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Used To Be My Girl

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[Short Patrick Story] He didn't want to run into his ex like this. Not here, not now.

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Walking into Homer's, Patrick held the door open for his three best friend's and band mate's. The four had just come off a long tour and they were really looking for some good comfort food. However, it was eleven o'clock at night and they knew none of their parents would be up for cooking anything for them. Hell, if they even showed up at their parents' houses they'd probably be shot.

As the four of them stood on the line, Patrick looked around the small crowd. For a Wednesday night it wasn't a bad group. Well, for the owners anyway. It meant more business for them. He had continued to scan faces seeing if he had recognized anyone. He continued to do so only because he wasn't interested in hearing Joe go on about the latest Star Wars news, or Andy and Pete go back and forth discussing various sexual positions they'd someday like to try. It wasn't really dinner talk if you asked him.

Stopping he kept his gaze on this one girl in particular. Sure, her hair was a different color and she had contacts in instead of her usual black rimmed glasses, but it was her. It was definitely Arianna. He would know her anywhere, no matter what she had changed about her appearance. He had also noticed she lost a little bit of weight. It wasn't enough to make her sickly. Not yet anyway. She had always been fickle about her weight though and went through bouts of eating disorders, hoping to lose enough weight to please everyone else and what they wanted her to look like. He had always liked her weight, and actually he liked her better when she had some meat on her bones.

Looking past her she saw him. He knew exactly who he was. He was the new boyfriend and he looked less than appealing. He looked him over a little bit before his attention was brought to the counter and he told them what he wanted. Pete had offered to pay and well, the guys never turned down a free meal, no matter how much money they had.

He looked back towards them. Arianna, and this new guy were sitting at a table. He had what was like a four course meal in front of him and she had a tiny salad that she seemed to be just picking at. He had really thought he had broken her of that ugly little habit.

Arianna and Patrick had dated for what seemed like forever to everyone, including themselves. In reality they had dated for about two years. They had broken up about six months ago and it was anything but amicable. When the band had started to really blow up after the release of 'Sugar, We're Going Down', the stress of a long distance relationship had become far too much for her. And, no matter what Patrick offered to do to try and remedy the situation, she wasn't having it. She seemed hell bent on destroying whatever was left of their relationship. She had also managed to convince herself that he was cheating on her. With who, was what he always wondered. And, where she got her so called informant. She was adamant that she knew exactly what was going on and she had a source very close to the situation. He never knew who that so called informant was. He knew it wasn't any of the guys and the only other person on the tour that access to their personal lives was Peter's girlfriend, Jayce. And, she wouldn't be one to make up vicious rumors like that. He knew that for a fact, just because she practically cried when they broke up.

Getting their food they walked over to a booth. Patrick led the way so he knew they would sit some where so that he was still able to watch them. He felt like a mini stalker, watching them so intently, but he couldn't help it. He was drawn in. He hadn't seen her in six months. He always swore to himself that he never wanted to know what her new boyfriend looked like. He had heard about him from Jayce. She had met him once when she went to see Arianna and well, she was Patrick's informant on all things Arianna.

He kept his eyes on him, mostly. He wanted to bore a hole into the back of his head and just let what little brains he have fall out the back. He couldn't even believe that Arianna was seriously dating this guy. He wasn't exactly what she had described as her perfect guy. Her perfect guy at the time was Patrick. And, she said that he'd always been her type. And, this guy definitely didn't fall into the same category as Patrick did. Not that he was full of himself or anything, but he considered himself a pretty snappy dresser. Sure, he wasn't the best looking or in the best shape for being twenty one, but he could still get with the best of them. And, he knew it.

His heart stopped when he saw her looking at him. He stiffened up and let his eyes just stare and tried to make a face as if he was in some sort of deep concentration. He wanted it to look like he didn't care if she was there. He just wanted to seem as if he was day dreaming. Maybe he was trying to hard.

"Dude, you look constipated." Joe hit him on the side of his arm as the three had become aware of Patrick's funny faces.

"Shut up, she's over there." Patrick said as he covered his mouth with his hand so she couldn't perhaps read his lips and know he was talking about her.

"Who's over where?" Pete asked as he looked around. Not so nonchalantly either. Pete was always good for blowing up anybody's spot at any given time. "Who?!" He repeated as Patrick's foot came crashing down hard on his own. "Ow!" He yelped as he then faced the group again. His back and been to Arianna and he still had no clue who they were talking about.

"Shut up, Pete." Patrick warned through gritted teeth. He had managed to get his spot blown up in less than two seconds of mentioning anything to the guys.

"Why?" Pete frowned, his foot still aching from Patrick's earlier outburst.

"Arianna." Joe said, as he stuck another french fry in his mouth as he looked between Patrick and Arianna who was looking past her boyfriend, but you could tell all she was doing was staring at Patrick.

"Oh." Pete answered, now feeling really stupid. He should have taken the time on the flight to get that extra sleep he needed.

Patrick kept his eyes on his meal before him and didn't want to look at her anymore. He could only imagine what she was saying about him now. He had really wanted to look up at her, but he didn't want to make any eye contact with her. Despite knowing that he was better than that guy, she didn't think so.

"Go talk to her." Andy pressed as he looked at Patrick, and moved blocking the view of Arianna. He wanted to make eye contact with Patrick.

Patrick looked up, somewhat relieved of what Andy had done. "I can't talk to her. I have no reason to talk to her. We're over. She never wants to see or speak to me again." He shook his head as that night and those words replayed in his head. It had been similar to this situation. He had just gotten home from a tour and she started in on him.

"Dude, so what are you going to do? Just sit here and stare at her and act like some kind of creepy constipated stalker?" Joe asked with a smirk on his lips. He loved giving Patrick a hard time when it came to his funny faces.

"Shut up, Trohman." Patrick said, shaking his head and becoming disgusted with his food he got up and threw it out. He stood by the garbage can for a minute before looking over at the guys and using his peripheral vision to look at her. She was making no qualms about staring directly at him. At that moment he knew what had to be done.

Taking a deep breath he advanced towards her and then changed his mind as he quickly turned around and left the restaurant. He began to walk, more like jog at a quick pace through the streets of Chicago. How could even think he could go up and talk to her? She wouldn't want anything to do with him and he knew it. He continued at a steady pace until the restaurant was completely out of sight and he couldn't breathe anymore.

He stopped and took a deep breath as he felt himself become sick. He doubled over as everything he had eaten in what seemed like the last week came out. Seeing her, truly made him ill. He wanted her back so bad, and seeing her only intensified those feelings. He however knew that she would always be the girl he referred to as "she used to be my girl." She was going to keep it that way and he couldn't deal with the rejection all over again. So, why bother?
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