainly wasn't any of the guys- he'd never hear the end of it if it was. No, the only other person he had ever allowed to read his poems was his step-sister. Before she got sick, he had read her his poems all the time- she never judged him, never called him weak for it. She believed the words he put down on paper were the most beautiful she had heard, even if it wasn't always the case- but she had died shortly before Archie was brought to New Olympia, and he never had gotten over it. He always believed that somehow, there was always something he could have done. Even now, he wished he could go back in time and change things. But he didn't, even if he could- if it happened, it was meant to be. Some way or another... that was the only way Archie got through life./ Listen to me,/ Archie thought angrily, I/'m sounding worse than... than... I don't know, but some mushy person!/

"What to write..." Archie muttered to himself softly. He had no idea what he was going to write, but suddenly, the words started flowing from him, as if it wasn't even him writing them. Looking over what he had just wrote, Archie felt surprised but satisfied, and then tore the page out and hid it in one of his drawers. There was no way he was letting anyone see that poem- ever.


The next morning when Archie woke up, there was no Atlanta running in to wake him up. He jumped out of bed and got changed quickly, almost afraid that Eros was wrong- and that the affects had already worn off. Yet even as he thought that, Archie couldn't help but feel almost relieved. Sure, it sucked that Atlanta didn't really care about him, but now he could go back to what he knew- as eager as he had been to be with Atlanta, her sudden infatuation with him had made things seem to move a little too fast and he was ready to be her friend again, for awhile.

When he went downstairs, he saw that the only person sitting at the table was Atlanta. He smiled at her and sat next to her. She immediately threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to turn a deep shade of red in embarrassment. /Spell or not, I'm glad no one was around to see that... /Archie thought.

"Good morning Archie! Are we going for that hike today!?" Atlanta asked excitedly. She jumped up and grabbed Archie a drink of orange juice. Archie accepted it gratefully and took a sip, before replying.

"Yes. Not until later, though. What do you want to do today?" Archie asked, getting up to make some breakfast. Today's the last day I have with you, Atlanta. Archie thought sadly. At least, before you remember you don't really care about me. Not that way, at least. I want it to be... memorable, at least.

"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe we could just stay here and watch movies? Hang out?" Atlanta added. Archie smiled.

"Sure. Then we'll go for a hike, we'll leave at three- sound good to you?" he asked her. That would give them just enough time to hike up the hill, talk for a bit, watch the sun set... and then what? Atlanta would return to normal, but... would something weird happen? Would she start glowing or float into the air? Don't be stupid, Archie told himself. This isn't a lame movie, it's reality! Sighing, Archie sat down with a bowl of cereal and started eating. Atlanta flicked his ear before walking off, probably to go talk to Theresa or something while Archie ate. He knew himself he wasn't much company when he ate. More company than Herry at least, Archie thought, amused. He just wolfs down his food as if he's been starved his entire life and someone offered him a feast. Still, gives me time to think. Do I really need more of that? Archie thought.


Jay walked through the portal at the school and saw Hera standing there, waiting.

"Hello Jay," she replied, looking up at him for a moment. "What brings you here?" she asked.

"I'm worried about Archie. Atlanta will be returning to normal today, and..."

"You're afraid of how he'll take it?" Hera filled in. She smiled warmly. "Yes, that is quite like you. What you must understand is that Archie can take care of himself, emotionally and physically. He might be hurt, but he will get better." Hera assured him. Jay sighed.

"I don't know, Hera. I mean, he really cares about her and-"

"Just because I am old, Jay, that does not mean that I have forgotten what it is like to fall in love with someone. Do not be fooled, I remember the joy it brought, and the pain. Having lived through many hard situations emotionally, I stand by what I said. Archie can take care of himself. Is that all that's bothering you?" Hera asked him.

"No." he replied finally. He sat down and crossed his arms. "It's Cronus. He hasn't done anything for awhile, and..."

