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Cry because it all begins again

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"Papercut" Part Three: Cry cause it all begins again

Cry alone
Cry to me

Morgan woke up the next day early enough to take a shower before school. To get to the bathroom she shared with Connor, she had to walk down the hall passed her parents bedroom. Curious, Morgan opened the door to see her mother draped over Patrick who had his arms around her shoulders and Morgan smiled softly. She liked to see her parents looking like they love each other, like they actually got along. She had a hard time imagining her parents when they were younger, when their love was still new. She loved watching old movies of Patrick when Fall Out Boy was starting out, but she didn't have a lot of old footage of her mom and the only think she had of the two of them together when they were still madly in love was their wedding videos from when she was one year old. She hat in her bed the previous night fort a while thinking about the story Joe told her about Destiny fighting for Patrick and she wished her mom was the still cool and that in love with her father. She sighed and closed the door, walking to the bathroom and taking the fastest shower ever. She went to her room and got dressed before digging in the bottom drawer of her desk in a box she rescued from the attic, pulling out a pile of DVD's rubber banded together. Release the Bats, B-sides, a live DVD and a couple homemade DVD's with Destiny's loopy handwriting scrawled across them; they were clearly made by her a long time ago. She knew her Dad had put them in the attic a while ago to put the memories to rest.

Morgan vaguely remembered the band, Patrick had been the first to have a baby ad she had very faint memories of some concerts and sleeping on a tour bus, but she never knew Pete, Andy or any of their friends and crew very well at all, all she had were these DVD's. She knew her mother talked to Pete still, but she was sure Patrick knew nothing about it and she was glad, from the stories Joe had told her about why their friendship ended, Patrick would probably divorce Destiny immediately. As much as she disliked her mother, she never wanted to be one of those kids with divorced parents. She opened her lap top and sat down on her bed, slipping on her headphones, settling down to watch the DVD. She smiled as she saw her dad first, clad in a hoodie, hat and glasses, he had barely changed. As she watched, it caught her attention how he always seemed so kind to people, always happy and grateful to be living that life. She wished she could be more like that; it killed her to know she was so much more like her mother. It was hard to imagine how her father could've had any woman in the world that he wanted, but choose Destiny. She must've been something really special.

Destiny got out of bed and shoved Connor to the floor, telling him to get dressed for school before heading to Morgan's room. She stopped at the doorway when she heard the faint sound of Fall Out Boy. Destiny hated hearing Fall Out Boy sometimes, especially when her daughter was listening to it. It was truly sad to cling to the past, but she missed those times. She missed the road and she missed when Patrick still loved his job. She could tell all of this producing was making him crazy, especially this poptart it was currently working with. Destiny had been urging him a lot lately to put out a solo record, even thought they knew it wouldn't sell very well; it would probably do him some good to make some of his own music for a change. She decided to let Patrick get her out the door for school. She walked back into her bedroom to wake him up, only to find him already at work on his laptop.

"Can you go make sure Morgan is ready for school please?" Destiny asked him. Patrick looked up at her and pulled off his headphones.

"And you can't because...?" Destiny stopped at stared at him.

"Because I asked you to. Why does it matter?" she said walking into the bathroom.

"I'm already and you're doing nothing," he replied.

"Patrick!" she said, throwing her arms in the air, "will you please just do it? Jesus..." she said, before closing the bathroom door. Patrick squinted at the closed door. He hating knowing Destiny could barely talk to Morgan, not even enough to get her out of the house everyday. He sighed and got out of bed, walking to Morgan's bedroom. He was about to knock on the door when he heard the distinct sound of Fall Out Boy. He opened to door to see Morgan on her bed, watching what was a apparently a Fall Out Boy concert on her laptop. She looked up when she saw Patrick approaching her. He sat down beside her and watched the screen for a minute. He couldn't believe all of that happened over fourteen years ago already. He missed it sometimes, that thrill of playing for a live audience, never knowing what each day was going to bring or where he was going. He used to long for the family life, but he's had that for over a decade now, it was strange to look back.

" did you and mom meet?" Morgan asked suddenly, Patrick pulled his eyes away from the concert and looked at his beautiful daughter.

"I literally ran into her on the street and knocked all of her stuff out of her hands. Then I started seeing her everywhere, and then we ended up at this party together and we were inseparable that whole summer." Morgan smiled, thinking about how storybook romantic that all was. She hoped she would find a love like that someday.

"Did you always know you guys were going to get married?" She asked, turning her eyes back to the screen. Patrick shrugged.

"I always knew that I was going to forever love her. We went through some...stuff for a while, but once that was all resolved, I knew I couldn't be without her."

"Do you still feel that way?" Patrick pulled Morgan to him and hugged her tightly.

