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Standing Under The Lights

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[Short Patrick Story] He walked into the battle of the bands, wanting one prize. He walked out with another.

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Rory Lewis kept her eyes closed tightly as she muttered a prayer to herself. Her hands laced together tightly in front of her. She finished and opened her eyes to see one of her band mates and best friends, Havanh standing before her.

"Keep saying those prayers because we're going to need them tonight." She motioned around to their current surroundings.

Rory, Havanah and the rest of their band, Killing Terror were at one of the biggest events that year. Battle of the bands in Chicago. The bands that would play tonight had come through the first audition, and then made it into the top twenty five. From there they went to the top fifteen and the top five. Tonight the whole competition was on the line. It was all or nothing after tonight, they either won it or they didn't. Winning was a pretty big deal because the prize was the chance to play at Bamboozle and represent Chicago. It could be there big chance. The other band was pretty big around Chicago and went by the name of MEST. They were pretty established with what they had. The other band was a band the girls had pinpointed as new comers because they had never seen or heard of them before. They went by the name of Fall Out Boy. The other two bands Rory hadn't bothered to learn the names of because she didn't see them as much competition. She sounded cocky, but she had to be to get her band anywhere in the world.

"We're going to need a lot more than my prayers." She laughed, shaking her head. "Where is Emily and Jessie?" She hadn't seen them since they had gotten backstage.

"I think they're getting their shit together and getting ready to go out on stage. We're on third." She said. "You should be doing your vocal warm ups." She told her.

"You too!" Rory accused.

"Hey, I'm just back up vocals. My bass does the real work." Havanah laughed, shaking her head. "I'm ready to go. I'm pumped." She smiled, but lost Rory's attention.

The boys of Fall Out Boy had walked past at that exact moment. They must have been the first or second band up because they were getting their stuff ready to go. Rory kept her eyes on one of the guys. She had taken notice of him the first time they had met. He was pretty cute with dirty blonde hair. He also had a pair of stunning green eyes. She had really wanted to talk to him, but he for the most part was the enemy.

"Ror, knock it off. He's cute yeah, not as cute as his friend..." She got caught up herself for a minute. "No, they're the enemy. We must destroy them." Havanah laughed.

"Alright, they're the enemy, but we don't have to destroy anyone." Rory laughed. "We just have to win the competition, that's all."

"You take everything I say so literal." Havanah laughed, shaking her head. "I didn't mean we were going to set them on fire or anything crazy like that." She smiled. "Stop staring." She hit her friend, who still hadn't peeled her eyes away from the singer of the band.

"I'm not staring." Rory said as she finally broke her attention away from the singer and tried to focus only on her friend. "I should go wish them luck." She said as she walked away from Havanah and over to the guys of Fall Out Boy.

She cleared her throat a little bit and smiled as she caught his attention. "Hi, I just wanted to come over and wish you guys luck. You're really good." She nodded.

"You're in Killing Terror, aren't you?" Patrick asked, giving her his full amount of attention. He had watched them play a few times and he really liked them. He was surprised when she came over to talk to him.

"Yeah." She nodded. "I'm surprised you know our name." She smiled. "I'm Rory." She offered him her hand.

"Patrick." He shook her hand. "Of course I know you're band. You guys are awesome." He nodded. "I watched you when you played last week and a few of the times before that. I like that one song you guys sing. The one called..." He searched his mind for the title of the song. "Uhm, oh...Hearts and Halos." He smiled.

"Aw, that's so sweet of you. Thank you. You guys have some awesome stuff too." She smiled and wrapped her arms around herself as she wasn't sure where to go after that. Things would be broken up when they had to take the stage in a few minutes.

"Dude, the enemy. What are you doing?" A guy walked over with a bass hanging from his neck.

Patrick laughed. "Rory this is Pete, my pigheaded bassist." He smiled. "Pete this is Rory from Killing Terror."

"Nice to meet you, Peter." Rory shook his hand. "I swear he sounds just like my bassist. Only you guys are the enemy." She laughed.

"Oh, is she single?" Pete smiled as he looked over to where Havanah was standing.

"Yes, but isn't she the enemy?" Rory smirked as she looked at him.

"She's a hot enemy." He said as he walked over to where Havanah was standing and started to chat her up.

Rory turned to start talking to Patrick again but they had to be rushed onto the stage. "I'm sorry, we can talk afterwards. Good luck!" Patrick called as he pulled Pete onto the stage and their band played two songs for the crowd and the judges.

After their turn it was turn for Killing Terror to go onto the stage and play their hearts out. The girls had taken their places and played their set of songs. They had done really well, they weren't sure if they were any better than anyone else, but they didn't mess up and that was what counted. At least to them.

The last three bands played and then everyone was brought onto stage for the announcing of the winner. All the girls stood together, holding hands. They wanted nothing more for their names to be called, but either way it had been a great experience and they had gotten their name out there a lot more than they would have.

"And, the winner is...." The announcer stood on front of the stage with an envelope in his hand. Alright, get on with it already, this isn't the freaking Grammy's. "Fall Out Boy!" There was a wave of cheers and applause and the other bands were then escorted off the stage.

Standing backstage Rory and Havanah had stuck around to congratulate the guys. Rory stayed because she wanted to see Patrick again and congratulate him. Havanah wanted to see Pete again, give him a hard time and then maybe take him out back and have her way with him. Or, that's what she said. They both knew she'd chicken out anyway.

Coming off the stage Patrick smiled as he saw Rory. Pete ran past him and over to Havanah and it seemed as though the two were having a pretty interesting time as within second they were making out all over the place. He shook his head as he walked over to Rory.

"Guess we're not enemies anymore, huh?" He laughed as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

"No, I guess now." She laughed. "Congratulations, you guys did great!" She smiled and extended her hand to him again.

Patrick smiled and shook his hand. "You guys rocked out too though." He smiled. "It should have been a tie." He smiled. "But, why don't you let me make it up to you?"

"And, how would you do that?" She asked, a smile present on her face. Could he possibly be asking her out on a date?

"Let me take you to dinner?" He asked, looking at his watch. It was only eleven-thirty. They could do a late dinner.

"Sounds good." She smiled and nodded.

Patrick outstretched his hand and she took it in hers and they walked out of the place. So, they didn't win the competition but both she and Havanah were going home with prizes. She liked Patrick, maybe she'd keep him around for a while and it'd be a win win situation for everyone involved.

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