"You are worried. That is understandable, Jay. To be a true leader, you must be willing to admit when you are wrong, and to not be afraid of showing your fears- whether it's the fear of losing, or the fear of something trivial like spiders."

"Yeah, or water." Jay added with a grin. "But Hera... it's not just that Cronus hasn't done anything. It's that I haven't seen him or any of his giants. There's been no weird things happening anywhere, and it's been weeks. I don't think Cronus would have given up, so it worries me that he's giving himself this much time to plan. What if he comes up with something and it works? We fail?" Jay asked.

"You must believe in your ability to lead your team to victory. Believe that you and the others can face anything Cronus throws at you. Do not forget what you have accomplished so far, Jay. Do not sell yourself and the others short."

"Better to sell myself short than tall, isn't it?" Jay asked. Hera smiled.

"Yes and no. To sell yourself short- would mean giving yourself and the others less confidence. Selling yourself tall would give you too much confidence, so you'd let your guard down. Do not worry about Cronus, just be on your guard and be prepared for anything that might happen."

"Thank you, Hera." Jay replied.


It was getting late, and Archie and Atlanta were almost on their way up to the top of the hill. Atlanta slipped and almost lost her footing, but Archie caught her just in time. She smiled up at him.

"Thanks," she replied gratefully. "That could have been slightly disastrous. Are we almost there?" she asked him. Archie nodded.

"Almost. Come on," he added, continuing to make his way up the hill. It was almost sunset, and soon Atlanta would return to being just his friend. I wish... I had told you how I felt before all this. Now I don't know what's going to happen, or if you'll even remember that I feel this way. Archie sighed and climbed up to the top. He offered his hand to help Atlanta get up and then sat down. Atlanta was carrying a picnic basket and she placed it down on the ground and opened it up. Inside was their "dinner," just for the two of them. Archie stared across the land and sighed.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Atlanta replied, when she noticed the direction of his gaze. Archie turned to her and smiled.

"Yeah, it is. I used to come up here all the time, but Cronus started getting more serious. He started actually succeeding in killing us. Odie, Jay- whose next?" he asked jokingly. Then he looked at his feet. "Sorry- I shouldn't joke about something like that. They might have... died for good." Archie added. Atlanta turned to him and smiled faintly.

"But they didn't. We just have to believe we can do it. We can't just let Cronus win." Atlanta told him. Archie smiled.

"I... I know that. Sometimes, though... well, it doesn't matter. Atlanta..." Archie turned to her and saw her eyes turn completely black, and she sat there staring into the distance. Oh no, he thought, it's happening! She's remembering everything, she... she doesn't love me anymore. "Atlanta!" Archie cried out. Atlanta closed her eyes and grabbed at her head, before falling backwards onto the ground. Archie sighed and packed up the basket. He knew he had to take her back to the school so Hera could see her.


"Where do you think they are?" Theresa asked, arms crossed, leaning against the wall. Jay shrugged, sitting down on a chair in the living room.

"I don't really know. But... Hera said that Archie could take care of himself, and I think we should have faith in them. Do you think Atlanta's returned to normal yet?" Jay asked. Theresa shrugged.

"I... have no idea, really. But... poor Archie. He'd never admit it, but he really cares about Atlanta, and to find out that all this time it was all just..."

"A false reality?" Jay offered. "I know. We can't do anything about it, though. Theresa, you're close with Atlanta... do you think that she feels the same towards him?" Jay asked. Theresa walked over and sat next to him.

"She's never really said, but I always had the feeling that... she was always different with him. You know how it is," Theresa added. Jay laughed.

"Yeah, they are different together. But is that because they're anything more than friends?" Theresa opened her mouth to speak, but her PMR began going off and she grabbed it. Odie's face appeared, and she moved so Jay could hear what Odie had to say as well.

"Guys, Archie just brought Atlanta over to the school. She's passed out, and I think the effects are wearing off. And..." Odie hesitated for a minute, before saying anything. Theresa exchanged a glance with Jay, and then turned back to the PMR.

