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Tiny Voices

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Drum roll, anyone? The worse cliffhanger you will ever read. You will hate me for this.

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Special thanks to whatkatydid, fobgal1, ssketchator, and patricksgirl84 for their wonderful reviews. This chapter is dedicated to you.

"What's wrong?" Pete asked, running up the stairs.
"She's gone." Patrick repeated.
"Where?" Pete asked. They both stared at him.
"I don't fucking know, Pete, otherwise I wouldn't be standing here going 'she's gone!', Jesus."
"Sorry." Pete apologized. "So go to her house, catch her incase she's trying to leave!"
"Right." Patrick said, and shot out of the room, Danny on his heels.
"Oh, I'll wait here incase she comes back." Pete called down the stairs sarcastically.
"Thanks!" Patrick yelled distantly as he ran out of the door.

"Do you think she'll be there?" Danny asked, as they sped down the road.
"I don't know. I hope so." Patrick whispered. When they got there, Patrick parked the car in front of the neighbor's house and raced up to the front door. It was open.
"It's open." Patrick whispered to Danny, who was about to go around the back.
"I'll go round the back, she might come out the back door." He whispered back. Patrick nodded and opened the door. He listened for any noise downstairs but after hearing nothing, climbed the stairs cautiously. His heart pounded as he heard a slight thump from somewhere upstairs.
"Please, please, please be her." He murmured to himself, walking silently up the stairs and into the bedroom again.
"Christina, what the fuck?" He asked. Christina jumped and gasped.
"What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck out of my house?"
"YOUR house?" Patrick roared, almost scaring himself. "I seem to remember I bought this fucking house when you had no money!"
"Get out!" She yelled, throwing a book from her bed at him. It caught him on the side of his head and a pain shot across his face while Christina stopped. She hadn't meant it to hit him.
"Where are you going?" Patrick asked, acting like the throbbing on the side of his head wasn't bothering him.
"I was just tidying up."
"Bullshit. You were gonna run away. That's so lame!" He said, almost laughing.
"I ruined everything, Patrick." She said, tears running down her face again.
"Don't start crying. I'm not gonna comfort you." Patrick objected. "Yes, you have ruined everything. You're being so selfish. What about your children?"
"What about them? They won't care."
Patrick stared at the lack of emotion in her voice, and especially in her eyes. There was no mother's love there... none.
"I'll tell you on thing Christina, if those babies are mine... I'm taking you straight to court."
"WHAT?" She screamed.
"Oh, yeah! I'm not letting my children grow up with you lying to them and playing games with their heads!" He said.
"You won't win."
"Really? Well, there's my story, Danny's story, and then there's also that false DNA test you printed out on your computer." Patrick said. "So if you ever think of running away again, well find you. There's no point trying to escape this."
"And if they're not yours?" Christina yelled at him. Patrick felt his head and felt the blood forming on his fingers from the cut.
"Then you'll have to discuss it with Danny. Quite a nice guy, I must say myself. You've lost two caring guys." He replied. "So don't think of running away. You can't. You can't fly into a different state - they won't let you when you're seven months gone. And Danny's gonna take your car. You can stay here and call me if you ever need me. You're not welcome in my home anymore." He said, and turned away. He turned back, looking at her.
"I never wanted us to end up like this." He said, and left the room. When he was downstairs he was met with Danny, peering around the darkness of the living room.
"She's up there." Patrick said, pointing upstairs.
"What did you say?"
"I told her not to bother running away because we'll find her. And I told her if the kids are mine I'm gonna take her to court. She's crazy."
"Me too." Danny replied.
"Oh, and I told her you'd take the car so she can't drive away."
"Awesome." He grinned. "Hey, Patrick... thanks for not going off on one. I didn't realize I was 'the other guy', you know? And I'm sorry about..."
"I know you are, man. Don't worry. These things happen, right?"
"Yeah, but I didn't mean..."
"Danny, dude, don't worry about it. Seriously. Christina obviously hasn't."
Danny nodded pitifully and hung his head. Patrick shifted on his feet and bit his lip.
"Right, well... I'm gonna..." He trailed off, gesturing towards the door.
"Yeah, sure." Danny agreed. "Hey... I'll see you at the Doctors."
Patrick grinned and nodded, and left.
When the hell did I become such a bastard to women? I shouldn't have treated her like that.
The fight in his head ensued for the whole ride home, one side of him contemplating what would have happened if he hadn't yelled or said some of the things he had before. And one side of him telling the other to shut up, he had stood his ground and that he was doing the right thing.
''What happened?" Pete yelped as soon as Patrick opened the door.
"We caught her. And she was trying to run away. And I kinda told her I'd take her to court."
"Wow! Why?"
"Well, I don't want my kids to be lied to, and she had this look in her eyes that she didn't even care about them, and it made me really wary. There was no mother's instinct. I think the only thing she likes about the fact of these twins is that she's getting attention from two guys again."
"True. Well, whatever happens I support you."

