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And After Everything, You're Still Here

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[Short Pete Story] They were the best of friends, they didn't let their ended relationship change that either.

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"Livana, we've been together so long." Pete frowned as he stared at his girlfriend. Making this decision was the hardest thing he had ever had to do in the short 21 years of his life.

"What is it Pete?" She looked up at him, she was only two inches shorter but it still made all the difference in the world. Her blue eyes sparkled against the moon light. They had been out most of the night, just doing the things they loved to do.

"I think we need to break up." The words left his throat and they stung. He had been thinking it for so long, that he couldn't actually believe that the words were leaving his mouth. He had the nerve to break up with her and break her heart.

Livana looked down at the ground. She heard those two words that she never ever wanted to hear come from him. Break up. Why? They had been so happy, or at least she thought so. He loved her, didn't he? She wasn't sure anymore. But, if he wanted to break up then she would just have to let him go. "If that's what you want, Pete." She said as her eyes fell from his once again and she slowly let go of his hand. She was reluctant to let go. It was the last time she'd ever get to touch him in that way.

Pete let go of her hand as she pulled away. He looked at her once more before grabbing his jacket and walking off of her porch, leaving her standing there by herself. He could never really leave her behind though. They would have to remain best friends. They just seemed to make better friends than they did lovers. Each day made him feel like he was longing for more.

"Pete!!" Livana smiled as she ran down her drive way and jumped into his awaiting arms. She hugged him tightly, hoping to never let go. It had been many months since he had been to visit her and Frank.

Frank, of course was her husband. She had been married last year at the tender age of 25 and Pete was there for her just like he had always been. After they broke up so many years ago they remained the best of friends. He wasn't going to let it go any other way. He needed her in his life, one way or another.

"Livy!" He smiled and spun her around before putting her back down on the ground. "I have someone I want you to meet." He pointed to a female standing towards the other side of the car. Someone Livana hadn't taken notice of until she was pointed out.

"Hi!" Livana smiled as she went over and shook her hand. She knew all too well that this was Pete's girlfriend. She was the first she had ever seen though. Maybe it was serious this time. That would be good for him. "I'm Livana." She nodded.

"Lynette." She nodded. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've heard so much." Lynette wrapped her arms around herself and smiled.

"Anything he told you was a complete lie. I'm a good girl." Livana teased as she looked at Pete who had a look on his face that said shut up. "Well, come on inside. There's a bit of a party waiting for us." She smiled.

The three walked towards the house and getting inside, Skippy immediately started to bark at Pete. From visit to visit he never seemed to remember him.

"Shud up!" One year old Mason toddled out of the living room and walked over to the dog, pushing him playfully.

"Is he walking already?!" Pete squatted down to Mason's height and smiled at him. "Hey Mason."

"Shud up!" He looked at Pete and gave him a baby giggle.

"He told me to shut up." Pete stood up and walked into the living room where Frank was sitting. "What's up?" The two greeted each other and everyone sat down.

"Hey man." Frank greeted him as he made sure to keep a close eye on Mason who was busy chasing the dog around and trying to grab his tail. For a one year old he was pretty steady on his feet and pretty smart when it came to playing with the dog.

"So, what's new, Mrs. Iero?" Pete asked as he sat down on the couch and looked at his best friend.

She smiled and shook her head. "Nothing much, Mr. Wentz, what about you?" She laughed. "I've just been doing the Mommy thing."

"You do it so well." Pete laughed as Mason started to cry and Livana immediately stood up and picked up her son. He smiled as he watched her. She really was such a good mommy. He hoped his wife would be that good with his kids.

The four of them and Mason spent the rest of the time chatting and talking about any random things that came to mind. At around 6 o'clock they had ordered some dinner and Pete went to help Livana with making the plates and serving it while Gerard chatted up Lynette.

"So, is it getting serious?" Livana asked as she started to make some plates up of the food everyone had ordered.

"I think so." Pete smiled as he got out four forks and four knives. "I really like her, Livvy."

"I can tell, Pete." She nodded. "I haven't seen you this happy in..." She bit her lip. "Almost five years."

Pete smiled. "Since I've been with you." He nodded. "I haven't been this happy since then." He walked over and embraced her in a hug. "I'm so glad that after everything we've been through I can still count on you." He kissed her head.

"Always." She smiled. "Who else would hang out with their ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend?" She laughed grabbing two of the plates.

"Only you, babe." He laughed and followed her out of the room and into the living room where everyone would get to eat their dinner.

She would always be his best friend no matter what. They were there for years for each other. Nothing could change that. There was no rule that said that relationships had to end up badly.
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