"Odie, what happened?" she asked him.

"Archie ran away, and he talked to Hera before he left. Guys... Archie quit the team."


Atlanta lay there, motionless for what seemed like hours. In her sleep, she felt as if she was tossing and turning, remembering everything that had happened while she was in this strange state of mind because of Eros' arrow. She saw herself getting shot with the arrow, she saw herself waking up and being completely different. And then she saw Archie's face... from it's surprised but oh so happy state, to the smiling even though you could tell he was filled with sorrow inside. Atlanta's heart sank as she realized she had hurt him - he was her best friend, she had never meant to do anything to him!

And yet, when she was unable to control her actions she had done the one thing she had never wanted to do. And she couldn't take it back, or change the way he felt inside. She felt as if she was falling suddenly, and the world around her began spinning. Opening her eyes, everything was black, but she could hear the voices of her friends slowly coming back to her. Everything began coming into focus, and the blurriness faded away.

"Atlanta?" she heard an unsure voice from beside her, and saw Theresa sitting there. Atlanta groaned and sat up.

"Ugh... what did you do, drop me?" she asked lightly, rubbing her head. She looked around: Jay, Herry, Odie, Neil, Theresa and Hera were there - but there was no sign of Archie. "Where's..." she began, but fell backwards and was already asleep. Theresa looked away sadly, and Jay wrapped his arm around her.

" are we supposed to tell her that Archie is gone?" Theresa asked, tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Well, we can't exactly replace him, I mean there is NO ONE that looks like him, thank God for that," Neil replied, looking into his mirror. The team all threw him a dirty look and Neil raised his arms in the air. "What!? Oh, like YOU know anyone else with hair like that? That's right, I didn't think so," he replied. Odie rolled his eyes and walked over to Theresa.

"We'll tell her when she asks. For now, let's just let her sleep. Hera... are you sure there's nothing we can do to make Archie come back?" Odie asked. Hera smiled sadly.

"I'm very sorry, heroes, but there is nothing any of us can do. It was Archie's decision to leave, it must be his decision to come back. He said nothing of where he was going, but my guess is he is going back home." Hera replied. "You would have to go back to where he came from and talk to him, and even then he might not come back. If he doesn't, there is nothing we can do... and Cronus will win."

"No!" Jay exclaimed, standing up. "We can't let him win after all this fighting!" Jay shouted. "Archie is being selfish, after all of this he's going to let us down, over this?!" Jay yelled.

"Whoa, Jay, calm down!" Herry exclaimed. "Archie's going through a lot and we need to let him have his space. Cronus hasn't done anything for this long, lets hope it stays that way. Until then, we just have to talk to Archie and let him know we aren't forcing him into anything." Everyone stared at him, as Herry took a bite out of an apple. "What? I'm not dumb," he told them. Odie shook his head and Neil burst out laughing.

"Right... you're as dumb as a..." Neil stopped when Herry glared at him. "Well... it doesn't matter what you're as dumb as," Neil replied finally.

"We'll find Archie, and we'll tell him we need him. But I think the one that needs to talk to him, is Atlanta." Odie replied.

"Which means we need to talk to Atlanta. As soon as she wakes up, that is." Theresa added. Jay turned and walked over to the window.

"So, what's our plan?" Neil asked, observing his nails.

"Find Archie, and bring him back to New Olympia."

A/N: I know that really didn't end well at all, but that is sort of like the opening for the sequel which will pretty much touch on Atlanta realizing her feelings for Archie, getting him to join the team again, Cronus attacking them again and of course Archie and Atlanta dealing with their relationship (or at least trying to). R&R, and if you know anything about where Archie is from I would appreciate any tidbits you might have. I know they never really said officially (at least, I don't remember it!) but either way, any information would be helpful. Thanks for sticking with me throughout this story guys, and I hope you enjoy the sequel which should be posted soon, once I catch up on my other stories (which, for those of you reading this at ficwad, are all over at under the same penname!).
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