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Satisfied Mind

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Just seeing Patrick smile... kinda makes life worth living. Never mind meet the Parents, we've met the parents, love one of them, and now it's time to meet the children.

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"Jen! Jen! Guess what?" Pete opened the door and danced through the hallway of the new home he and Jenny had bought together. Jenny was in the kitchen beginning to make dinner, chopping up vegetables, her eyes on the small TV in the corner. She turned around at the sound of Pete's voice and threw her arms around him as he leapt around the kitchen.
"Where the hell have you been?" She asked, worriedly.
"I don't know! I've been so worried, your cell was off and there was no note when I got back from New York!"
"Guess where I was, Jen! It's so unbelievably cool and I'm so proud, he's all grown up." Pete sang, twirling her around.
"No...!" Christina gasped, and Pete nodded.
"Patrick's a dad?"
"YES! A boy and a girl... and they're so cute, and I'm gonna be a Godfather and we'll buy them loads of presents and spoilt them rotten and..."
"Easy tiger!" Jenny laughed. "Oh, wow. How is he?"
Pete stopped and hoisted himself up on the counter.
"Well, he cried. A lot. A hell of a lot, actually. I swear, you could've asked him if he wanted pizza and he would have flooded the place."
"Pete, don't be mean, he's gone through a lot. He'll have a lot of emotions running through his head. It's natural he cries."
Pete shrugged and then remembered something, a grin spreading across his face.
"OH! And they're gonna live with him."
"Seriously?" She exclaimed. Pete nodded quickly.
"Yeah! It was complicated, he didn't want to do that to Christina, you know, take the kids away, personally I don't think he was, but apparently she told him it was for the best, and that when we go on tour the kids can live with her."
"Wow." Jenny replied.
"I know, it's so much to take in. But it's all working out perfectly, it's gonna be great, I'm so happy for him. He's totally gonna get the happy ending he dreamt of."
"Oh, Pete." Jenny walked over to him and put her arms around his waist as he sat on the counter.
"Things don't always have a happy ending. He's going to be absolutely exhausted." She told him.
"I know, and that's fine, I mean, I told him we're all there for him and if he needs help then he knows where to call."
"That's very sweet of you, Pete. You're the greatest best friend to have." Jenny said with a smile, kissing him.
"I know! Who wouldn't wanna be best friends with me?" Pete grinned.
"People who dislike big headed people." Jenny teased. stroking his hair and his face. He was like a little boy himself, babbling on about toys and clothes and more toys. He suddenly jumped and hopped off the counter, dancing around with her.
"We should get them all a gift!" Pete exclaimed.
"Yeah, that would be nice. Patrick could probably use a few things. I bet he didn't have time to go out and get the stuff, seeing as Christina was one month away. The babies were alright, right? They weren't ill because of being premature?"
"No, no. They were fine. You should see them, Jenny. You can see them tonight! They both look exactly like Patrick."
"Aww, this puts me in the mood." Jenny teased Pete, as they made their way around numerous baby stores in the shopping mall. Pete always insisted on riding in the cart, unless there was a scary security guard lurking.
"I think twin Fall Out Boy babies are enough for now, my love." He said, tracing his finger along hers and she wheeled him along in the cart.
"You look stupid, Pete." She laughed.
"I am stupid." He replied, reading the back of a box Jenny had thrown in the cart.
"Hey," He said, looking up, "Can men get sympathy pains when a women has a baby? Or like, feel as thought they're having it too?"
"Sure they can." Jenny told him.
Pete laughed.
"What's so funny?" Jenny asked him, turning the corner.
"Patrick said he did. Like, before I got a phone call from Christina, he had these really bad pains in his stomach, and he hadn't answered the phone when Christina had called /him/, which was around the time she started to have them."
"Aww, that's so sweet."
"Well, it usually only happens when the father is really involved. Like, wants to share everything. So badly they even want a share in the labor."
Pete giggled like a small boy.
"Patrick had a baby."
"He had two, Pete. You're forgetting already?"
"No, I meant like he actually had a baby." Pete replied.
"Pete, stop talking, honey." She said, prodding his arm. He pretended to glare at her but gave her a seductive look instead.
"Oh! What did he call them?" Jenny asked, intrigued.
"Nothing yet. He hasn't thought about it, I guess. All he's done so far is cry and stare at them as though it's the last time he'll see them."
Jenny nodded and smiled. She was so proud of Patrick, and Pete was overjoyed, it was great to see him like this again. Pete sat up in the cart, kneeling on his knees, trying not to tip the cart over.
"So, do you think I'll get sympathy pains when me and you have a baby?" He asked. He knew it was totally irrational, and asking for trouble, they had moved in a month ago and here he was talking about babies. He was almost expecting Jenny to stare at him and tell him to shut the hell up, he was crazy and it was stupid to think about things like that.
"Well, we'll have to wait and see about that, sweetie, won't we?" She smiled back, leaning forward and giving him a kiss.
Pete flashed her his best grin and sat back down in the cart, continuing to read the back of god knows what they were buying for Patrick. Then the thought struck him. Was he finally taking control in his life? He never used to make plans, he would only break them after he had, but he didn't want to go back to the way he was before he met Jenny. She was his future.

