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This is the death of beauty

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The sea is wine red

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AN: This chapter got throughly out of hand

"Papercut" Part Seven: This is the death of beauty

We lied, we can't go on
This is the time and this is the place to be alive

Katy watched Patrick curiously as she munched on a sandwich, he was concentrating a little too hard on the project at hand for her to buy that he was actually interested in what he was doing. She moved her chair closer to him, trying to peek over his shoulder at what he was looking at on his laptop. Patrick felt something behind him and turned to see Katy's pretty eyes peering back at him.

"Can I help you?" he asked, sounding meaner than intentional. Katy shrugged and walked around him to the board his laptop was sitting on. She carefully made sure she wasn't going to sit on anything important and gently placed herself aside of him on the mixing board. Patrick gulped as he noticed the short length of Katy's denim skirt. She sat down, pulling her legs open only slightly, watching him try to fight himself to take a peek.

"I was just wondering why you always look so serious," she said, placing her hands on either side of her, leaning back. Patrick cleared his throat and looked away from her, back to the computer screen. He could see her shifting out of the corner of his eye, causing him to feel slightly aroused at the ideas once again flowing through his mind.

"I can have fun."

"Do you want to prove that?" she asked, her voice low. Patrick reached forward and shut his laptop, now way to distracted to even pretend to be doing work.

"Katy, this isn't appropriate," he said, trying to find his voice of reason.

"Oh please, like that's what you're worried about. You say you aren't boring, I just want you to prove it to me. My sister says you were the boring on in Fall Out Boy too, always staying home while Pete was out being young and living his life, come on, Patrick. There must be something else beneath that all work and no play exterior." Patrick was trying so hard to fight these advances because there was so much wrong with this situation. He had a wife to be faithful to and an employee relationship to hold up, but somehow none of this was factoring into his mind at the moment. Katy's toned thighs were a perfect golden shade and he panties were so sheer, she might as well have just not worn any. He stood suddenly, totally aware that the arousal in his jeans was going to be completely noticeable. She stood quickly as she saw him rise, standing face to face with him for the very first time. It was only now she noticed a small smattering of grey in his blue eyes and it was only now she noticed how alone he looked. With a feeling of more compassion then dominance, Katy leaned forward and placed her lips delicately on Patrick's, smiling at their softness. Patrick was taken back for a moment, his mind in overdrive, he couldn't quite decide whether or not this was a good idea, but he wasn't given much time to think, Katy had wrapped her thin arms around his neck, their kiss deepened. She reached down and placed his hand gently beneath her skirt, she was dying to be touched. Patrick had become someone else by this point, his mind was no longer his, it was no longer a married man, or a father of two, it was someone new, someone he was longing to be. He let his fingers approach the damp spot between her legs, gently tugging aside her panties, finding her most intimate, pleasurable spot. Katy sucked in her breath and rolled her head back, Patrick's kisses landing on her neck. He continued to caress her gently, her breath becoming more ragged by the moment, she felt herself begin to whimper, Patrick's fingers were so gentle, Katy almost felt bad for taking this situation this far, but before she had much of a chance to think about it, an orgasm fell on her hard, she searched for Patrick's lips, their tongues entwining as Katy fought hard to remember where she was and who she was with, their senses quickly coming back. Patrick was the first to yank away, he took his hand away from her body and pushed himself away. Katy shyly pushed her legs together, standing up and straightening her skirt.

"Patrick..." she said softly. He just shook his head in response, causing Katy to move back into the booth, her eyes welling up into foolish tears...

Morgan jumped as the final school bell rang, she hadn't been paying any attention lately, she wasn't worried about school, or her chores or her friends. She was just worried about seeing Joe and spending time with him. She felt like just another grown up when she was with him, he made her feel constantly beautiful and it was the only feeling she was after anymore. She quickly grabbed her backpack and headed outside, making the walk two blocks away from school, she spotted Joe's car and smiled, her footsteps moving quicker. She hopped in and Joe peeled off quickly, always picking her up from school was nerve wrecking to him, there was bound to be cameras, teachers, someone watching them at all times. Once they were far enough away for Joe's comfort, he stopped at a red light and leaned over, kissing Morgan gently. She blushed immediately, she still was trying to get used to this strange feeling in her body. She felt hot and flustered and always had the urge to never let go of his kiss.

"Someone asked me about my ring today," she said suddenly.

"Oh?" Joe raised his eyebrows. She nodded, twisting the band around her finger out of nervous habit.

"I told her I bought it myself and she said 'it's a relationship ring' and I told her I wasn't aware of that, I just thought it was pretty." Joe nodded, not sure how to respond to anything at the moment, his nerves were still in a tight ball from picking her up.

Once inside his house, he relaxed, fairly certain that at least no one could see him from in there. Morgan felt completely at home in Joe's house now, loving being able to just be while they were together, without any pressure from her overbearing mother, he annoying little brother or her smothering father. As Joe watched Morgan stretch out on his couch, he just wanted to kiss her and hold her until he couldn't anymore. He approached the couch and sat down beside her, putting his arm around her shoulders, pulling her head to his, kissing her deeply. She sighed, this is the only thing she had been looking forward to all day, feeling Joe's beard scratch at her smooth, soft skin, his tattooed arms sliding down and across her waist, pulling her small frame on top of his. She settled into his lap, for the first time feeling him pressing against his jeans, he almost seemed like he was begging her to please him again. Morgan pulled away from his embrace and moved to get onto her knees, but Joe stopped her.

