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This something I have for you...

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"Papercut" Part Five: This something I have for you...

Age ain't nothing but a number
Throwing down ain't nothing but a thing


Morgan was even more determined to get the bottom of the problem that happened between Patrick and Destiny when they first started dating, after reading some stories about Pete's ability to cause drama and the drop of a hat. Joe was coming over tonight and her main goal was to shove his son off on Connor and get stoned with him, enough that he'll talk about anything with her.

Patrick returned home, feeling guilty, but for what he didn't know. Maybe it was because after Katy's much unwanted confession, he began entertaining the thoughts he had been repressing for so long: laying Katy out on the mixing board naked, giving her the best fuck of her life, hearing her talk dirty to him, he shook the thoughts away and opened the front door to his home, seeing his daughter sitting at the kitchen counter and his wife making dinner. His face turned red, he really thought they had to have heard what was going on in his mind.

"Hi, Daddy. Uncle Joe is going to be here in an hour with James," Morgan informed him and he merely nodded in response, he didn't want to open his mouth for fear he would say something stupid. He walked up the stairs and into his bedroom, relieved to be away from the eyes of his wife and kids. He quickly walked to the bathroom to splash some water on his face.

"What is wrong with you? You've been married fourteen years, you know better then to be thinking like this about another woman," he thought to himself, but he just couldn't help it. Katy was young and beautiful and had basically just informed him that she had been lusting after him practically her whole life. Deciding to not think about it anymore, he got in the shower, trying to wash away the guilt he felt deep in his heart.

The minute Patrick walked through the door, destiny sensed something was terribly wrong with him, she could see it in her eyes and she noticed Morgan looked at him funny too.

"What's wrong with Dad?" she suddenly asked, as if reading Destiny's mind. Nervous about what exactly was wrong with him, she still wanted to ease Morgan's mind.

"I don't know, he probably just had a long day. You know that girl he's producing really stresses him out anyway, so it's probably just that," she replied. Morgan raised her eyebrow and her mom's double speak.

"You don't sound so sure," she noted. Destiny stared at Morgan for a moment before deciding to ignore her statement...

Three hours later, dinner had been eaten, Morgan went to attend to a phone call and Connor had taken James into the den to play with him, Destiny sighed at the sound of a million Legos being dumped out on the ground, causing Joe to laugh.

"I think Connor needs a little brother," he said, laughing as Destiny choked on her wine.

"I'll kill you, Joe Trohman," she replied. Patrick laughed, but rolled his eyes.

"We'd actually have to have sex in order for us to get pregnant again, so...don't bank on it," he said. Destiny reached over a smacked Patrick on the arm, letting out a gasp at his statement.

"Now I think I'm going to want to have sex just to spite you." Joe laughed at their usual back handed bickering, amusing himself about how glad he was he got divorced. Morgan came back a minute later, forcing the grown ups to stop their chatter. Morgan breezed past the three of them and headed into the kitchen. Joe cleared his thought and excused himself to the bathroom, hearing Destiny and Patrick began low volume arguing behind him.

Joe smiled as he saw Morgan with her head in the fridge. He walked up behind her and squeezed her side, causing her to jump, whirling around to see who scared her.

"Holy shit! Fuck, you scared the crap out of me!" She yelled as Joe grinned.

"Hey, hey, watch the language, kiddo. I'm still to be respected as an elder," he said. Morgan rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Did you bring some weed?" she asked suddenly. Joe sighed and reached in his pocket, pulling out a baggie with loose leaves and a few rolled up joints inside.

"Like I'd ever come visit my favorite girl without some?" Morgan grinned and reached forward, yanking the baggie out of his hands, pulling him along with her out to the backyard.

They both walked forward, heading to the gazebo behind the pool where they always sat, hidden away just barely from view of people in the house. Joe sat back and lit up a joint, inhaling and then passing it on to Morgan. They sat for a few minutes, just enjoying their high, when Morgan spoke,

"So, I was talking to Dad this morning and he told me that him and Mom went through some stuff when they were first dating and I've been dying all day to find out what it is." Joe laughed, thinking back to the conversation he and Patrick had a few days ago on the very same subject.

