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cause i can't turn to you when it all falls apart

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Papercut part 4 - Cause I can't turn to you when it all falls apart

I need intervention
Attention, to stop temptation, to scream

Morgan went to her room, telling Patrick that she was going to do homework. Patrick knew that she was lying, but he let it go, he was too tired to fight with her, given he had been fighting with Destiny all day. He was anxious for Joe to come over with his son, anything to distract him from the work he hated and the life he was tired of living. He suddenly felt like maybe he had lied to Morgan earlier in the day, maybe he actually didn't love Destiny as much as he did years ago. He could remember loving her more when Morgan was born, but when Connor came three years later, something happened to the pair of them. He considered it a possible reason why he was never able to bring himself to get to know his son.

Morgan went in her bottom desk drawer and pulled out the box, grabbed her laptop and walked to Connor's room. He jumped when his door flew open, turning his music down.

"Mo! Get out of my room!" He yelled.

"Shut up, loser. Listen to me," she replied, sitting down at his desk. He grumbled and shut off his stereo, knowing that when Morgan got started, he had no hope of getting her out. She shoved a large stack of magazines at him and merely said, "Read." Connor stared at them, noticing every cover was graced by a younger version of his father.

"Why am I doing this?" he asked, causing Morgan to sigh.

"Aren't you tired of Mom and Dad fighting all the time? Aren't you the least bit curious about how we came to be and why we don't know those other two guys?" She asked him, pointing to Andy and Pete. Connor sat on his bed and began flipping through the top one.

"No. Their fighting doesn't bother me. Dad hates me anyway, so I don't care and these other guys must not be important so that's why we don't know them."

"Do you realize Dad and this Pete guy were best friends for over fifteen years and then suddenly they hate each other? Something happened and I want to know what. Dad also said to me this morning that he and mom went through some stuff when they first started dating, I want to know what it was. I want our family to be happy again. We can't fix it until we know where it came from," she said, matter-of-factly, opening a copy of Rolling Stone. She stared at the cover for a minute, noticing that Pete was pretty attractive, then trying to understand that band dynamics.

"So, this Pete guy was the popular one and Dad was second. Uncle Joe and this Andy guy seem like they must've been kind of invisible at times." Morgan suddenly felt for Joe, realizing now why he seemed so relieved when he talked about Fall Out Boy breaking up in the end, it must've been hard to live in such a fishbowl. Connor rolled his eyes at Morgan's bland observation.

"What am I looking for again?" He asked, opening a copy of Rock Sound.

"Something that talks about Dad and Mom, or about the band's split or the general relationship between Dad and Pete." She tossed the Rolling Stone to the ground, next picking up a copy of Kerrang!

Connor opened the Rock Sound to the article and began reading, and felt his heart sink. The article was describing Patrick's hopes and dreams that seemed nearly impossible at the top of his game.

"Mo, Dad sounds really sad in this one," he observed, re-reading the paragraphs. Morgan scooted her chair over and grabbed the issue out of his hands, reading the first page.

"Wow, Dad really wanted us," she replied softly, looking over at Connor and then back down at the pages. It was weird to think about them not always being a family, there were so many years that Morgan and Connor weren't aware of and so many life lessons that they had yet to learn that their parents had already been through. "It must've been hard sometimes for Dad and Mom, don't you think? Imagine sharing someone with the rest of the world like that. Maybe I misjudge Mom..." She quickly looked back down at the Kerrang!, the article being all about Patrick and Pete's relationship in and out of the studio. Connor reached over to the pile of DVD's, putting b-sides into his TV and picking the "story" option. The siblings watched for a minute, learning about the formation of Fall Out Boy and more about who their Dad was when he was twenty.

