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Chapter 3

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 3

'Ah, what happened?' Was the first thought that came to Harry's mind when he woke. He found himself on the middle of the floor in his room. When he got up, he noticed that his whole body ached all over. He limped to the other side of his room to his mirror and looked up in udder horror, shock, and disbelief. His mother had told him in that letter that he could change, but not like this!

He jumped up to the mirror for a closer look. His reflection showed a tall youth close to 6 feet in height, with long, straight black hair that passed his shoulders. He had smooth, unnatural pale skin, dark red lips and piercing green eyes that matched his mother's eyes perfectly. All his features were dark, Slytherin-ish and unnaturally evil. He smirked, but then at that second he stepped back, surprised. His smirk reminded him of Snape. Was he related to him?

He stepped back in shock, wondering what his real father looked like and who he was. Harry moved his arm, touching his face and then watched as the reflection did the same. The unknown young man in the mirror was him!

Was his father alive or dead? Who was he? And why hadn't Remus or Snape ever told him anything? Or Sirius? He was his Godfather, surly he would have told him...shouldn't he have? He looked back at his mother's letter that he still had in his left hand. According to his mother, they didn't know, but they had at least told him that they were friends with his mother, and to his dislike, the Malfoys! How could one of the pureblood wizard families, the Malfoys, have been friends with his mother, a muggleborn? He thought they hated muggles! This didn't make any sense!

And what about his father, James Potter? Did he ever know about not fathering him or had he ever had second thoughts about his 'son'?

Harry walked up to his bed, thinking. Who was his REAL father!

He looked back at the letter, angrily looking for clues, as if magically it would show something to help him. He found nothing, wizard or muggle. He suddenly grabbed his poorly excuse of a pillow from his bed and hit himself and screamed in it in frustration.

What am I going to do now? He asked himself. He couldn't stay here. His uncle and aunt would think of him as more of a freak because of his new appearance, or they would freak out about having an unknown person in the house. His uncle had a gun and, if necessary, he would use it.

He couldn't go to the Burrow or to Sirius's house. Come to think of it, where does Remus live? Or Snape? Harry shuddered of thought. He never thought he would ever wondered where Severus Snape, the most feared potions professor in Hogwarts, lived.

Maybe he should write a letter. Thinking of that, he went up to his desk next to the window. He grabbed some parchment, ink and quill and stopped. What was he going to write?

'Hey, Remus'

'Guess what? My mother wrote me a letter, saying that James isn't my real father.
My real father is another man that was your other friend and was a Slytherin.
Mother hid my real ideality with a spell and after 15 years and finally
telling the' truth, the spell broke. We really need to talk in person.'

'How are you? I'm fine.'


Even in his head, it sounded pathetic. He looked at the clock that was beside his bed, it read 2:43AM. He wrote his letter with great thought, mostly demanding what was going on, what happened years ago, would they get him out and, if so, when. In the end, he wrote good-bye. Finishing it, he waited patently when Hedwig get back from hunting.

He couldn't go to sleep, not with what had happened to him. Why did these strange things always happen to him anyway? Was he a magnet or something? He dreaded the moment when his uncle would call for him to make them breakfast, but at the same time he couldn't wait for the look on their shocked faces! But then a thought came to him. Would Aunt Petunia know his real father? She was his mother's sister; surely she met her friends. Did she have a clue who he was? He sighed. Could his life get any worse?

He then looked up at the second Hedwig flew through his window, with a dead mouse in her beak. He sighed in relief. "Hedwig! I need you to give this to Remus," he said to Hedwig, and the owl held her leg out to him. Harry grabbed his letter that he had addressed to Remus and tied it to his owl's leg. He wouldn't dare write a letter to Snape (who would?) and ruin his summer holiday. He silently wondered if it was possible that Snape could give him detentions or could decrease House points during the summer holiday. Harry watched as Hedwig left after she ate the mouse and drank some water.

"BOY!" shrieked his uncle at the top of his lungs down from the kitchens. Harry spun around in surprise. Checking the clock, he realized it was 6:32AM. It was too early for them to have woken up. Then he remembered in horror that Aunt Marge was coming to visit and would be there at nine sharp. His life had gotten worse, once again.

