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Gone Before Morning

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[Short Patrick Story] Patrick met this girl in a bar, things get a little crazy after that.

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Deanna sat in the small bar on the corner of Lexington Street. She was tucked into the corner of the bar, a drink at her hands. She had just wanted to escape the hustle and hassle of everyday life. She had not been one to have an easy life. Her first drink had come and gone in a blur. The second was gone just as easily. As, she sat there sipping on her third drink, she was starting to loosen up. Her fake I.D. had gotten her into the bar and when she first sat down she was nervous as hell that she'd be caught. That was the last thing she needed on top of everything else. Busted for underage drinking.

It wasn't even like she was a year or even two off. Deanna was a baby, she was at that tender age of seventeen where everything seemed to be wrong. She had no idea where she wanted to go in her life and it just made everything all that much harder. When all of her friends were deciding what high school's to go to, Deanna was trying to figure out where to get the money to even try and take the placement tests. She had applied for what seemed like thousands of scholarships and hadn't gotten any of them. She was a good student and worked very hard so that she would be able to get into a good school. And, when scholarship time rolled around she had been the first to apply to a lot of them. It killed her to watch the kids around her, who goofed off for most of their high school career get scholarships to some of the best schools in the country.

Then there was him. Mike De Luca. He had been Deanna's boyfriend for as long as she could care to remember. Her life was never complete without him, but it had been going on three months now since they broke up. He had been nothing short of unfaithful. And, not one or two times. It had run the whole time they were together. He was constantly sleeping with other girls. His excuse was that Deanna was the girl he loved and she loved him. The other girls didn't count because he used them just for sex. He had honestly believed it too. He didn't see why she needed to break up with him. But, as hard as it was, she did indeed break up with him. Unfortunately, she had too slept with him.

As she finished her third drink she called the bartender over and ordered another one. He knew she looked too young to be drinking, but well she had the I.D. and he couldn't turn down a customer. She did have three drinks though. He knew when to cut people off.

"I really don't think you need another." He said, as he took the glass but his eyes lingered on her for a few more moments.

"I'm paying for them, I'm not driving, give me another drink." She said, her voice was so stern that it even surprised her. She didn't want to be mean to him, but he was in no way in any position to tell her that she couldn't have another drink. That was no way to run a business. That's all that it was, a business. As long as he got his money, what did he care if she had four or forty. He didn't, so he didn't need to pretend.

She took a bit longer with her fourth drink as she nursed it gently. She wanted this one to last a little bit longer, seeing as the bartender had hesitated to give it to her. She wanted to savor the flavor and the feeling she got as she took each sip. In such a cliche way, it was truly better than sex.

Turning, Deanna leaned against the wall, this way she had a complete view of the whole bar and she could see everyone and take note of what everyone was doing. Her eyes scanned the first batch of people, there were a few older gentlemen sitting at the bar, sipping on their drinks, talking about sports and a few of them played cards. Looking past them, there were younger people surrounding the pool table. Past them, were another group of people. Young guys, they seemed to be only a little bit older than herself. Perhaps, legal. Perhaps, not. This bar was particularly easy to get into with a fake I.D.

She took notice of a few of the guys. They all seemed about the same age, but they were all different. Sometimes when you hung out with a group of people they all tended to look a like. She took a sip from her drink with the straw she had requested. She hated drinking right out of the glasses. She never knew where they had been before. She was a little bit of a germ freak. We're not talking like Michael Jackson or anything, but just enough that she could get freaked out by certain things.

Going back to the guys she looked them over. The first one had long brown hair, it was kind of wavy and kind of reminded her of Mary Tyler Moore. He had a beard and wore glasses. He was cute. Her eyes spotted the next one. He was taller than the rest, and she had to squint to make out his features. He had curly brown hair and she couldn't tell much else about him. He was way too far away and she didn't have her glasses with her at the time.

The third guy they were with was a shorter, much shorter guy, with darker skin and dark hair. He looked to maybe be Indian, or even mixed black and white. She couldn't exactly pinpoint his nationality, though. Nor, did she care. She spotted the guy he was talking to. He was very handsome. He had blondish brown hair, tucked neatly under a hat. He had what looked like amazing green eyes that laid behind black rimmed glasses. She kept staring at him until somehow he returned her gaze. Feeling frightened by being caught looking at him she looked back to her drink and down the rest. She banged on the bar, wanting to the bartender to get her another, but he seemed to be ignoring her.

Her breath got jumbled up with her words inside her throat as she tried to get another drink and she could see him coming closer. She didn't want this. She didn't want a confrontation. She just wanted to admire this handsome guy from a far. He was going to be an ass hole and say something stupid to her. All guys did that. It was like in the manual or something. Find an insecure girl who thought you were the best looking thing since Bon Jovi and then embarrass her to no end. This time it wouldn't work out that well though. She had no friends with her to be embarrassed in front of. And, well his friends seemed to be hanging back. She took a deep breath as he stopped in front of her.

Looking up she met his gaze and his smile. It was even more incredible up close. She had no idea what was going to happen and she was frightened to find out. He just had the most hypnotizing eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Even just attempting to speak surprised Deanna herself.

"Hi." He smiled at her. "I'm Patrick." He extended his hand and she immediately met his. Taking it, he kissed it. He was really laying on the charm on this one. She wasn't like the rest, she seemed more reserved might not be the right word, but it fit. She made it seem like she wasn't there for what everyone else was. Meaningless sex with a stranger. One night of passion with someone you didn't know, and would never see again. That intrigued him about her and when Pete had pointed her out, he had to jump on the chance. No pun intended of course.

"Hi." She managed to choke out. She was beginning to feel very at ease with this green eyed stranger. There was just something about him that made her feel very relaxed. "Deanna. My name's Deanna." She nodded, as she leaned back on the wall, arching her back a little bit.

"Very pretty name." He smirked, his eyes moving from her face down to her chest. "So, uhm..." He leaned forward, pressing his body against hers. He wanted her and he was going to get her. "You wanna go home with me?"

Deanna bit her lip and nodded a little bit. She did want to go with him, he was so intoxicating. She just wanted to be with him. "Yeah." She nodded, and moved closer to him so that there lips were only about an inch apart. Their breathing could be felt on each other's lips. "What are we waiting for?" She asked as she grabbed her bag from next to her.

"Nothing." He smirked, and took her hand leading her towards the door. "One night only, baby." He whispered as he brought her out of the bar. His friends watching as Patrick scored another.

The two didn't hesitate on where to go, her parents were out of town for the weekend and that meant an empty house. Deanna was an only child. They stumbled through the dark, and up the stairs to her bedroom. Their lips were pressed together and hardly left each other as they climbed the stairs. Patrick had grown to be very good at this.

Quickly getting upstairs he had managed to rid both of them of their clothing before going to work on her. There was strong sense of passion between the two of them and they could feel it every time they touched. It was something neither of them had experienced before, no matter how many times Patrick tried to believe it was just his imagination and it was like every other time. And, like every other time, he finished and laid there for moments letting her fall asleep before he quickly made his exit. It was after all only one night.

The next morning soon rolled around Deanna sat up, sheet clutched tightly to her chest. She had met the most amazing man last night, and she had looked forward to seeing him again in the morning. As, she got up she looked around for any signs of him but there were none. After searching the whole house she realized that he was gone. He had used her for sex, that was all that he wanted. He was just another guy who had taken advantage of her. Another thing in her life that had gone terribly wrong. And, the chances were good that she'd never see him again.
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