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The End's Not Near

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Possibly the strangest thing to bond about?

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Patrick's mouth dropped open and his heart leapt into his mouth. What the hell was he doing here? He looked exactly the opposite of him. Black, gelled hair, brown eyes that almost pierced into his own, tall and muscly, and dark skinned. Puerto Rico looking. Patrick felt smaller and dumpier than he ever had in his life. He swallowed the lump in his throat and looked up at him.
"Uh, right..."
"I hear Christina's living with you."
Patrick almost whimpered. What if he beats me up?
"Yeah..." He replied, his voice starting to shake. He felt stupid, being wary of this guy who was everything he wasn't.
"And why's that?" He asked, his voice gravelly and confident, while Patrick's shook and threatened to break.
"Um, because... she was upset you left her."
Danny nodded and stepped towards Patrick, who automatically let out a small squeal that he quickly turned into a cough, trying not to back away.
"I didn't leave her." Danny said. "She told me to get out."
"What?" Patrick spluttered.
"Yep. She started crying, and when I asked her what was wrong she told me she had met someone else, and that she wasn't cheating on me but she felt like things had lost the spark."
Patrick felt uneasy, he'd heard those words come out of Christina's mouth a few months ago, only to him.
"But she told me I was the father."
"She what? She told me she'd told you that too, but then she said if it, damn it, they were mine then she would tell you."
"Well, she gave me this." Danny said, pulling out a slip of paper and handing it to Patrick. Patrick glanced at him before reading it.
The Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) test determines that Danny Bryant is the father of the unborn.
Patrick looked up, a frown on his face.
"Isn't that a test to see if the baby has Downs Syndrome or something?"
"Yeah, but it can be used for DNA testing."
"Did you give her DNA?"
"She said she'd taken DNA when I was asleep." Danny said, confused. He's either not very bright or not used to how crafty Christina can be.
"Well, Danny, a CVS test is bullshit in this case - our case, because they're not recommended for women carrying twins."
"No. And Christina is talking bullshit."
"But why would she break up with me and then tell me I'm the Father?"
Patrick shook his head, feeling a common ground with Danny. He wasn't that bad a guy - just in love with the girl who couldn't resist breaking both their hearts.
"The same reason she did that exact thing to me, and I don't know why." He said, honestly.
"Well, what are we gonna do?"
"We," Patrick took his jacket off the banister and ushered him out of the door, "Are gonna go and confront her."
"Right on!" Danny said, punching the air. Patrick raised his eyebrow as he turned around.
"Pete!" He called. Pete's head peered around the living room.
"Thank God, you're still alive." He whispered.
"We're going to mine." Patrick informed him.
"I'm coming too!" Pete said, following. Patrick shrugged.
"Hey, I'm not letting you go off with a stranger. Did your mother not teach you that? He could be tricking you." Pete murmured as they put on their jackets.
"Well, then you'll have to look out for me, won't you?" Patrick said with a grin, leaving the house.
"I never meant any of this, Patrick. I'm sorry it came to this." Danny said as they drove along the streets to Patrick's home.
"Christina told me she was single, and she didn't have anyone in her life - that she hadn't for a long time. She would blow me off for days on end and I guess that's the days you were home."
"Oh, right." Patrick said, turning a corner.
"I would never have gotten involved with her if I knew she was a liar."
"Neither would I." Patrick said, bitterly.
"So how long had you been seeing Christina?" Pete chipped in from the back seat.
"About a year." He replied. Patrick had to focus his complete attention on containing his hurt and to stop from slamming the brakes on his car down. He didn't dislike Danny, he understood him. He was in completely the same boat as he was.
"But seriously, Patrick, I'm sorry everything's turned out this way." Danny said, watching him for a reaction.
"So am I." Patrick told him. "But no grudges, yeah?"
"None." Danny replied as Patrick drove into the driveway.

