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Queen Of Hearts

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[Short Patrick Story.] Patrick loves to produce records. But, when he told Pete he would produce his new artist, he wasn't sure what he got himself into.

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Magdalena Ross sat patiently at the table, her legs crossed and her hands intertwined with one another. Her foot was shaking back and forth almost silently. She was so anxious because today she had a meeting with Patrick Stump.

Magdalena was the newest addition to the DecayDance family. DecayDance is run by Peter Wentz, who is Patrick Stump's best friend. Magdalena was the first girl solo artist signed to the label.

The only reason Magdalena was so nervous about the meeting was because growing up, her last few years had been spent a fan of the band Fall Out Boy. She was an even bigger fan of Pete's words and ability to play the bass, and of Patrick's vocal ability and genius producing ability. A few of the albums he had produced were constantly playing on her i-pod.

She had gotten over her nervousness around Pete ever since he had started to talk to her about signing her. He had become like a big brother to her. It didn't hurt her record contract that he was also extremely interested in her best friend.

It would have been a lot easier meeting if Pete had been there with her. However, Patrick wanted to meet with just Magdalena to sort of get a feel for the direction that she wanted for her debut album. He wanted to get a better feel for who she was and being alone with her made that easier.

Magdalena was different than most solo female artists her age. She was nothing like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. In the need to lump her into a general category you could say she was like Avril Lavigne or Fefe Dobson. But, once you got to know her, you could tell she was not like either of them. Her music was a lot more edgier than Fefe Dobson. And, unlike Avril she didn't play the guitar for show once in a while. Hers never left her sight or her hand. She always wanted a hand in the music, besides just using her voice.

Sitting at the table, she pulled her hands apart and began to tap her thumb against the edge of the table. The meeting was supposed to start at one o'clock, but just a few minutes before one, a secretary had come in and told her that Patrick had called and he was going to be a little on the late side.

Looking at her watch, it was now a little after one. She was about to get up and looked out into the hallway when the door open. Magdalena turned to look and smiled seeing Patrick. Taking a deep breath, she stood up fixing her shirt. "Hello, Mr. Stump." She smiled.

Patrick shook his head. "Please, Patrick." He told her. "Call me Patrick." He said.

"Okay, Patrick." She gave a nervous smile. "I'm Magdalena, you can call me Maggie. Everyone does." She nodded. "It's so incredibly awesome to meet you."

"I've heard so many awesome things about you. And, I'm so sorry I'm late. Traffic in California is horrendous." He took a look at the table. "Let's sit." He held her chair out for her.

"Thank you." She smiled as she put her hands on the table and looked towards him, waiting for him to start.

"Anytime." He smiled, sitting down himself. "So, you're only nineteen?" He asked, making small talk at first. He wanted to know more about her before they started to talk business. It always made business go a lot smoother.

"Yeah, I'm not that much younger than you." She was trying to get comfortable with him. It would make things so much easier.

"No. Only three years." He nodded. "You've always lived New York?" He questioned. It would be impossible for them to work together if she was so nervous.

"Well, I was born in France, but my parents were only there on vacation. So, when I was two months old we came back to New York." She began to play with the ring on her finger. She was still a little nervous. Talking to Patrick was a lot different than talking to Pete.

"That's awesome." Patrick smiled, this obviously wasn't going to get any easier. "So, do you have any idea's on where you want to go with your music?" He decided to just get down to business.

"I just want it to be very real and honest." She met his eyes. "I don't want to be singing any fictional songs, ya know?" She paused. "I've been through enough stuff to be real with people." She knew he could respect that.

"Totally awesome. Do you have any songs or lyrics, rather, in mind?" He had taken notice to the papers scattered in front of her on the table.

"I have a few..." She gathered them up and began to show him.

"Wow, some of those are amazing." He said, as he looked over them again. "Do you want to head out to the studio and start working on some of these?" He questioned as he put his car keys in his pocket.

Magdalena smiled brightly. "I would love it." She gathered up her belongings and followed him out of the little office. Magdalena followed Patrick through a series of hallways and down a flight of stairs. They got to a room and walked inside. Patrick turned on the light and shut the door. He pulled out a chair and motioned for her to sit down.

After a few hours of non-stop working, they had made a major amount of progress. They had finished some of her already started songs and they had also made plans to meet again and start working on the actual music of it all.

"So...." Patrick bit his lip. "Do you think maybe we could get together for pleasure?" He asked.

Magdalena smirked. "Remember when you asked me what I wanted to name the album?"

"Yeah..." He trailed off.

"And, I said Queen Of Hearts..."

"Right..." He wasn't sure where she was going with this.

Magdalena stood up. "They call me the Queen of Hearts because without fail every guy falls for me." She smirked. "I collect hearts. You're going to have to earn your way to me." She got up. "Good night, Patrick."

"Night..." Patrick watched her go in shock. He couldn't believe she had just said that to him. This supposedly sweet and shy girl. He was definitely intrigued. He was just going to have to earn it, if not because he wanted her, but because she was going to keep him wondering otherwise. He got up, shut off the lights and left with the Queen of Hearts on his mind.
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