A month later, a few dozen TV shows and outdoor venue performances later, Patrick was at home, exhausted. Lying on his bed, he willed sleep to come but his mind was too active to relax. He pulled open the drawer of his night stand and looked at the scan photo from a few days ago. His (potential) babies had features he could see now, after months of waiting he could see their eyes, their fingers developing, it was an amazing thing for him to look at.
"You guys have made me such a better person, like confidence wise. Standing up to your mom... I don't think I've ever done that before, stood up to someone the way I stood up to your mom these last months. But I don't think I've been so mean before. I just wish your mom was /normal/. But I don't want you to hold that against her, OK? She's a great girl, she really is. She's just a bit... eccentric. I know you don't know what that means but when you're born I'll teach you it. And I'll teach you some of my songs when you're old enough to start singing, yeah? Maybe you can be like me and be a musician or a producer one day. I could produce your records - how cool would that be? Argh." He said, a shooting pain sliding up his back and through the front of his stomach. He bent over, his nose touching the bed, screwing his face up and gritting his teeth.
"God, maybe I have appendicitis."
Patrick's phone suddenly rang next to him, and he looked at the screen.
Christina Home calling.
"Urgh, I'm not in the mood tonight." He said, pushing his phone under the second pillow and looking back at the picture. Christina had been extra hormonal lately, bombarding him with phone calls and voice mails, cursing him for letting her go through this misery and uncomfortable days. He moaned back that it wasn't entirely his fault, if she hadn't had a womb she wouldn't feel that way, and if it was any consolation she still had another month to go.
"Some fucking consolation!" She yelled at him, slamming the phone down.
Patrick chuckled at the memory and looked back at the photo again.
"Maybe I was too mean to your mom, right? Am I just being stupid? Maybe I should give her a chance."
He wondered for a second and shook his head violently.
"No! I'm sorry you guys, I really want to, but I can't. You'll see what she's like. Well, maybe you can right now. 'Cause you can hear and all that. Aw, man. I bet the only things you've heard me do so far is yell at your mom, right? I'm not usually like that, I promise you. It's just everything's been..."
He broke off, realizing what he was doing as another pain darted throughout his lower body.
"I'm talking to a picture."
His phone rang again, and he groaned, pulling it out from under the pillow.
Pete calling.
"Pete? It's 12 pm."
"You're still up, thank God."
"I just got a phonecall from Christina! Why the fuck aren't you answering her?"
"She's been really moody, yelling at me, abusing me, and then..."
"Well maybe that's because she's fucking in labor, you complete and utter idiot!" Pete yelled down the phone. Patrick slipped off the bed in shock and stood up, holding his throbbing head.
"GO! NOW!" Pete screamed down the phone.
"Wow, that's so weird," Patrick said, cradling the phone between his neck and ear as he slipped his shoes on in a rush. "I think I sensed it, 'cause I just got all these pains in my stomach..."
"Yeah, that's a great story, tell it to me in a minute. I'll take you."
"Pete, I can drive myself, you know."
"And let me miss seeing my Godsons or Daughters?" Pete laughed. "No way. Be prepared for a very excited Joe and Andy."
"Aw, man..." Patrick was cut off by Pete hanging up. He rolled his eyes and dialled Christina's number. There was no answer and his heart began to pound. He waited for the voicemail and frantically spoke as he threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt on top of his boxers.
"Christina? I dunno if you'll get this but I'm on my way - so just keep calm and do your breathing, stuff... I'll be there, don't worry."
He waited downstairs, cursing Pete under his breath and considering jumping in his own car and driving there, just as Pete stopped outside in the street and honked the horn. Patrick leant against the wall, his face pale, his heart still pounding.
"This is it," He whispered. "The moment of truth..."

AH! I'm dying of suspense myself! What do you want to see my dears? What we all want to see or what we're silently hoping won't happen?
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