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The Games We Play

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[Short Pete Story] Pete loves the games he plays. He loves to play cat and mouse. All these girls are putty in his hands.

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I spotted her from across the bar. My eyes scanned her body as she leaned over the pool table to shoot. Her black and red streaked hair was curled to her shoulders, under whispery bangs laid blue eyes. Her large chest lay in a black bra underneath a white tank top. A white studded belt, black pants and sneakers completed the outfit. The curves on her body were made in all the right places. This girl was in the rare breed that could dress sexy, but not look like a slut. I know, however from experience that it's the innocent girls that have the most fun. I downed the rest of my drink and got up from the bar. She was the one I wanted tonight.

I made my way over to the pool table and stood back. She was with three of her friends. The first one, who I think was named Ali, was a tall blonde. Her hair fell past her shoulders, she also had blue eyes.

The girl standing next to her is named Jaymie. She had brown hair that was cut into a shag. She held it back with a head band. A few pieces fell over her hazel eyes.

The last one was a tall leggy girl with black hair. It looked to be curly by nature, but straightened by choice. She had it in an up do that seemed just right for a night out on the town.

I sat back and watched them play for a while. They were all attractive, but she is the one I want to have my way with it. There is just something about her.

I see the leggy girl leave over and whisper something into her ear. A few seconds passed and the red head turned to look at me. I parted my lips in a smile and looked at her. She smiled back and laid the pool stick down. She made her way over. How very bold this one is.

"Hi." She smiled at me. She leaned to the side and looked up at me with those blue eyes. "I'm Chrysten."

I smiled back at her and licked my dry lips. "Peter."

"So, Peter. What brings you here?"

"I'm in town, I'm in a band. We had the day off." I nodded. It always helps to tell them about my band. It's a sure fire way to get into those pants. No girl could resist a guy in a band.

"Oh yeah? So, what famous face graces my bar?" She asked.

"Your bar?" I questioned. "And, Peter Wentz from Fall Out Boy."

"Ahh." She nodded. "Yes, my bar."

"How does such a young girl get the money to own a bar?" I asked, sitting back on the pool table.

"My Dad owned the bar and he passed it down to me. I'm twenty three."

"That's still young in my book."

"Yes, but, old enough to run a business."

"So, what's your friends names?" I asked. I can't let her think I'm only into her, now can I?

"Ali, Jaymie and Beth." She pointed them out. "You interested?" She gave me a smile.

"Nah." I shook my head. "Maybe you." I smirked.

A smirk danced across Chrysten's face and she leaned back on the table next to me. "Do you plan on doing anything about it?"

"I was hoping." I smiled and turned to face her. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. I grabbed the back of her head. I probably would have done her right there on the table.

"C' mere." She pulled me off the table to a back room.

She pushed me down on what I assumed to be her desk, before she crawled on top of me. It's official, I love this girl. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down, my hands fumbling with the white belt I observed before.

She sat up on me and threw my shirt to the side, hers following. Everything was done in haste until we were finished.

I stood up and fished my boxers off of the ceiling fan. She was pulling on her clothes and I couldn't help but stare at her body.

After I dressed, I gave her one more quick look and exited the room, hoping to remain unseen. I'm not one to kiss and tell and a few of my friends remained in the bar.

The last thing I wanted was for this girl to get attached. They all seem to do, but, I can't help it. It must be my sex appeal. I walk back to the bar again and regain my seat from earlier. As, I sit and watch the door I see her come out again and look almost un bothered by what had just happened in the room before. I continue to eye her from across the room. Most girls would have come running after me, wanting more. And, that's when I tell them all they were was a good fuck. I was a ride they only got to try once in a lifetime.

I take another sip from my glass and watch her out of the corner of my eye. She's placed herself back in the position before. That beautiful body bent over the pool table with her amazing ass sticking out just the right amount.

For some reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. And, the only reason I can think of that I was focusing on her so much was because she seemed to have little to no interest in me.

I kept my eyes on her as she with no doubt told her friends all about out little encounter in her office. And, I had no doubt in my mind that they would all be jealous.

I tried my best to read her lips. I wanted to know what she was telling them about me. I know it's nothing but good things but I just loved hearing what girls had to say about me after I totally rocked their world's. I definitely will have her talking for a long time to come.

"So, how was he?" Beth smirked as she leaned back on the wall. She knew exactly what Chrysten had taken him into the office for.

Chrysten smirked as she placed the pool stick back on the wall into it's slot. "He was good." She nodded. "A little bit too quick, but good none the less." She said. "I mean it's just another name on the list."

"And, does he know that?" Ali questioned. "He's staring at you pretty hard." She had to laugh at him.

"Don't stare back." Chrysten touched her friends arm and casually looked his way without making eye contact. Although, it would have been extremely easy with the way he was staring directly at her.

"Wow, if he stared any harder..." Ali laughed, shaking her head and putting her pool stick back on the wall as well.

"Shh!" Chrysten smiled, laughing. She loved how he was staring at her. She had another one hooked on her. She loved the power.

I continued to watch her trying to remain nonchalant about it. I'm not sure I'm succeeding, though. I'm not sure she is slick enough to catch on though. I laughed it off and took another sip from my glass.

Much more time hadn't passed and I noticed the bar had cleared out and it looked as though she was getting ready to close. I looked around and noticed that even her friends were gone. This was the perfect time.

I got up and walked over to her knowing that I'd have quite a bill to pay. She was the perfect one to pay. She was after all the owner. I got to her and reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet.

"Still here?" She asked as she gave me a little bit of a smirk as she looked up from where she was cleaning off the bar.

Who was she trying to kid? We both knew she knew very well that I was still here. Even though she tried not to make eye contact I had caught her looking at me more than once since our trip to the office. I ran a hand through my hair and cleared my throat.

"Well, you know..." I shrugged. I put some money down on the counter and slid it towards her. "So, why don't we finish off what we started before?" I inched towards her.

"And, what was that?" She asked as she was just as confident as I was. I liked that about her. She knew what she wanted and she got it. She was nobody's fool.

"Breaking your desk and your back." I smirked. This girl was going to lust after me for a long, long time to come as long as I had my way with her.

She gave me a smile in return before leaning over and whispering in my ear. "Sorry, honey. I'm the ride you only get one turn on. And, you had your chance."

I nodded. Rejected. That had never happened before. Any other girl would have been willing to jump on me a second time around. She wasn't any girl though. Leaving the bar I smiled to myself. She was a cool girl who played a cool game. I have to respect that.
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