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Chapter Deux

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Mikey and Veronica went and talked to Gerard and Chloe for awhile, then had to go find their kids.

They found them at the DJ station by Joel and Benji.

"Daddy! Joel and Benji taught us to spin a record!" Chris said, excited.

"Wow, I wish I knew how to spin a record." Mikey said.

"Don't worry daddy, we can teach you." Katherine said.

"Okay, sounds good." Mikey said. "Where are Bob, Bert, and Ray?"

"I don't know." Joel said. "Ask Gerard." Mikey nodded, kissed Veronica, then went off to find were his friends were.

"So, how's life been treating you since the time we saw you?" Benji asked Veronica as Joel entertained the twins by spinning the records.

"I saw you this morning, Benji." Veronica laughed.

"Before then, silly." Benji said ruffling her hair, it was still pink and black, she had decided she liked it that way. The last time Joel and Benji had seen Veronica was two months after the twins were born. Good Charlotte was too busy recording their album, Good Morning Revival, and touring.

"Good, the twins are a handful, but it helped having so many good friends to help with them." Veronica said, smiling over at her kids. "Them and Mikey are really the best thing that's ever happened to me." she continued, Benji nodded. "So, how's your life been going?"

"Same old, same old." Benji sighed. "Hectic fans and work schedules, bitches that think they can date us just for our money, Joel still hasn't gotten over Nicole."

"Speak of the devil." Veronica said, looking with disgust over at the door to the hall. Making a grand entrance were Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. Joel stared at them, shaking his head, then continued to spin the records for Chris and Katherine.

"Who invited them?" Veronica asked no one in general.

"Well, Lindsay is probably here for Pete, the other ones probably followed her." Benji said as they watched Lindsay run and pull Pete into a hug, Pete just looked uncomfortably towards Patrick whom he was in a conversation with.

Paris and Nicole started to walk over to Benji, Joel, Veronica, and the twins.

"Oh my god, what a surprise to see you guys here." Nicole said.

"Yeah, whoop-de-fucking-doo." Joel said.

"Aww, are these your kids Veronica?" Paris asked leaning down to see Katherine, Katherine and Chris ran to hide behind Veronica.

"Yea, they are." Veronica said. Mikey came over by Veronica, Bob, Bert, and Ray in tow.

"I found them!" Mikey shouted in triumph, Veronica laughed.

"Who? The sluts or Bob, Ray, and Bert?" Benji asked.

"Bob, Ray, and Bert, duh." Mikey said. "What are you guys doing here?" He asked Paris and Nicole.

"We're here with Lindsay." Nicole said. Lindsay dragged Pete over to them. Veronica saved Pete by asking him if he could help her get drinks for everyone.

"Um Pete, didn't you break up with Lindsay?" Veronica asked as she poured enough cups of punch for herself, Pete, Joel, Benji, Mikey, and the kids. She handed Pete four cups and she took three.

"I thought I had, but then she shows up and acts like we're still going out." Pete said.

"Well then you have to let her know its over. Plus, there's paparazzi here so you can make a scene, humiliate her, it'll be fun." Veronica smiled.
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