"Of course I do, I'd be nothing without her and you and your brother. You guys are my everything." Morgan nodded, although something was still bugging her. She was now wondering what that stiff was that they went through. "What brought this on, baby?" Patrick suddenly wondered. Morgan shrugged.

"Uncle Joe mentioned he remembered when Mom fought some girls over you. I t just made me thing how in love she must've been at one point." Patrick sighed.

"Joe didn't really need to tell you about that, but yeah. You're mom was sometimes too much for me, and we still love each other, Mo. I know we fight sometimes and I'm sorry for that, but it's not because we love each other less, okay? Go get some breakfast; I'll take you and Connor to school." Morgan nodded again, turning off her laptop and leaving Patrick sitting on her bed.

He peered around his daughter's room for a minute, his mind lost on memories when he noticed a drawer open from her desk. He had never been a snooper with his kids, but he went over to the drawer and took out the box inside to see old magazines in which Fall Out Boy were on the cover, all of Fall out Boy's CD's and a pile of DVDs. He smiled for a minute as he flipped through an old copy of SPIN, but quickly put everything back. The band's untimely and unfortunate break up still left him bitter mostly and he could only handle so many good memories before the bad ones took over...

While Patrick took their kids to school, Destiny thought it would be a good time to run some errands and to see a friend.

Destiny grinned broadly as Pete opened the door, she missed seeing him. Since Fall out Boy disbanded, it left Pete with few options. He was ultimately only marketable when he was with the band, so after the split he stuck to making clothes and his label. Although, he eventually went out of business, he had made more than enough money to keep himself and his family comfortable for a long time.

"Hey, come in," he said as he stepped aside. He led her to the living room where they sat on opposite couches. Destiny's smile faded and she stared at Pete's feet.

"Talk to me, what's going on?" Pete asked as his new puppy danced in her crate at the presence of company. She sighed.

"it feels like everytime things improve for Patrick and I, something always happens that tears us back down. I hate blaming out children, but..." she began, Pete nodded.

"Children are the easiest to blame. They came to us like little aliens and they will always stay that way. We'll never really know them, all we'll know is the impact they've had on our lives. I blame my kids for a lot of things like my broken marriage, but I still love them, that's all that's important." Destiny groaned.

"Therein lays my problem I guess. What kind of mother can't stand her own daughter? Patrick thinks it's because Morgan and I are the exact same person and that's why we can't get along, because we see out flaws in each other."

"She is just like you, she always has been..."

"Oh! And this morning I went to make sure she was ready for school and she was listening to Fall Out Boy. I don't even know where she found that stuff. Patrick had all of that boxed away a long time ago."

"Well, we are sadly considered a part of music history, you know, classic rock...God, I'm old," Pete said before walking to the puppy's crate and letting her out. The bulldog was Hemmingway's long awaited second coming. Pete's heart literally broke when he died a few years earlier, but Destiny was happy to see he had finally moved on. The puppy ran up to Destiny and happily licked her fingers before climbing onto the couch beside Pete.

"It just makes me miss the old, when life was unpredictable. Now everything is so...stagnant. I miss when we were all friends, when Patrick and I couldn't keep our hands off of each other. It's like we are total strangers sometimes. We can't agree on what's best for our kids and Patrick doesn't even know Connor, it's like they see right through each other. Plus, I know he's having a hard time dealing with the crap he's been producing. He hasn't been proud of his work in a long time. Things are just...ugh, you know?" Pete nodded. The pair sat together for a while longer, before Destiny decided it was time to get back home. Patrick wouldn't have been happy to know had been talking about him to Pete for the past hour...

Destiny arrived back at home to see Patrick sitting in their living room, watching a DVD he rescued from Morgan's room.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, feeling hot tears sting her eyes as she watched Patrick and Pete sitting in front of green screen reciting their usual banter and the cameras rolled.

"Morgan put me in a mood. She watches this stuff a lot I think. I wish she was old enough to remember how good things used to be," he said. Her drive home from Pete's house was filled with her brain going over and over everything that had happened in her life that led her to the point that she was now so bored and sad. The DVD then changed to a live performance of "Arms Race" and Destiny couldn't take it anymore. She turned and walked up the stairs to her bedroom, shutting the double doors before sitting on the bed. She recalled how happy she was with life and with Patrick back when he was performing that song repeatedly, and now, she couldn't find that calm, or that peace. What was once provided by Patrick and her family was now left somewhere else, a place she never wanted to admit...

Morgan sat with Connor on the bus ride home, something she never did, but the whole day had been a total daze. She was going over and over the things Joe said to her the previous night and what Patrick had told her earlier in the day. It made her want to learn more about what he parents used to be like, it made her want to figure out how her and her brother came to be and she wanted to make everything okay for everyone once more...


Cry 'cause we're only passing through
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