"Hey, Christina, the other night... you know when you said you messed up the best thing that had ever happened to you? Who were you talking about?" Pete asked, poking his head around the spare room door.
"Danny." Christina said with a sniff, looking up, a wounded look on her face. "Why?"
"Surprise." Pete spat, flinging the door open to reveal Danny standing behind him.
"I think you ruined two guy's lives." Danny hissed, as Patrick stepped out from behind him.
"What the hell?" Christina stood up.
"Funny, you didn't think I'd know what a CVS test was, did you?" Patrick asked.
"We're not stupid. They can't be performed if you're pregnant with twins." Patrick said.
"They can! It was a special condition!" Christina argued. "I had to know!"
"And exactly what DNA of mine did you use?" Danny asked.
"Your hair!" Christina replied. She looked back and forth from Patrick and Danny. Both had their arms crossed, and despite how physically different they were, wore exactly the same expression.
"Christina, we're going to give you one chance to explain /everything/. That there was no test, you lied to both of us, and why the fuck you told Danny you were single when we were together." Patrick said, channeling all his energy into remaining calm and not smashing the door against the wall.
"Why won't you believe me? Patrick?" Christina whimpered, tears falling from her eyes.
"Aww, look, you're crying. I forgive you for lying to both of us and giving us false hope of being fathers!"
"Please, don't."
"You can go back to your house. We'll both come to the doctor's appointments and classes until those kids are born. Then when they are - only one of us is going to be in your life, and that's for the sake of the kids, right Patrick?" Danny asked.
"Right." Patrick nodded.
"Oh, and since you got yourself two hopeful doting dads... we're both gonna be your birthing partners." Danny said, with a sly smile. Patrick nodded again.
"You can argue, cry, whatever. You go us both into this mess so until it's over we're there until the end."
"And you know what, Patrick? We won't even need a DNA test. So it'll be over the second those kids come out for one of us." Danny said.
"Huh?" Patrick asked, confused.
"Well, look at my skin compared to yours. I'm black - you're white. It's pretty easy to tell whose kids they are then."
"Even better." Patrick responded.
"So, Christina, you still sticking with the story that you had a CVS test? Despite how we know they shouldn't be performed when expecting twins?" Danny asked.
"Yes." She snapped. "And you guys can not believe me if you want, that's your..."
"Alright, let's go ask the Doctor for your records." Patrick said. "Unless you want to confess you own Photoshop and used it to make this." He waved the slip of paper in his hand. Christina fumed.
"FINE!" She yelled at him. "Go get them if you want!"
"Sounds like a plan, care to join me, Danny?"
"Sure thing."

"Hi, um, I need to know if a Christina Johns came in for a CVS test." Patrick said, drumming his hands on the table at the hospital. The receptionist eyed him up and frowned.
"We're sorry, but we don't give out information to just anyone."
"Oh, no," Patrick replied, "She's my girlfriend."
"And can she not tell you herself?"
"She's away for a while, you know, on vacation to get ready for the baby... babies." He corrected himself. The nurse still frowned.
"Why haven't you gone with her?"
"Look, you want my life story? You wanna know how we met as well?" Patrick snapped. The nurse sighed, making it clear his presence was irritating her.
"So, can you please tell me if she's come in for a CVS test?" Patrick asked. The nurse typed in her name in the computer and looked up at him.
"What's your name?"
"Patrick Stump." He told her. She typed it in and read the details on the screen.
"There's no record of it here."
"OK, thanks. Oh, wait, has she come in for any other tests apart from the scans?"
"There's nothing listed here, so no." The nurse informed him.
"OK, thank you very much." Patrick said, turning away and bolting out of the hospital.
"Nothing." He said, slamming the car door and turning the ignition on.
"Lying bitch." Pete and Danny said in unison, then laughed as Patrick drove out of the hospital.
"I can't believe this. She thinks we're stupid." Patrick spat, winding through the streets.
"She's sly. And clever, I'll give her that." Danny said.
"OK, let's go tell her we have the Doctor's confirmation that she hasn't been in for a test." Patrick said when they were back in the drive for the second time in two hours. They walked upstairs while Pete kept out of the way downstairs in the living room. Patrick pushed open the door and froze, sending Danny crashing into him.
"What?" Danny asked. Patrick didn't reply, the room was empty. There was no bag that Patrick had packed for her the other night, no toiletries in the bathroom. The only thing that told them someone had been in the room was a small piece of white paper sitting on the nightstand. Patrick snatched it up and Danny read over his shoulder;

I'm sorry. For everything.

"FUCK!" Danny and Patrick both yelled, turning to face each other.
"She's gone."

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