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Stupid Little Love Song

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[Short Patrick Story] Luna and Patrick are from completely different sides of the world. Could they ever meet up to have something in common?

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Luna Mitchells dropped her bag next to her on the floor and the guitar case next to that. She had taken her usual seat in the back of the class. Oh, how she hated Math. She leaned back against the lockers that for some reason were in the back of every class room even though they were never used. That was the one of the many things that sucked about Morrison High. Nothing ever made sense with the way that they did things. The thoughts were thrown from her head when she felt her stomach grumble. It had been a few days since she ate anything. There was nothing she could do when they didn't have the money for food and even with her job, it just barely paid the bills.

Luna looked up when she saw the person sit down in front of her. It was him, he was here today. She had stared at this kid's head for the past six months and she was begining to be able to tell when one hair was out of place. However, that was rarely the case. She had even been so intrigued by this boy's hair that she even went out of her way to find out about him.

His name was Patrick Stump and he was sort of a big deal around Morrison High. He came from a long line of great people which had made him acquire some wealth. His grandfather had fought in world war two and had gotten a purple heart for his braveness and some other things she wasn't sure of. His mother, was actually the senator of Illinois. His father was a high powered lawyer and his brother had been accepted and went to Harvard. His family had a lot of power and money. He was the kind of guy who could drive around in a limo and go to the most expensive and high class private school. Yet, for some reason he had come to Morrison High.

Luna had assumed it was because he just wanted something of a semi-normal life. That he didn't want to follow the paths of other rich kids and have his nose so far up in the air that he couldn't see where he was going. However, she could be wrong. The fact that they all could be wrong kept a lot of kids from befriending him. He was shy, on the thin side and had long blondish brown hair. Not so long that it touched his shoulders, but it was longer than most boys their age. He didn't wear mini leisure suits or a button down shirt and a tie. He dressed like a normal teenager. But, maybe it was all a facade? Maybe he had seen the movie Richie Rich one too many times.

Luna was snapped out of her thoughts when the bell rang. She couldn't have been staring at him all period? She couldn't have spent forty five minutes of Mr. Mathers' class thinking about Patrick, could she? Yes, she did. And, she did it often. She had seemed to develop some sort of crush on Patrick and it was beginning to affect her every thought or every movement. Sometimes she found herself going out of her way to follow him to class just so she'd get those few extra minutes with him. Even if she never did engage in a conversation with him. After all, he was a hot shot. She'd never dare to talk to him. She was from the wrong side of the tracks for him.

Another two periods and it was lunch time. Luna was sitting at her usual table; however the two people she usually sat with had been out today. Go figure. The three of them were rarely absent and when one chose to be absent the other one had been sick as well. She had never been so grateful for a Monday. School was the only place she could get a meal. Might not be a very good one, but it was free and that was all she needed. It was the weekends that were the hardest.

She munched down on the piece of pizza they had served in the cafeteria today. It might have been too crunchy to be considered actual pizza, but beggars can't be choosers and she was most definitely a beggar. She looked up from her Styrofoam plate when she felt someone sit next to her. She looked over and smiled a bit. She knew that ear, and those cheeks, and definitely that hair. Patrick had come over and sat next to her, but why?

"Hi, I'm Patrick." He said, looking at her. He knew why she was looking at him so strangely, but he was tired of sitting alone and she was sitting alone, so what could it hurt? The most she could do was turn around and tell him to get lost. It wasn't like that hadn't happened before.

"Hi, I'm Luna. I sit-" She said as she extended her hand.

He took her hand and shook it. "Behind me in math." He nodded. "I'd recognize that bag and guitar case anywhere." He smiled. "Do you mind if I sit with you?" He asked.

"No, not at all." She said as she finished her lunch. "I could use the company. My friends both decided to play hookie today and not tell me." She laughed a little bit and took a sip of her chocolate milk.

"Aw, well I'm sorry they did that." He laughed. "So, uhm did you get what Mr. Mathers' was teaching today?" He asked.

"I completely day dreamed through that whole class. I don't think I even wrote the date on the paper." She laughed. "What was he teaching?" She asked.

"Statistics." He nodded. "He seems to think it's important that we know that. Or, rather the stage of Illinois thinks we need to know Statistics." He shrugged his shoulders a little bit.

Luna let out a small laugh. He was turning out to be a pretty funny guy and that made him just all that cuter to her. "I don't think I need to know that. It has nothing to do with music, so I don't need to know it."

"Ah, an inspiring musician. I love it." He smiled. "What do you play? Bass, guitar?" He was very curious.

Luna was surprised he wanted to know what she played. He didn't seem like he would be musically inclined. "I play bass." She nodded. "I have a kind of beat up old one I found in the garbage and fixed up, so I'm not even sure what company made it, but it gets the job done. Maybe when I work some more I'll save up enough money for one." She said and then cringed hating the fact that she gave away so much information about herself.

"That's awesome. You find some of the best stuff in the garbage. I love dumpster diving! You can get so much stuff and then fixing it up is the best part!" He smiled, enthusiastically.

Luna smiled and nodded, but the moment was disrupted again by the bell ringing. She sighed and got up throwing out her garbage. "It was nice meeting you, Patrick. See you in Math." She picked up her stuff and headed towards the door.

"Hey, Luna!" He called after her. "Do you want to go out sometime?" He asked as he caught her eyes. He didn't want her to reject him and he was confident she wouldn't.

Luna looked at him and frowned. "I would like that, but I can't. We're two from different sides of the world. All the difference between parties and minimum wage jobs, taxi's and limo's." She shook her head.

"What does that have to do with anything?" He stood up and looked at her, as he threw out his tray.

"Because all I'd have to offer you is a stupid little love song." She said as she slung her guitar on her back.

"That's okay. I've never found anyone who'd give me a stupid little love song." He smiled at her.

Luna smiled and looked down before taking the pen out of her pocket. She walked over and scribbled her number into his hand, before walking out of the cafeteria and to her next class.

Patrick smiled and looked at the number before smirking and grabbing his bag going out the opposite doors. He may have a lot of money, but money can't buy you love, or stupid little love songs.
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