"No, it's my turn now," he replied to her softly. Morgan looked at him curiously, the sudden feelings rushing straight down her body. Joe stood and reached out for her hand, which she gave him gratefully, following him as he walked up the stairs.

Joe led her to his bedroom, feeling his brain arguing with him over whether or not he should do this now, but he knew he was already in this, and he was doing what he brought her here to do. Morgan's breath got caught somewhere between the couch and the bedroom in the stairwell and she wasn't sure what was going to happen, but she knew that she was going to let it go on, she was ready as far as she was concerned, as long as it was with Joe. She sat down on his bed and watched him awkwardly as he leaned in over her body and kissed her, his hand on her shoulders gently instructing her to lay on her back. She took a deep breath and did as she was told. Joe placed himself above her, leaning down and kissing her neck softly over and over, sucking gently occasionally, smiling as he felt Morgan's chest begin to heave beneath him, she was ready and he could tell.

Morgan didn't dare open her eyes, she sometime feared he was having a good laugh at her innocence, but when she felt his hands start to open her jeans, it was another fear entirely. Maybe she wasn't ready, she had never even masturbated before, so she had never had an orgasm, maybe sex was a rough way to begin.

"Joe, I..." she begin, sitting up. Joe looked up at her from his spot from between her legs on the floor. His eyes looked so kind, she wasn't sure why so was so nervous, this was Joe...her Joe. He was going to take care of her. She blushed, feeling foolish and shook her head, letting him continue. Joe smiled and gently tugged her pants away. Morgan laid back down and took a few deep breaths, closing her eyes once more.

Joe felt overwhelmed with her suddenly, she was almost too pristine to corrupt, he didn't want to feel bad, but he almost couldn't help it. Remembering that they were in a real relationship of sorts and forgetting about who she was as he usually did, he leaned forward and gently began kissing the inside of her thighs, first one, then the other, moving closer and closer to his goal. Morgan began to pant, this feeling was all to new, she didn't know how to handle it. Joe looked up at Morgan to see her eyes squeezed tightly shut and smiled before reaching up and hooking his fingers around the band of her panties, gently tugging them down her thighs and off her feet.

She felt exposed now, almost embarrassed that Joe was seeing her like this, so she snapped her legs shut and sat up on her elbows, looking at Joe sheepishly, but he just shook his head and gently placed his hands on her knees.

"Don't. You're beautiful," he said to her, his hands pulling her knees apart. Now curious and interested, Morgan kept her eyes open and watched as Joe slid a hand up her thigh and let one finger gently touch her. Morgan almost yelped, she had never felt anything like that before. Joe continued, letting his finger slide up and down her wetness, before stopping at her clit and gently rubbing.

"Oh god," she whispered, she didn't know what to do with herself, where she should put her hands or where she should look. She just kept her gaze on Joe, knowing that he would let her know what the right move was. After playing with her for a minute, he leaned in and gently let his tongue flick over where his finger had been, causing her to almost jump completely off the bed. Joe's touch was so gentle and it felt so good, she didn't know how it was possible no one had told her about this before. Joe continued to lap at her, occasionally switching his fingers and tongue.

"Joe, this feels so good," she finally blurted out, before she began to moan softly. Feeling encouraged, he let his tongue and lips play with her while he moved his finger a little lower. Knowing she was a virgin, and knowing she had to be tight, Joe pushed very gently at Morgan's opening, letting her tell him what was feeling best. She felt a sudden pain from where the pleasure had been, but took a deep breath, expecting the pain to subside quickly. Without any hesitation from her, Joe continued to move his finger inside of her and then quickly pushed it the whole way in. Morgan yelped unexpectedly, causing Joe to sit up and remove his finger immediately.

"I'm sorry, did that hurt you?" he asked, as Morgan nodded at him, trying to hold back her tears when Joe looked and saw a thin stream of blood. He felt remorse suddenly, he had just popped an innocent fifteen year old girl's cherry.

"I don't want you to stop," she then said, he voice full of desperation, "Please," she begged. Joe looked at her for a moment, before nodding and leaned forward, placing his lips around her swollen clit. Morgan sighed, feeling pleasure once again. She reached her hand down and ran her fingers through Joe's hair, excited at the possibility of climax. He wanted Morgan to forget about the pain he had just made her feel, and kept his mouth over her, feeling her hips begin to grind his face.

"Joe, I...oh god..." it was all she could muster, some strange sensation was falling on her, she felt it tingle all the way down her spine and finish with a strong sensation that caused her to toss her head back, her legs and fingers shaking uncontrollably. Joe let her down gently, pulling away from her and wiping his mouth. He helped her get her clothes back on, and then laid down beside her, where she immediately clung to his chest, breathing him in and hoping that the moment wasn't going to end.

"I should get you home," he said. Morgan sat up and nodded, he was right. Reluctantly, she stood and clasped his hand, following him down the stairs and out of the house.

"Morgan," he said, before he opened his front door. She looked over at him and nodded, "I love you.' She smiled and stood on her toes, pressing their lips together sadly...

The doves have died
The lovers have lied
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