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Two in a Million

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"Congratulations, man." Danny said, giving Patrick a hug. A long, 15 hours later, Patrick stared at the doctors, doing their job. To everyone in the room, it was very clear the babies were Patrick's.
"Well done." Danny said, leaving the room, hiding his face from them.
Patrick continued to stare, oblivious to the yells and cheers he heard from outside in the corridor from his best friends at the news. And in the midst of it all, he nearly melted as he broke down in tears. He was so close to kissing Christina, telling her to forget everything they had been through, that he loved her and they needed the home life these babies deserved. But deep down he knew it was wrong, it was wrong of him to put the kids through living with parents who simply didn't love each other anymore. Christina had been right. They would have to tell them that simple sentence. Mommy and Daddy just don't love each other anymore.
"Oh my God." Patrick coughed as he wept, tears blocking his vision as an unconditional love filled his chest. He couldn't believe it, he was a dad. The feeling was so strong he couldn't speak, couldn't stop his hands from shaking as he took Christina's in his, couldn't stop the tears running down his face, and the sobbing sounds he made as he watched his children crying, taking their first breaths in the world.
"Congratulations. You have a son and a daughter." The Doctor smiled. Patrick couldn't see a thing, his eyes were just streaming with tears and he was choking with the love and the need to hold them that was suffocating him. He couldn't think of anything else he wanted to do but hold his children and watch them and be with them for the rest of his life. He frantically wiped his eyes as the Doctor handed him his daughter, his son to Christina, and ushered the nurse out of the room to give the new parents some alone time.
"You did it, Christina. I'm so proud of you." He said, pushing her hair back from her forehead and kissing her and his son. "I am so, so unbelievably proud of you."
"I want them to live with you." Christina whispered, cradling her son.
"What?" He spluttered, his voice croaky and husky. He couldn't bring himself to look away from his daughter. He just couldn't. He was afraid to miss her every breath, every time her tiny chest rose and fell, and the small murmurs she made as she slept, he didn't want to miss any single one.
"Patrick, I've never been maternal and you know that. And it's not that I don't love them, I really do. But you deserve to have every moment with them. You're besotted."
"Oh, Christina. I can't do that to you... all that stuff I said before about courts, I never meant any of it. I was just angry."
"Please, don't be nice about it, Rick," she spoke softly, using the nickname she used to use to calm him down when he got nervous or scared. "I want this to happen. They'll have a better life with you, and I can see them whenever I want because you live a few neighborhoods away. And if you go on tour they can stay with me. Please, Patrick. I want that."
Patrick began to cry again, feeling like the most horrible man in the world. How many people had this kind of conversation?
"Don't cry, baby, please." Christina said, tears filling her own eyes. "I've treated you like complete garbage, you've done so much for me and stuck by me through all of this, you deserve everything you've stuck by me for."
"I can't do that to you," He howled, with one hand he grabbed hers and slowly sat down on the seat beside her. "I can't."
"You have to, please." Christina murmured, barely audible. "Otherwise they won't live with /me/."
"Sorry?" He asked, letting go of her hand and wiping his eyes again, gently stroking his daughter's head as she now lay sleeping in his arms.
"They can live with my mom. Or my sister." She said.
"Are you saying you'd give them up if I don't take them?"
"Yes." She whispered, shamefully.
"You, are the most evil person I know. Look at them, these are our children. How could you even consider doing this?"
"I want you to look after them, Patrick!" She wailed. "You'll give them a better life than me!"
"Don't worry, I will." Patrick said, getting up gently and changing seats. He now sat in the very corner of the room, his head down, taking in his daughter's tiny features. He watched as she sub-consciously wrapped her whole tiny fist around his pinky finger. She was beautiful, so delicate and small, Patrick was utterly in love. He didn't speak for ten minutes, just watching his daughter and silently wishing he was doing the same with his son at the same time.
He couldn't help but wonder what he'd been thinking for so many months now. Why did everything with him and Christina now end in a fight?
There was a slight knock on the door as Christina put her son into the hospital crib that had been provided.
