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on the ground in my loves lap, but in a warm bed.

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Sweet Blood Sequel. I know it looks like I have already posted this....but FicWad some how got it screwed up so I have to post it agian.

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Not So Sweet Recovery

Krystle POV:

I closed my eyes again thinking my mind was playing a trick on me. But, when I opened them again I saw the same bright light as before. Then I moved my head around to see where I was and I saw white walls, and I heard some beeping noises. Where was I, what had happened. The last thing I remember was Jake biting my neck. I was waiting for the pain, but when I felt it, it was not the pain I was expecting. I tried to get up, but my whole body was yelling at me. I mainly the pain was in my hand, foot, and head. Why did my hand hurt and my foot. I understand my head, but not the rest. I heard a door open and I looked towards the noise. The person who was in the door way was Jake. I screamed thing that he had me and I was never going to see Brendon or any of my friends again.

"Wow, Krystle calm down. You're awake!" He said, but I kept on screaming. A hand full of people came running in; a girl pushed Jake out of the way and came over to me.

"Ok, Krystle my name is Becky. I need you to stop screaming. Nothing can hurt you." Becky said. But, I did not believe her I didn't stop screaming, and tried to push her away. But then two people held down my arms while Becky had put a needle into my arm and I started to fell happy and tired. My eyes felt heavy and I closed them and went to sleep.

Original POV:

After Krystle went to sleep most to the people in the room left, but her friends and family was still there. They were all wondering why she had screamed when Rob walked into the room.

"Why did that happen?" Tricia asked Becky.

"Well, there can be many of reasons. When she was in the coma, she could have gone into a dream state the whole time. Maybe Mr. Holland was not the person she wanted to see. Who knows what was happening inside her brain. When she wakes up, I bet she will still be in the mind frame of the dream. So, I think it best, that Mr. Holland stay out of the room for a couple days, until we can figure out why that happened. Does that sound reasonable?" Becky told everyone. They all nodded and Becky left.

"I wonder what is going on in her head." Katie asked.

"Well, if I know my daughter right, it is something that no one but her could ever dream up." Krystle's mom said.

"I agree with you, Krystle was the one who started writing on one thought, and it would keep growing. And knowing her it has something to do with vampires, or spies." Tricia said.

"Yea, that sounds like her." Stephanie said.

Krystle's POV(at the same time):

I was a sleep, but I could see Brendon again. My head was laying in his lap and he was crying. I reached my hand up and brushed his cheek. I tried to ask him why he was crying, but he pushed a finger to my lips and answered my question.

"Hun, you're dying. Jake bit you and then you passed out, you were out for a couple minutes, but I ran over here and here we are now. But, I am sorry I can't stop the bleeding. Jake drank to much, and then left you, so I can't stop it and save you. I am so, sorry, I love you." He brushed some hair out of my face. I was not understanding why this was happening. I knew I wanted to stay here and not go back to the room with Jake. How did I know which one was real? I didn't know. But, again if I went back to that room I might live, but if I stayed here I would be dead. So, I toke Brendon's head and leaned him down and kissed him. After that I whispered 'I will always love you, no matter what you may have done.' That just made him cry more. But, I closed my eyes, and felt my self no longer on the ground in my loves lap, but in a warm bed.

Original POV:

Krystle started to stir, so they all decided that Tricia, Stephanie, and Katie would stay in the room, to answer any question. And to find out why she had screamed. So, as everyone left the room they gave the three girls a hug and most of them kissed Krystle on the cheek or squeezed her hand. After about 10 minutes of the girls just talking about good old times, Krystle had opened her eyes and was looking around the room.

"Oh my god, guys where's Brendon, Ryan, Jon, Spencer, Mandy, Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy? Where am I? I need to tell Brendon I'm not dead. I didn't die. Oh my god, I didn't die. Thank god." She was going on about something the girls had no idea what about. They were all wondering why she had asked about Panic! and Fall Out Boy and Mandy who, was not even at the club that night.

"Hun, what are you talking about? Yes, you could have died, but why are you wondering where those people are. They have only been in here to see you a couple times, but you were in a coma." Katie said.

"What at coma? No, we went to the club that night and Katie and I were taken by Brendon and Ryan, and Tricia and Stephan was taken in care by Pete and Patrick. Then tons of stuff happened, and then I found out that Katie and I were vampires, and Stephanie became one, and I don't really know, if Tricia was one, but I think she was. The then the last thing I remember was Jake bit me and I woke up here seeing him coming into the room, I screamed, then I was put out, and woke up in Brendon's lap and he told me I was dying. I loved him and I still do." She told the three girls.

"Well, we were right that it had to do with some thing about vampires. But, hun, you have been in a coma or a coma like state, for about a week now. What happened was we all went to dinner and saw that Pete, Patrick, Brendon and Ryan were there too, so we kind of started talking to them. We all went to the club and you and I went to go get drinks for everyone. When we were at the bar, some guy started to hit on us. Well I guess him slapped your butt, because the next thing I knew was that you had punched him, giving him a black eye. But, he was drunk and hit you back. Some other guy came up to me and tried to make out with me, but you toke care of him. You yelled at me to go and tell the guys that you would be right there. So I went and got them, and brought them over to where I left you." Tricia said.

"We followed after them, and once we got there you were doing a number on them. Well, when you thought they had enough, one grabbed your hair and made you fall hitting your head on the floor pretty bad. If it were not for the guys, who knows what would have happened to you. The two guys you were fighting started to kick you and one picked you up again and hit you head on a table, Brendon and Pete step in and got the guys off of you and got you out of there. We tried to wake you up about nothing was working. We got you to the hospital and they told us most likely you were in a coma or a come like state. We were here with you every day talking to you, and hope for you to come out of it." Katie said.

"Yea, well today everyone thought it best that we all got to church and then out to lunch. Your dad even flew out here to see you, he is still here, so are you sisters, and Papa. We all went to church and told the pastor what had happened. We all prayed for you. The guy who you call Jake. Well, I think you know him more as Rob Holland. He just got here today and called Tricia and she told him to go to the hospital and check on you. I think you scared him." Stephanie said. Krystle was over whelmed to hear this. She had no idea what they were talking about. But, the story did make since, and why her hand and foot hurt. She was so overwhelmed that Krystle's brain shut down and caused her to pass out.

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