As quick as he could, he got dressed, not noticing that his hand-me-downs magically shrieked to his size and changed color. He ran down the stairs, and when he went into the kitchen he came face to face with his aunt. She stood there, stunned, looking at him as if her nightmare had come true.

He looked at himself and finally noticed that he wore nothing but black clothes and dark muggle jeans. What in the world- he thought, but was cut of by his aunt.

"Harry?" Harry was shocked that his aunt called him by his first name. But the weird moment didn't last long before his aunt shook her head as if waking up from a dream. "Cook some eggs!" she demanded, walking quickly away from her nice clean kitchen. That was weird. Harry thought. Not long afterwards when he finished cooking bacon and eggs, his cousin, Dudley came storming in and sat at the rounded table. Dudley Dursley lost a lot weight last year with the diet and all. He was now chubby instead of fat, enough that even Harry thought he looked better now then last time he saw him.

"What happened to you?" Dudley asked, eyeing his cousin in shock. Just yesterday his cousin was different; goofy glasses and hair, way too thin for his own good. Now he looked like one of those characters in books that had that BAD GUY presence about him. Straight hair, tall, unnaturally pale and the first thought that came to mind was; vampire. But that couldn't be right, could it? He had been watching way too many horror flicks. But looking at his cousin frightened him ever so slightly, but after some years with him and magic he got used to most of it.

"Don't know. I woke up like this," Harry said. He told the truth, well, half of it anyway.


"Yes, uncle Vernon!" Harry called. His uncle came into the kitchen without looking at him and sat himself on his usual chair next to the dining room table. Harry, feeling like a house-elf, sat the food on the table, trying to make sure that his uncle didn't take a good look at him. He didn't want to get his uncle angry more then what he was already (mostly because of Harry's very existence).

"Vernon, when will you pick up Marge?" Petunia asked, as if knowing what Harry was doing. Harry stared at her as if she had grown another head. Why is she all suddenly being nice and helpful to me?

Vernon, not looking up from his morning paper, muttered, "It would take an hour to get to Kings Cross. I will leave at seven-thirty." Petunia nodded.

It was a strange morning, Harry decided. His uncle did nothing but read his morning paper and eat, which was the opposite of his wife and son, who ate very little and couldn't stop staring at him, which unnerved him to no end.

He got up suddenly, making both his aunt and cousin jump. His uncle, for the first time that day, looked at him. "I'm going to my room," Harry said, quickly exiting the kitchen. No one stopped him or called him back.


Remus John Lupin sat on his kitchen table in his small, one roomed cottage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a dark forest. It was peaceful, far from any civilization, whether muggle or wizard, so he could change into his wolf form without worrying about killing anyone. With Severus coming with the potion three days before the full moon, it was the life.

He sighed in defeat. On this day it would be 15 years. 1 5 long years that were all so wrong. It's Harry Birthday, isn't it? He asked himself. He got up and walked to a worn out muggle calendar, and sure enough it was his birthday. He flipped one page into August. It would be two days for Severus. With those thoughts, his mind went back to long lost, good memories. All those memories were gone now. Nothing would change that. All of them were dead. The only ones left were he, Sirius and Severus. Lucius and Narcissa were in hiding in the darkness for their safety.

Angrily he walked to the stove and started making herb tea. His thoughts went in space. So many things he could have changed but didn't. Why did everyone have to die in the war? James, Lily, my family, the Longbottoms, everyone?

So many things went wrong. Why? He asked himself. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard an owl outside. He looked up and waited a few seconds as a pure white owl flew through the opened window. He knew it was Harry's, but why was he writing to him?

Curiosity got the better of him, and he approached Hedwig. Reading the letter, he looked at it in shock. What have you done, Lily? Why didn't you trust us? Without hesitation, Remus grabbed some floo power, and walked up to his fireplace. With a shaking voice he said, "Snape Castle, Romania." And with a flash of green light, he was gone.

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