"I love how the only way they can hold my hand is grabbing my whole pinky." Patrick grinned two nights later. He was at home, after spending almost all his waking hours at the hospital, being visited by his family, old friends, and of course, the guys and Jenny.
"Thank you so much, I really don't know how to thank you." Patrick told them, when they all brought their gifts to his house for him. Joe had bought two bouncers - the kind to attach to a door frame and let the kids bounce, though it was plainly obvious he had no idea what they were, and so Andy had advised him what to buy. Andy, on the other hand, had bought Patrick a double stroller, which, looking at it, was obvious it didn't come cheap, and Patrick was extremely grateful, and attempted to pay him back. Andy was having none of it. Pete and Jenny had bought Patrick baby gates for his stairs and doorways to his kitchen, and a matching set of baby monitors, along with two high chairs. Patrick was flattered by the amount of money all of them had each spent.
"I can't accept it. You guys have practically bought everything I needed."
"Well, you need all the help you can get." Jenny replied with a smile. "And we're the ones to give it to you."
"I know how you could repay us." Joe chimed in, and Andy and Pete both elbowed him at the same time.
"Why do you guys always elbow me?" Joe whined. Patrick laughed.
"Go on Joe, tell me how I can repay you."
"Well, a little namesake goes a long way." Joe hinted. Patrick nodded with a laugh, and they all turned in unison to hang over the crib, watching the babies.
"You know what? I would, but, I've kinda thought of names for them." He said softly, reaching down and stroking his daughter with his finger, which she immediately grabbed, a habit that had become her trademark and one of Patrick's favorite games to play at that age.
"Really? What?"
"Well, I thought I'd call this guy Joshua." He whispered, doing the same with his other pinky to his son, who tossed and turned relentlessly. He wasn't that fond of Patrick's game, a difference Patrick had noted between him and his sister already.
"Aww, hey Josh." They all said gently.
"And the girl?" Pete asked.
"Call her Andy. That's such a girly name." Joe teased. Andy looked offended.
"You're just jealous because it's Joshua instead of Joe, because Patrick has more sense than to call his good looking kid Joe."
"And the girl?" Pete repeated, ignoring Andy and Joe.
"I thought I'd call her Danielle. Danni for short."
"Amazing names." Jenny said, taking in every detail of the babies. They had that effect on everyone, that made them just want to watch them and look at every detail of their faces. It was scary how much they both looked like Patrick... just, smaller and one was a different sex.

When everyone had gone, Patrick once again went upstairs and stared at his children, until his legs became weak and shaking and he thought he would fall over if he didn't go to bed or sit down. He bent down and kissed them both, and whispered in their ears.
"I love you two so much. You're my life - I won't let anything come in the way of that. I promise."

Credit for the names goes to lonerstreet for Joshua, and Emma and patricksgirl84 for both suggesting the name Danielle/Danni. Well done. :D, and everyone else, thank you for the suggestions, they were all brilliant names.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, this is not the end of this story. There's plenty more to go. Opinions?
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