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Dirty Laundry

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[Short Joe Story] Cute-sy story I wrote for my friend. You meet the most unexpected people in a laundrymat.

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Joe walked into the laundry mat, pulling his bag behind him. It was amazing how he had all the money in the world, yet his washer and dryer broke more than mc hammer. He walked over to the first washer he saw that held a maximum load and opened the bag, loading the clothes inside. He patted his pockets and took out the twenty dollar bill. He looked around and spotted the change machine, he walked towards the machine and slipped the twenty inside. He watched as the coins poured out of the machine and into the little cup at the bottom. Scooping them up with both hands he was too busy counting that he didn't pay attention to where he was going.

"Ow." He heard some girl yelp as he crashed right into her.

"I am so sorry." He quickly apologized as he reached out and touched her arm where he had knocked into her.

"Don't be sorry, it's fine. Accidents happen." She smiled at him and then continued to pull along her bag full of dirty clothes.

He was surprised to see someone else there so late at night. It was almost 1 am when Joe realized his washer was on the fritz and he had to leave for tour in only two days. Deciding not to waste any time he packed up his clothes and went to the laundry mat. It was easier for him to do it at night anyway, there were last chances of anyone recognizing him.

He pulled himself up on to one of the folding tables before swinging his feet back and forth. The only sound in the whole place was the sound of the dryers tumbling clothes back and forth. He watched the clothes back and forth, his head going back and forth with the direction. He looked over at the girl who he had banged into earlier. She was shoving clothes into the washer and then kicking it for not working the way she wanted it to.

He watched her then switch it to another washer. She didn't have a large load, she wouldn't be there for long.

He pushed himself from the table and landed on his feet with a little bit of a thud. He grabbed the bag from the top of the washer and decided to go put it in his car. Joe walked out of the laundry mat, patting his back pocket to make sure he had his wallet. He popped the locks on his car and threw the bag in the back seat. He was going to be at the laundry mat for a while and the last thing he needed was to lose that bag, or have it get stolen. It has happened to him before.

Joe looked around the small parking lot. The shoprite was across the four lane street. He shook his head deciding against doing that. He wouldn't be home for months, what would he need food for? On this side of the street in the shopping plaza was a car repair place, a children's shoe store and a dunkin donuts. His car was brand new, he didn't have any children who needed shoes, nor any children. That just left dunkin donuts. He rubbed his stomach, he could use a donut and a soda.

He picked his wallet out from his back pocket and fingered out another twenty. He walked inside as he looked through his wallet to make sure he didn't have to go to the bank tomorrow. He stopped walking once he felt himself make contact with someone else. He looked up to the girl he had bumped into before.

"I'm sorry, again" He laughed, uneasily. He had hoped she wasn't one to get all nasty and on his case. "I must be directionally impaired tonight." He laughed a little bit.

The girl smiled. "It's no problem, it's late." She smiled as she took her coffee from the counter. "I'm Emily." She extended her hand to him.

"Joe." He smiled and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too." She smiled as she picked up her donut. "See you around." She left Dunkin Donuts.

Joe smiled and stepped up to the counter to put in his order. He crossed his arms and stared at the clock on the wall above the donuts. He waited for a few minutes before his order was ready. He then paid the cashier and walked out of the store. He looked around again trying to find out what he was going to do. He shook it off and walked back into the laundry mat. Getting inside there was still 25 minutes on his washer. He sighed and leaned his head against a dryer that was running. He opened his eyes and watched the clothes go around for a while.

"Having a rough night?" Emily laughed as she came up behind him and crossed her arms. He was standing right in front of her current load of laundry.

"Just bored." He laughed and stepped back. "Sorry. Your clothes?" He moved to the side as she opened the door.

"Yep, and they\'re just about done." She pulled them out and threw them onto the folding table.

"Fun, need some help?" He asked, walking over to the table with her.

"Sure." She smiled as he picked up a pair of pants and folded them neatly. She hated clothes to be folded messily.

After all the clothes were folded he helped her carry the bag out to her car. He put the bag in the back and smiled at her.

"Nice meeting you, Emily." He shook her hand.

"You too, Joe." She smiled and got into her car, driving out of the parking lot.

Joe smiled and walked back into the laundry mat with a smile on his face. He sat back down in one of the chairs and picked up a magazine to read.

Emily thumbed through the clothes she had taken to the laundry mat a few days ago. She pulled out the last pair of jeans and slipped them on. She felt her pocket feeling something weird inside. She put her hand in and pulled out a piece of paper.

'Emily, it was great meeting you at the laundry mat. Call me sometime. 1-743-468-3974. - Joe'

Emily smiled and read the note over again and took the number and putting it into her cell phone. She as definitely going to call him. Definitely.
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