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Chapter Two

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT SnapeHarr...

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Author's Note: Okay, as you can see, I redid this chapter. Meaning I looked at it and saw A LOT of mistakes and with the help of a slightly flame review, thanks to Nightmare Alley, I went back and redid. Sorry for the mistakes.

Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT SnapeHarry's father fic!


Chapter 2


15 years later...


Harry Potter lied on his stomach on an old worn out quilt on his bed in his room, doing his summer homework. It was late at night, around 11 o'clock, and the Dursleys were fast asleep, just the way he likes them. They were worst when they were awake. At times like this, he wished that he had other blood relatives that were alive. Heck, he wouldn't care if Malfoy were one of his blood relatives (though he rather not have HIM as a relative, but what was worst then the Dursleys? The only ones he could think of are either Voldemort or Snape).

He sighed. He hated living here. Why does Dumbledore make him live here anyway? Just because they are family doesn't mean that they loved him or cared for him. Heck, Dudley or perhaps also Vernon (he refused to call him Uncle nowadays) might actually buy front row seats of watching him suffer and die. The only person, who some what cared for him nowadays, surprisely was Aunt Petunia (the only blood relative that he somewhat in some degree liked, if not tolerated as such).

He went back to his homework. At midnight, it will be his 15th Birthday. Two more years and he'll be of age in the Wizarding World, but three in the Muggle World. He can't wait, it's not everyday you turn fifteen. You get older as the years go by, if that true, why don't you speed the years in happiness? Harry snorted at that thought. With Voldemort raging war, by killing everyone, including muggles and the MoM not getting their heads of their asses when they can't believed that He's back, it's a little hard of living in happiness.

He looked at the clock that was behind him on the bedside table, beside a hot pink lamp (one day he will change that God for bind colour).


If anyone from school can see him now, he would not live it up. Harry Potter, the boy-who-Lived has a girly hot pink lamp! God! Malfoy, Snape and the Wesley Twins will torture him until now end! What kind of fate brought him to this end?

He went back to his work: The Magic History of the World. Great. Harry thought.

'234) Explain of how the Constitution of the United States of America effect the American Wizards and to the American muggles and explain their Government of today. Write a summary:'

Man, he hates questions like these. Harry then crabbed his Magic History book and started to look it up. 'The President of United States is the same leader of America of both the Muggle and the Wizarding World....' Blah, blah, blah... 'Though out History of the U.S, countless passed Presidents and Vice Presidents were either Muggle, Squib, Muggle-born, or wizard (only one known President, -President Ronald Reagan was the only known half-breed, a werewolf)....' Harry stopped at that line. 'Weird.' He thought.

'...Since the signing of the Constitution, the American Government decided that both Muggle and wizard are equal. Blah, blah... The first President of United States, was President George Washington, a pure blood wizard from Popes Creek, Virginia.'

Harry then scrolled down though out the pages looking for anything more facts that could help him with the question. He was never pretty good looking for fact in History. Harry started to writes the facts down on the parchment. He then looked up the clock:


30 more minutes, before he's 15 years old. He went back on his paper.

Time went pass slowly. When he then looked up and saw that he had five more minutes left, he then started to put all his things away into his school backpack and the heavy book back in his trunk. He was slightly half finish with History Question Assignment, if you can believe it, 400 questions that can be answered of thick book that is almost 1,500 pages long! Talk about Child Labor. Harry thought.

He sat there on his bed, thinking of what happened at school a month ago; the Tournament, Cedic dying, Voldemort, Deatheaters.... How can he live his life after all that? Luckily he had Sirius to talk to and his friends. He hasn't heard from them in all awhile, came to think of it. He looked back at the clock.


One more minute.... Fifteen seconds.... Five, four, three, two, one.

He was fifteen.

He lived this long, he hoped he'd see the day of sweet sixteenth Birthday.

Then was popping sound near him, he looked down and saw unknown letter on his lap. Curiosity he picked it up, and looked it over. Thin unknown aging blackish-green ink of not known handwriting was written across outside of the rolled parchment:

July 31, 1996

'Weird, no last name.' Thought Harry, opening it. When he read the contents of the letter tears flown from his green eyes. He felt angry, confusion, betrayal. It read:

'Dearest Harry.'

'When you read this later, that means that I passed way, before I told you the truth when you come of age of 15. I'm sorry that I left you. Forgive me, Harry.'

'For the reasons... (The latter started to have tears stains on it). That I'm writing this letter to you am to tell you that James Potter is not your real father. But in fact your real father is James' cousin, making James your second cousin. You see James is my second husband. My first husband, your father, you see, was once good a man. We met at the train ride to Hogwarts in our first year. We became fast friends and I also became friends with his other friends and his older brother; Narcisa, Remus, Lucius, Severus and Sirius.'

'I was sorted to Ravenclaw, as your father went to Slytherin for he was a powerful pureblood wizard from a long line of Slytherins. We became close to one another, at the end of sixth year we started going out. At the middle of seventh year we got married in secret from everyone including our best friends and his older brother. After few months after graduation, I found out that he became a Deatheater, Lord Voldemort's right hand man. Shortly I divorced him, and went out with James and married him a month later.'

'You see, I was pregnant with you at that time, and being pregnant with no husband is very looked down a pawn at the Wizarding world by purebloods, more then to the Muggle world. I didn't want you became a bastard child, neglated, as other wizards I know that had horrble childhoods because of not having any fathers. Everyone believed, including Albus, I was never married to him. To protect you against Voldemort and everyone else, during your birth I had hidden your real ideality with a spell called "The Hidden Identity Cruse" or "Acatuz Du". This cruse makes your act, looked, everything like James and me. But it does not hide any of your powers. Whatever powers you have now or any gifts it is from your inheritance form your father.'

'From telling you this, this cruse will be broken. After when you finish reading this letter you will change into your real self. I'm sorry for the pain, but please forgive me, my beloved Harry. I can't tell you anymore about your father, not even his real name, for I don't know if he is still a Deatheater or not. It is too dangerous for you. If you need help, contact either Remus Lupin or Severus Snape. They will help you (if they are still alive that is). If you heard that Severus is a Deatheater, he is not, he is a spy. I both trust them with my life, I hope you do too.'

'Again, I am sorry, for what I had done. Please forgive me.'

'Love with all my heart from your mother,'


Underneath his mother signature was unknown symbol of an ancient black dragon wrapped around a long warrior's sword, next to a unicorn that was rearing up to the Sirius Star above it, with ancient unknown writings around it.

With that second, pain beyond he ever felt in his life. He dropped the letter, groaning in pain as he felled down on the floor, onto his back, and fell in darkness....


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