"Come in." Patrick called, softly. As the door opened, there was the sound of Joe chattering excitedly and Andy punching him whispering 'shut up!'. They all peered around the door and grinned.
"Congratulations." They all whispered in unison.
"Thanks." Patrick murmured back. Joe and Andy crept over toward the crib by Christina, whispering to her, while Pete stood over Patrick.
"Let me guess, boy and a girl?" Pete winked. Patrick nodded.
"Let me see her." Pete said, standing behind Patrick. He gasped quietly.
"Jesus, she looks just like /you/!" He said quietly. His voice sounded odd, like it was about to crack. Patrick looked up at him and noticed there were tears in his eyes.
"Wow, Pete... you're crying."
"Shut up," Pete grinned, "You've cried a hell of a lot more than me. Your face is totally red and blotchy."
"Yeah, well..."
"Relax. It's OK to cry." Pete said, while wiping his own eyes. "I can't believe it... daddy."
"I know. I love them so much, it's crazy."
During the next ten minutes Andy, Joe, Patrick and Pete all shed some tears - part of the reason was they were all realizing they were getting on with their lives, and from happiness about seeing Patrick so happy, and, as Joe so elegantly put it in front of newborn children, mainly because "we're all big fat pussies who all cry sometimes,".
"I called your mom, just so you know. She wants you to call her - when you're ready." Pete informed him. Patrick nodded and thanked him. He nodded him towards him as Joe and Andy made faces at his son.
"They're going to live with me." Patrick whispered. Pete looked up.
"Who? Andy and Joe?"
"No! God, no. The babies."
"The children with no names." Pete laughed. "That's cool, dude."
"No, I mean, I hope you're not mad or anything."
"Patrick, of course I'm not mad. We'll... work something out when we go on tour and stuff - seriously. I told you we'd always be here for you, no matter what happens or what you decide. We'll find a way to make it work."
"Dude, you're a /daddy/. I promise we'll make it work. And if you need me and Jenny to come stay with you for a few days so we can help out, we're only a phone call away. Alright?"
"Alright." Patrick nodded gratefully at the kindness in Pete's voice. Andy and Joe clapped him on both shoulders gently.
"We better go. We'll leave you guys to it. Christina's fallen asleep, no wonder - she must be exhausted." Andy said.
"Yeah. You guys must be too." Patrick said. "You didn't have to wait."
"And miss our Godbabies birth?" Joe replied, "No way!"
"You should get some rest, while you still can." Andy said, quietly. "One, you'll have loads of visitors, and two, you won't get much after having a baby. Especially two."
"Yeah, I will do. Thanks you guys. You're amazing."
"No problem, Daddy." Pete said, with a small salute.
"We're all here - no matter what. Really, dude. No matter what." Joe said, probably the most heartfelt and sensible thing he'd ever said. Patrick nodded appreciatively. It wasn't like Joe to be serious or heartfelt, except around his girlfriend when he pretended to be the careful one in the group. Not the one who needed looked after most, after Patrick of course.
"Well done, Patrick." Andy grinned and gave him the thumbs up. "Call us if you need a babysitter or help, or absolutely anything. See you later."
"Bye." Patrick whispered, as they closed the door behind them. Andy slid back in.
"Joe owes me fifty dollars. Your son didn't come with sideburns." He grinned, and left again, quietly, leaving Patrick shaking his head at his friend as Christina slept.

"Patrick?" Christina's voice sounded from the bed as he now cradled his son in his arms, doing exactly the same as he had with his daughter earlier, taking every detail in. He looked up reluctantly, and caught her eye.
"This was your American dream, right?"
Patrick paused.
"A slightly altered one, but yes."
"Well, you have yours... this is it. And I have mine."
"Which is?"
"I want to be a model."
Patrick didn't reply, he just mentally lost any confidence he had in her. She was basically giving up two of the most beautiful things in the world to be a model. He tried to scan his head for thoughts on to change the conversation, not that he wanted to talk, but he needed to cover up the silence that was filling the room as she continued to watch him. His head was full of nothing but thoughts about his children, he couldn't shift those thoughts if you'd paid him a hundred million dollars.
"We still need names for them." He whispered gently.

OK, your choice here - I want you guys to think up some names and leave them in a review. I really can't think, so I'll pick out the best two and credit goes to you. They can be unisex names, but have to be good for a boy and a girl. Obviously. Heh. Thank you guys. Remember, this is not the end of this story, seriously. I have lots more to write. And then I bet there'll be a sequel. =]
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