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The Night Fades

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[Short Patrick Story] Based on the Deja Entendu song. He only wanted to hold her.

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Walking into the party, he quickly looked around. He spotted her leaning against the wall, in such a position that made her body curve in all of the right places. There was a drink placed neatly in her hand. Somehow, this girl even managed to give one of this ugly red plastic cups some class.

The stinging of his wet clothes brought him back to his reality. Upon getting to the party, which his best friend Peter was hosting, he had been a victim of some kids joke and had been tossed into the pool.

When he couldn't find Peter to ask for something to change into he decided to just do it. He knew Peter wouldn't mind. Getting upstairs, he saw couples sneaking around already and he hoped there weren't people in Peter's room. Knowing his luck, there were bound to be people in there.

Getting closer to the room, his steps became smaller. As he approached the door he could see that it was open just the slightest bit. Surely anyone who was doing anything in there would have enough common sense to shut and even lock the door. Or, at least he had hoped so. Mankind however often failed him and he was growing tired of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Finally getting to the room he used his foot to push the door open some more. He peeked his head inside and was extremely relieved when nobody was present. Going inside, he immediately went for the bottom right hand dresser drawer knowing fully well it was where Pete's mom had put any clothes left behind on any of the many times they and their friends had "sleep overs." He had forgotten all about the drawer until then.

He quickly grabbed some of the clothes out of the drawer and made his way into the bathroom which was connected to Pete's room. He changed his clothes and then took his wet clothes throwing them in the hamper for now. He didn't want to just leave wet clothes lying around Pete's bathroom, which was for once clean.

Walking out of the bathroom he reached over and hit the light switch, making sure to shut the door behind him. He knew Mrs. Wentz was a stickler for the electric bill. Stepping into the room he looked around wondering why the lights were off and all he hoped was that there were not people in the room now. As he walked towards the door silently, he was stopped by a pair of hands on his chest. Squinting his eyes he saw her, the girl from earlier standing there.

He was about to speak when he was forced onto the bed on his back as she began to crawl on top of him. This wasn't good. What the hell was she doing? His mind raced a million miles a minute and he just hoped and prayed someone would walk in.

Her hands were roaming around his body, pulling and grabbing at his clothes while her lips and tongue followed after. Her hands moved down to his newly put on pants and he felt the zipper and button being undone. His breath got caught in his throat as he fought to keep a normal breathing pattern.

Patrick's mind began to wander. He was the only one of his friends left with his virginity. And, despite all of the details his friends had poured onto him over the lunch table after everyone had started having sex, didn't seem to help. In the end it had just made him more nervous.

The worst part of it all was that he didn't know why she was doing this. He didn't know her. They had never even talked before. Yes, he admired her from a far and the only reason she was at the party was because Pete knew he liked her. Pete! Could this be all his doing? Pete was pretty slick. He could have had those kids pushed him in the pool, knowing he'd go upstairs to change and then he'd send her after him. Her. He didn't even know her name and he didn't like that.

He was brought back to his reality when he could feel her body pressed against his, both of their clothes not off but moved to allow for certain body parts to touch. He was losing his innocence and he didn't like it. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. He didn't want it to happen this way. Call him a hopeless romantic, if you'd like but he wanted to lose it to someone he loved. Although, he'd never dare to share that information with his friends. Nope, because then he'd be labeled a homo or a pussy, and he wouldn't want to add anymore oddities about himself to their already growing list.

He could feel the knot form in his stomach as he endured this. He wasn't enjoying it. Endure was the perfect word for this situation. Her moans were filling the room and he was wondering how she was even getting off with him being so out of tune with what was going on. He could only assume she was faking it. He didn't care either way, he just wanted it to be over with.

His hands still pinned down at his sides he felt her body move from his. He watched her for a second before closing his eyes and wishing that it was all a bad dream. He did not want this to be a reality. He kept his eyes closed tightly, but he could still see the light come into the room when she opened the door. It was so dark in there and so bright out there that it messed with his head.

The door shut and she was gone. He waited a few moments before getting up and cleaning himself off. This had gone so terribly wrong. Sitting at the edge of the bed, he turned on the light and sat there thinking for what seemed like forever.

The door opened, breaking Patrick from his thoughts. Looking up he came face to face with Peter who looked exhausted, but like he had been well spent through out the night. That must have meant that Ashlyn was present at this particular party.

"Dude, are you okay? Everyone went home like hours ago. Me and Ashlyn were cleaning up the mess." Pete said as he watched his friend. He was like a statue.

"All I wanted to do was hold her..." Patrick said numbly before getting up and leaving.

Pete watched him go, he was utterly confused and he could only imagine what had gone on in his bed. It was at that moment he decided he need to burn those sheets and get new ones.

All the thoughts filled Patrick's mind as he took the short walk home. A walk that usually took him five minutes seemed to be lasting for hours. He couldn't believe what had happened that night. It all seemed so surreal. Was it really just that easy? Was something he had with him for the last eighteen years really gone in a matter of minutes? Minutes he didn't even enjoy? Shaking his head, he walked into the house. What's done is done and he couldn't change it. However, all in all he really did just want to hold her. And, if he ever got the chance, he'd tell her that.
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