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The First Date Is Always a Bit of a Free Fall...

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What happens when a pleasant evening goes wrong? (Short story, so just give me three minutes of your life, and read it.)

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The boy and the girl sat silhouetted in the setting sun. The waves crashing on the beach far below set the sea birds wheeling in the sky, and crying in their mournful voices. Pebbles splashed into the water, set loose from the face of the cliff by the girl's bare toes. The boy was hugging one leg to his chest, and was letting the other dangle free over the edge of the cliff.

"I had a nice time tonight," the girl said. The boy nodded.

"I mean, I was so shocked when you asked me out, I didn't actually think that you would show. I mean, you're... you. Mr. Hottie-of-the-Year. And I'm just me. I'm definitely not part of your usual crowd." The girl explained.

The boy nodded at her, and flashed a brilliant smile. The girl smiled back, and looked back to the sea before her.

"And going bowling. It's so old school, but I had a ton of fun. I can't believe that you got a 299, I only got a 110. Of course, I did get six gutter balls, and you didn't get any. You're way too good at bowling for your own good. Do you bowl a lot?" The girl chattered.

Again, the boy nodded. He hadn't said much that evening besides tawdry pleasantries. It didn't worry his companion, however. It just added to his mysterious air.

"Cool. I think that I'd eventually end up accidentally killing myself if I bowled that much. Those lanes are way too slippery, and I'm a complete klutz," the girl said.

The boy grimaced, but managed to make it look like a smile. Why couldn't the girl stop her incessant talking, and enjoy the view? She was really starting to get on his nerves, but he had undertaken this task, and he was going to see it through. So he smiled and nodded, if only to keep the girl happy.

"Anyways, I'm sorry that my dad totally chewed you out when you came to my house to pick me up. He doesn't trust me with boys; he seems to think that they'll take advantage of my 'innocent demeanor.' Whatever. He needs to get a life that isn't mine. So what if the boy I want to date drives a motorcycle?" she asked, and motioned to the black Harley behind them.

"I mean, honestly. I'm sixteen, not six. I have a feeling that my dad won't trust me until I'm sixty. I want to do something exciting! Something with risk!" She threw her arms around herself, and stretched her legs out into the air over the abyss.

The boy grinned, and stood up. This was the perfect opportunity to do what he wanted to do.

The girl gave him a confused look. "What're you doing?" she asked.

"Just stand up," the boy said. His voice was raspy, as though he had been screaming at a concert for too long. The girl gave him a questioning look, but stood up anyway.

"Good. Now stand at the edge of the cliff." The boy said. The girl gave him a confused look.

"Don't worry, I'll hold onto you. I won't let you fall," he said comfortingly.


"Do you trust me?" the boy asked.

"But..." the girl repeated.

"Do you trust me?" the boy demanded again, giving the girl a piercing stare.

"Yes, I do." The girl whispered, her words barely a breath on the wind.

"Then trust me. Now, close your eyes, spread your arms, and stand on the edge of the cliff," the boy said.

The girl did as he requested, and smiled as the wind blew against her from the sea. She relished the feeling of flying through the air on the imaginary wings of a sea bird. The boy put his hands on her waist, keeping her from falling. Just as he had promised.

"I've got a secret to tell you." The boy whispered in her ear after a long moment. The girl nodded to show that she was listening.

"You chose wrong," the boy hissed. The girl looked back at the boy, confused, only to be shoved off the cliff.

The sensation of flying became more intense for the girl, until the tug of gravity pulled her towards the ground, which was coming much too quickly for the girl's liking. What was it that they told you to do when you were falling? Curl up into a ball? No, that wasn't it. Nothing stood out in the girl's mind to do, so she just enjoyed the sensation of free fall. Her hair streaming away from her face, and tears streaming from her eyes, the cold sea breeze blowing around her. Then the girl realized that she was falling. That she was falling quite quickly towards the jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff, where land met sea.

The boy ignored the girl's scream, and the subsequent end of the scream in a very unpleasant noise. The boy put one hand to his ear, and spoke.

"Motherplanet, this is Nunchuck Fygrolp. The problem has been terminated. Repeat, the human girl who knew too much has been set out to sea. I'll be home within three thousand light years." He said. The boy walked over to his motorcycle, and put his helmet on. The moment it was on, he touched a button inside it, and his skin became a dusky purple color. He got on his motorcycle, revved it, and sped off the cliff, into the newly night sky.

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