"Uh, I don't think your parents would like me to tell you that, you'd probably just hate your mother even more," he said. Morgan exhaled and let her eyes widen, now twenty times more curious to find out what happened.

"Uncle Joe, please, just tell me, I'm dying to know!" Morgan begged.

"Why are you dying to know?" he asked, leaning back in his chair taking another hit from the joint between his fingers.

"Because, I don't know. I just want to know, I want to know who my parents used to be when they were younger, when they were still in love. I'm just curious, please?" she asked, jutting her bottom lip out. Joe smiled and passed her the joint, she looked so cute.

"Okay, but if I tell you, what will you give me for it?" He asked. Somewhere, deep inside of him, he felt something for Morgan that he would never, ever admit to anybody. He wanted her to be four years older, but the more he spent time with her, the older she was becoming and he wanted it to be true and he knew he was in no position to fight the feelings. Morgan took a long hit before stubbing it out in the ashtray, turning around to make sure her parents weren't looking out at them in the yard.

"Remember when you asked me whether or not I actually do go down on anyone who asks?" Joe gulped to himself, he knew where this was heading, and he nodded. "Well, I kind of do, I can't help that I like it..." Joe jumped slightly when he felt Morgan place her hand on his thigh.

"Well, what are you trying to say?" He said, keeping his cool. She stood up out of her chair and perched herself on his knee, leaning in and whispering,

"I'll give you the best blow job you've ever had, just for a little bit of information..." she smiled as she felt movement in Joe's pants, letting her hand run down his chest and to his belt.

"You're mom fucked our drummer while she was with Patrick. That's the big secret," he said, quickly, now in near pain from the restriction in his jeans. Still smiling Morgan leaned forward and did something she had been dreaming of since she started to like boys, and placed her lips carefully on Joe's, all of the feelings she had rushing to her panties. She lied to Joe when she told him she gave a lot of blow jobs, she had never actually given one before, but she had seen it done and figured it couldn't be that hard to do.

With shaking breath and hands, Morgan carefully got to her knees in front of Joe. Feeling seriously sick minded, Joe closed his eyes and tilted his head back, trying very hard not to think about the fact that not only was Morgan barely a teenager, but also the fact that her father happened to be one of his best friends. Feeling slightly embarrassed, Morgan decided to keep her eyes closed as well, not wanting to look at Joe's face carefully reached forward, pulling his belt away and fumbling with the button and zipper. Finally she reached her right hand up and wrapped her fingers around his penis, feeling a little intimidated at the size, but took a deep breath and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around the head.

Joe tried hard not to yell out in complete satisfaction, it had been a long time since he had had sex, let alone had a beautiful girl go down on him. He couldn't help it, his mind was now thoroughly focused on nothing but the fact that his feelings were strong toward Morgan. Forgetting Patrick and Destiny and the legality of the situation, he let his hand rest on the back of Morgan's head, entangling his fingers in her dirty blonde hair, moaning softly while still keeping an eye on the house to ensure that they wouldn't be caught. Morgan felt herself grin a little at the satisfied moans coming from Joe's mouth, glad that she was doing a good job, all she wanted was to please him.

Morgan continued her job for several more minutes, before Joe muttered something about coming. Bracing herself for the worst, she continued the pleasure before feeling him climax in her mouth. Morgan gagged at the taste and feel of it in her mouth, turning her head away quickly. Joe relaxed himself in the chair, pulling his hand away from Morgan's hair, watching her wipe her mouth and shyly sit back down beside him. Words were suddenly hard to come by with the pair, neither of them believing what just occurred.

"You're not going to tell anyone about this, are you?" He asked quietly, leaning close to her face. Morgan shook her head, scared to look at Joe, assuming he was now thinking less of her, but Joe reached his hand out and placed his palm on her cheek, turning her head to look at him. "It's okay, Morgan. I'm not going to tell either, and...I really enjoyed it," he said softly before kissing her gently. Morgan didn't want their kiss to end, she couldn't believe all of the things running through her mind at the moment, so many conflicting feelings. Finally Joe pulled back, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Uncle Joe?" she asked, not sure what the right thing was to say, he nodded. "...I love you." Joe smiled at kissed her again softly.

"I know, baby girl. I love you too..."

I don't mean to be bold
But I got to let you know
I got a thing for you
And I can't let go
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