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Chapter Une

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Wow, im finally posting the crappy sequel. A bunch of you are probably going to hate it, but w/e. Im gonna start you off with a long one. This takes place 3 years after we last left off.

"Chris! Hurry up, buddy!" Mikey yelled up the stairs of MCR's large two story house.

"Mikey! Is he ready yet?" Veronica yelled from by the front door where she was waiting for them with Katherine.

"Yep, we're coming mommy." Christopher yelled, running up to Veronica in his little tux. Mikey was wearing a larger version of the same tux. Veronica and Katherine were wearing matching lilac dresses, only Veronica's was strapless. They all headed outside and go into Mikey's truck. Mikey pulled out of their driveway and left to go to the hall.

I suppose I better explain. Earlier that morning they had been to a wedding and now they are going to the reception. But who's wedding? I'm not going to tell you just yet.

When they arrived they walked in and met with Kaitlin. She was standing next to a tall guy with blue hair shaped into a small mohawk.

"Hey aunt k." Katherine said waving to Kaitlin.

"Hi little k." Kaitlin said picking Katherine up.

Katherine ran her hands through Kaitlin's newly died hair. "I like you new hair." She smiled. Kaitlin's once blonde hair was now jet black with purple highlights. "Mommy, can I get new hair that looks like auntie's?"

"Maybe in a few years." Veronica smiled down on her daughter. "I think the brown is fine for now though." Christopher and Katherine had definitely inherited their parents looks, they both had light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes like their mother. They're both tall and skinny like there dad, and even though they're only three, you could tell they were going to be scraggly teenagers. They both looked like each other, even though they weren't identical twins, and one would rarely be seen without the other.

"Oops, where are my manners?" Kaitlin laughed. "This is Sam, that guy I told you about." she gestured to the guy with the blue mohawk.

"It's nice to finally meet you." Veronica shook his hand.

"You too." Sam smiled, his lip ring glinted in the dim light of the hall. Sam looked down after Chris pulled on the coat of his tux.

"Mister Sam, are you going to marry Kaitlin like uncle Gerard married auntie Chloe?" Chris asked looking up at Sam.

"Maybe someday, little dude." Sam laughed.

Someone jumped out of the shadows and tackled Kaitlin.

"Frank, get your fat ass off me!" Kaitlin yelled. Frank stood up laughing.

"Hey Sam!" Frank said, waving like a weirdo.

"Hi Frankie!" Sam yelled, then ran over and hugged Frank.

"Um, sorry dude, but I'm not like that." Frank said pulling away. Kaitlin slapped Frank, who was laughing.

"Aww, no one loves me." Sam pouted.

"I do baby." Kaitlin said, then ran to him and kissed him.

"Yay!" Sam yelled and started to dance.

Whoop-di-doo, another thing to explain. Kaitlin and Frank broke it off about two months after we last left off. What they had was just a fling. There was no hard feelings and they were now close friends ( sorry dudes, but not "friends with benefits" if you know what I mean) .

"Let's go and see uncle Gerard and auntie Chloe!" Katherine yelled, then her and Chris bolted across the dance floor to where Gerard and Chloe were seated at the head table. Yep, they were the bride and groom on this happy full occasion.

"Hey little dude and dudette." Bert said as Chris and Katherine flew right past him to get to Gerard and Chloe. Chris climbed up and sat on Gerard's lap, Katherine doing the same right after him.

"Hi munchkins." Chloe said to them.

"Hi!" Chris waved frantically.

"Guess what Uncle Gerard." Katherine said happily.

"What?" Gerard said.

"Mommy and daddy say we get to go to a lot of states with you and auntie Chloe, uncle Bob, uncle Frank, uncle Ray, auntie Ellie, auntie Kaitlin, and our kinda uncle Sam." Chris finished for his sister.

"Yep you do, we're going on tour." Chloe said.

"What's tour?" ask Katherine.

"It's when we all go to a bunch of different places and play our music for our fans." Gerard said.

"Why do you play for fans? Aren't those just to keep you cool?" Chris asked confused.

"That's one kind of fan, but the kind we play for are just people who like out music." Gerard explained. The twins nodded then jumped up to find someone else to see before they had to leave.
Ok, so it wasnt THAT long, but it felt like a good place to cut it off. reviews=more.

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