"God, Dad was such a dork. What was Mom thinking?" Morgan said, turning her back to the TV and reaching for more magazines. She found a later issue of Rock Sound from nearly a year later, and in this one, Patrick was now explaining about the love in his life, the one who understood the balance between the road and private life, the one he wanted to call wife and mother to his kids, how he felt complete for the first time in a long time. Morgan couldn't help it as tears formed in the bottom of her eyes, why did everything have to change? Patrick could tell her all he wanted that he loved Destiny as much as he did fifteen years ago, but she couldn't believe it. The way they constantly fought, how they could never see eye to eye on anything, she found herself now wishing she was a baby again, to start all over, to try and see the problems before they happened...

Destiny had a hard time understanding Patrick. He was so forceful about putting anything Fall Out Boy related away, hiding it from his kids for all these years so they wouldn't ask questions, so he wouldn't have to rehash all of the pain pete had caused him, all of the time he felt was lost after losing his band. Now, here he was, sitting in the living room watching memories now fourteen years stale - Infinty on High has just been released and they were all on the promotional blitz of their life, Patrick recalled that was when things were as bitter sweet as they could get, the most hectic year of his life until Morgan was born. He came up to the bedroom an hour later to get his laptop, causing Destiny to wonder,

"How can you watch that stuff if supposedly upsets you that much?" Destiny asked.

"babe, the videos don't upset me, and I like looking at all of the stuff I thought I'd almost forgotten about. It's the memories of all the bad that came after all that good that upsets me," he replied, putting all of his stuff into a bag.

"Where are you going?" she asked, now aware he was leaving.

"I have to go into the studio today, we are laying down more vocals," he replied, rolling his eyes.

"How much longer are you going to put up with this?"

"I'm contracted, so, until the album is done, I'm going to have to suck it up..."

Patrick was so glad he couldn't be seen by the girl in the recording booth who went by the name Katy. She was a twenty two year old, up and coming singer with something to prove. The problem, at least in Patrick's eyes, was that's he wasn't any good. Her talent was minimal at best and Patrick couldn't believe he even had to put up with it. He was a Grammy winning writer and producer, this was outrageous.

"Um, Katy, let's take a break," Patrick said into her headphones, "before I strangle you," he muttered to himself. A minute later, Katy came flouncing into the room Patrick was in. As much as he thought she was a talentless hack, he couldn't deny that she was drop dead gorgeous.

"So, Pattycakes," she giggled, causing Patrick to roll his eyes, "how's life?"

"It's been better, it's been worse, Katy," he replied.

"Trouble with the Mrs?" Katy asked, raising her eyebrows.

"If you've been married as long as I have, you never get anything but trouble." Katy made a pouty face before moving to a chair closer to Patrick, leaning over slightly, trying to catch his attention. Patrick pretended not to see Katy's obvious advances on him at the current time, she had been playing this game with him for a month now, he wasn't expecting that she would ever have the nerve to take it further.

"Well, you know that if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you. Especially if you need daughter advice, I'm good with kids," she said.

"Thanks, if Morgan ever needs a low cut top, I'll ask you where I need to buy it," he replied, turning his back to her. Katy sat back in her chair and grinned at Patrick. This was the first time he had ever acknowledged her actions like that to her face, and it was quite an improvement in her eyes.

Katy had been attracted to Patrick ever since she was little. Her sister was five years old than her and she remembered everything about the Fall Out Boy phenomenon, even though it was pretty sick for an eight year old to be horribly in love with a twenty three year old man, she was and a wife and kids wasn't standing in her way of something she had wanted for more than half of her life.

"I don't know if I ever told you this, Patrick, but I've had the worst crush on you since I was eight. Imagine such a thing," she said, laughing. Patrick halted all movement at this statement. This was definitely news to him, he honestly wasn't completely sure what to make of such a statement. It actually sounded pretty sick to him.

"yeah, my big sister was a Pete girl, I guess that's why I liked you so much. I was the Patrick to her Pete in many ways." Patrick stayed still, listening to this confession and trying to make sense of why she was telling him this now and here.

"Um...kid, let's just get this finished and call it a day, okay?" Katy grinned as she watched his face flush wildly, but pushed back her chair and returned to the recording booth...


Can it be easier?
Can I just change my life?
Cause it just seems to go bad every time
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